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The Dark Side of the Moon VI

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Volume 25

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US: March 23, 2015

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Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 108: "The Dark Side of the Moon V" Chapter 110: "The Dark Side of the Moon VII"
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Soul Eater unleashes the power of Black Blood to strengthen his teammates against Asura. While Death the Kid doubts his ability to emerge as a full shinigami against the Kishin, Maka Albarn and their teammates encourage him. With their faith in him, Kid begins to connect the last Line of Sanzu.

The Dark Side of the Moon VI is the one hundred ninth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 25.

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The EarthEdit

Looking up at the Moon, Eruka Frog asks Azusa Yumi whether her Thousand-Mile Eyes can tell them how their peers are handling their fight against Asura. Kilik Rung complains how useless they are to help.

Black RoomEdit

Soul Eater looks into the room but has not entered. The Little Ogre can imagine what Soul is feeling: that "itch" to play "her." The Ogre tells Soul his piano, gendered as "she," has "been lonely without you." Soul seems apprehensive about re-entering his "home away from home," but the inviting Ogre thinks Soul's remark is rather "sweet" of him. Maka Albarn calls to Soul, as he enters the Black Room to tell his "sweetheart," the piano, how much he missed "her," and that he is ready to play.

The MoonEdit

From the surface, Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett look upward. Hovering above the satellite's surface, Asura promises to make the also hovering Maka, Black☆Star, and Death the Kid "feel every kind of fear I know."

Asura releases Terror, Physical Fear, as he knocks back each of Black☆Star's sword swipes. Kid aims to fire, but Asura's scarves slice across his shoulders.

Maka flies towards Asura, who asks what business such unmannered humans have in this battle, then she replies that this battle is for humanity as well. With one toss of his hand, Asura knocks Maka across the sky and back to the Moon, as she slams against its chin. Spirit looks down, shocked at how powerful the Kishin is. Asura tells Maka that she should "stay in the dirt where you belong," as she has no right to this "dance." From within the Black Room, the Ogre chides Soul that indeed Maka will die before Soul's performance can let her dance begin.

Furious to see his friends injured, Kid flies towards the Kishin, shooting multiple rounds at him. But Asura simply mocks Kid as too "helpless in that immature state." While conjuring with his scarves a dark ball of energy, Asura asks whether Kid fears becoming like the Kishin. Asura's scarves toss the energy upon Kid, causing him to crackle, like his body is being burnt by the Kishin's very madness. Furious at Asura's attack on Kid, Black☆Star regains enough energy to leap and slice his opponent, but with his scarves, Asura conjures another amount of dark energy and multiple scarf swipes to knock Black☆Star across the sky.

While Kid manages to recover and remains in flight, he looks pained, holding back from attacking Asura again. Looking upward, Sid Barrett expects Kid will need to awaken his full shinigami abilities to defeat Asura, while Akane Hoshi notices how overwhelming "the Soul Wavelength pressure" feels for mere humans.

Still collapsed against the Moon's chin, Maka clenches her teeth. Soul asks whether she can stand again. "Of course I can," she replies, realizing she cannot lie down and "give in to fear" when Asura must be defeated. At that moment, Asura begins to remove the scarves from his face so he may again suggest that, upon becoming a full shinigami, Kid will become just like him, using this new augmented power to plunge the world into the kind of madness that Death and Asura have. This causes Dread (Irrational Fear) to emerge.

"You're wrong!" shouts Maka, as she stands atop Soul. She claims that Kid's willingness to work with both humans and witches shows his kindness, which Asura is now manipulating to stoke Kid's fears.

From the Black Room, Soul Eater smiles, now prepared to initiate Resonance Chain with his peers. Maka flies past Kid, reminding him that his friends know him better than anyone else. Maka then transforms Soul out of his flying form and into his Demon Hunt. Frustrated with such "fluttering garbage," Asura charges more dark energy attacks to burn away his opponents. But before Asura can fire at Maka, Black☆Star knocks his knee into the Kishin's face. The ninja then criticizes Maka for almost getting herself killed, but she smiles and says that she knew Black☆Star would guard her. Maka then completes her Demon Hunt attack, slashing through Asura's shoulder.

Watching his friends battle Asura, Kid is shocked at Maka's belief in him. Liz and Patty Thompson call to Kid to join the battle already.

Maka and Black☆Star continue to attack Asura with more slices, empowered by Soul's piano playing. Asura finally manages to fire his energy at Maka, but she flies away, dodging then leaping from the Moon's surface to wrap her scythe's blade around Asura's neck. As Black☆Star jabs two blades into Asura's back, both meisters kick Asura in his chest, knocking him into the Moon's surface. Yet even from this newly formed crater, Asura fires more dark energy and his scarves upward, which the meisters easily dodge.

As Maka tries to catch her breath, Kid flies up behind her and Black☆Star to thank them. Maka reminds Kid that he and Death are nothing like Asura. "That Kishin," Maka says, is "not a shinigami! Any god who only deals death is not a true shinigami!" Soul, Patty, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa support Maka's statement, as Liz and Black☆Star tell Kid that he must fight, as they believe him in the same way that he believed in the witches. Kid thanks his friends, including Maka for her valor.

Soul Eater Chapter 109 - Kid connects Sanzu Lines, Death dies

As Kid connects the last Line of Sanzu, Death dies

Asura has emerged from the ground again, hovering above Kid. The younger shinigami proposes a test to confirm whether he indeed is anything like Asura. With that, Kid begins to unite the last Lines of Sanzu to show he is the next Shinigami.

Death RoomEdit

Death's mask cracks.

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  • Soul Eater says to his piano, "Today's a very special day. Let's play it cool!" This remark is similar to the one he makes in Episode 10 upon learning from Maka Albarn that Franken Stein is not procturing class.
  • When Soul prepares to play the piano, with a promise to "play it cool," the word "Yeah!" appears above his piano's keys. Who speaks this line, and whether it is the piano or the Little Ogre, is not clear.

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