SEN! - Chapter 10
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Fighting Street

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Episode 6 (NOT!): "This Is a Real Fight!"

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Traitors arc

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Chapter #9.5 (Not!): "I Am Tough, Also *There!*" Chapter 11 (NOT!): "Anya Strike 2"
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The NOT trio encounter Deathbucks' two new waitresses, Liz and Patty Thompson, known as formerly being hardened criminals. Upon clashing with the sisters, Anya Hepburn challenges the sisters to a street fight.

Fighting Street (ストリートファイティング, Sutorītofaitingu) is the tenth chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not! It was collected as part of Volume 2 and adapted as Episode 6, "This Is a Real Fight!" in the anime Soul Eater Not!


Deathbucks CaféEdit

At their usual table, Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn are performing impressions of thugs in front of each other, based on crime movies and television shows that they watched with Tsugumi Harudori last night. But their impressions are interrupted when the real thing shows up in the form of Liz Thompson, a new waitress at the café. After behaving rudely to the trio while taking their orders, Liz returns to the counter and tosses her notepad at Master.

As Liz leaves to give similarly rude service to another customer, Anya approaches Master to learn about this new waitress. Master apologizes for Liz and her younger sister, Patty Thompson, saying the two sisters are on probation and asking that Anya practice patience with them. Overhearing Master's explanation, Tsugumi is surprised that such a cute girl could have such a delinquent attitude.

As Meme and Anya return to their thuggish impersonations, they are interrupted by Patty, who delivers the wrong food, tossing it with a loud crash onto their table. When Anya demands their correct order, Patty tells the girls to shut up and eat what was brought. Anya becomes more hesitant, admitting that at least the dishes are still Master's food so it will be good regardless. As Patty turns to leave, Anya returns to Master's counter, along with Tsugumi and Meme, clamoring for more information about the scary Thompsons.

Master tells the tragic tale of Liz and Patty: they were orphaned at an early age in Brooklyn, prompting them to turn to crime to survive. But regardless of how sympathetic is their story, a crime is a crime; therefore, a DWMA agent was dispatched to capture the sisters. Master then explains that the wristbands the sisters wears are actually GPS bracelets to allow the DWMA to track the duo at all times. Master worries how, if the sisters had not been weapons and had not been attractive, how much worse their situation could have been. When Master mentions that Liz and Patty are Demon Weapons, Tsugumi becomes sympathetic, wondering what would have happened if she lacked a family or if she had abused her weapon abilities.

Later, Tsugumi compliments Master's cooking and leaves the café, still pondering how worried she feels about her underdeveloped combat skills.

Outside Deathbucks Café Edit

As she exits Deathbucks, Tsugumi attracts the attention of Liz, who is waiting outside with Patty, their shift concluded. Seeing Tsugumi with Anya, Liz criticizes the latter for not tipping her. Anya replies that Liz should know that Deathbucks forbids employees to accept tips. Liz then mocks Anya's regal appearance and "spoiled" demeanor, causing Anya to blush and grow quiet.

Upset with this "bitch" Anya, Liz tells her and her DWMA classmates to follow her to an alley for a street fight. Tsugumi reminds the Thompons that, even if she and her meisters are from the DWMA, they are from the non-combatant NOT class. Anya interrupts, stating proadly that they are still DWMA students and must defend themselves in any challenge.

As Liz asks Patty to transform, Anya shouts her order to the "grimy peasant" Tsugumi to transform. Tsugumi asks Anya not to get her hurt in this battle, while the meister is more worried about how she has strengthened herself in body and mind since joining the Academy, and unlike her battle against the Traitor, she does not intend to lose again.

Upon seeing Tsugumi's Halberd form, Liz mocks her blade for lacking an edge. As Patty transforms, Tsugumi wonders which kind of weapon a street punk would transform into—and she is shocked to see Patty is a handgun, " the worst possible way!"

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • Tsugumi says her dog, Pochi, "never took to me," and that her older brother "teases me."
  • When not working at Deathbucks, Liz wears a shirt with the message, "I (Skull) NY," a Death Child reinterpretation of the iconic "I Heart NY" slogan developed to advertise New York City.
  • As other characters have done, Liz refers to Anya as dressing and looking like a princess, which foreshadows the revelation that she is part of the royal House of Yngling.


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