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Dark Side of the Moon VII

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Volume 25

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United States: March 23, 2015

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Dark Side of the Moon

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Death the Kid assumes his full power as a Shinigami, not without the loss of one of his loved ones. Even with this new power, however, Asura remains a powerful opponent, which may lead to the death of another of Kid's peers.

Dark Side of the Moon VII is the one hundred tenth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 25.

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The Moon

Energy flares around Death the Kid's body, as the Lines of Sanzu expand off of his hair towards forming three complete rings. Asura claims he feels fear facing this new Shinigami, who like the previous one will continue his tyranny over humanity. Around himself and Kid, Asura conjures shirling energy, as Maka Albarn observes both powerful soul wavelengths. Against Asura's taunts, Kid promises he is nothing like the Kishin, as he calls upon his father to watch him.

Death Room

"That's the spirit, Kid!" Death calls, as the entire edge along the left eyehole of his mask crumbles onto the floor. Excalibur watches as dust kicks up along the base of Death's body, and three Lines of Sanzu wrap around his head. "I've been watching all along," Death says. "Kid will be just fine." Now the lower edge of his mask's left eyehole crumbles. "Go, Kid!" he shouts.

The Moon

Skulls appear in Kid's pupils. He promises that as his father's son, not a Kishin, he will be the true Shinigami his father believed him to be. Liz and Patty Thompson see the third Line of Sanzu about to connect.

Asura again taunts Kid that, upon becoming a true god, he "will see just how worthless and wretched humanity is." Maka and Black☆Star watch as the last Line of Sanzu connects, causing a vertical line of energy to light up the sky with an explosion, with three levels of radial energy expanding from this line.

Death Room

Death remembers that, although a shinigami holds true power, "Kid's love of humanity means he will not need to rely upon it." Death asks Excalibur to guard Kid and his peers, which the Holy Sword promises to do.

"Well, bye-bye," Death says, as the last bits of his mask crumble away, and his Cloak of Contents falls to the floor, empty of its body, collapsed and smoldering. As a bright light appears on the horizon of the Death Chamber, Excalibur rests his hands on his cane and lowers his head. Death has died.

The Moon

Soul Eater Chapter 110 - Kid is the new Shinigami

Kid ascends to full Shinigami

From the Earth, above a turbulent sea, can be seen Kid's soul, expanding until it is almost as large as the Moon itself. The new fully evolved Shinigami stands, wearing the Cloak of Contents, the three Lines of Sanzu ringed around his head.

Impressed with his own power, Kid asks Liz whether she recognizes this power, which she thinks may be Madness. Maka herself questions whether that power means Death is the same as the Kishin. Kid admits that the power feels like the Madness of Order, which could "eclipse all human emotions and leave only a mechanical cycle of birth and death." Soul thinks it makes sense that, if Asura had enough Fear to encompass the world, then Death would have enough Order to encompass the world, and Black☆Star therefore realizes, Death had that much power but never used it. Hence, Kid concludes, Death is nothing like the Kishin: he possessed so much power but did not use it in full, because he had faith in humanity.

"And what of it!!!?" Asura asks. By not using his Madness of Order, Asura argues, Death still let humanity fall into a fear that has ruined this world. While Asura recognizes Kid's power has increased, he claims the power is still not enough unless he uses the full Madness of Order. Asura then argues that, if Kid wants to prove he is a Shinigami and not like the Kishin, then he should distinguish himself from "human scum" by using his Madness of Order.

As Kid flies towards Asura to fire upon him from close distance, the new Shinigami refuses to use his power, because like his father, he has faith in humanity. As Black☆Star leaps behind Asura to slice him, Spirit Albarn, Sid Barrett, and Akane☆Hoshi watch the airborne battle from the Moon's surface. Black☆Star mocks Asura's "high opinion" of himself, while Asura admits Black☆Star's ability to surpass human power makes him a Warrior God. Black☆Star corrects Asura that he is actually "a human--one who transcends godhood," hence "the same 'scum' you keep bitching about!"

Meanwhile, Soul continues to play his piano to empower his peers, as Maka prepares to slice Asura with Demon-Hunt Slash. Yet one of Asura's scarves knocks back her attack, telling this "human scum" to stay out of this battle. Asura then is hired upon again, as Kid claims he himself "was created in the form of a human!" But even Kid's attack cannot stop Asura as he blasts Maka, Black Star, and Kid away with a shot of his power into the Moon's surface. But the three meisters cannot stand, their bodies held down by the power of his energy. With the trio seemingly immobilized, Asura fires a scarf to pierce through Black☆Star's face. But Black☆Star manages to move his arms to block the scarf with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's sword form. Although protecting himself and his friends from Asura's impalement, the repelled attack slices along the Moon's nose and cuts into Black☆Star's chest.

From the Black Room, the Little Ogre chides Soul for failing to put more "spirit" into his performance so to realize the Black Blood's power. Soul tells the Ogre to silence himself during his performance as he slams his fingers upon the keys. As a mad grin forms on Soul's face, the power of the three meisters increases, allowing them to fly upward again. Yet Maka is surprised at how much power is coming from her weapon. From within the Black Room, Soul promises that he no longer struggles to maximize the use of the Black Blood and that he will not suffer from its madness. Soul even admits that he considers the Black Room and his "awful piano playing [as] part of me."

Soul Eater Chapter 110 - Asura stabs Maka

Asura stabs Maka

As Soul initiates the Black Blood, Asura too can feel that same substance "writhing" within his body. Looking at Maka, he identifies the source of this feeling. Soul screams, "Listen to my piano, you Kishin Bastard!" From within Asura, Crona still exists.

Asura determines to eliminate Maka and the Black Blood writhing she is causing. He folds his hands together as he lunges towards her. Maka descends to dodge as Black☆Star and Kid follow to block Asura's attack, slicing and shooting at the Kishin. Yet their attacks are insufficient: Asura completes his hand gestures to form another ball of energy, which he fires towards Black☆Star and Kid, pushing them away. Almost instantly, Asura has descends to where Maka has flown. As the meister looks in surprise at the Kishin's arrival, Asura says one word: "Die."

With one hand, Asura pierces through Maka's chest, while his entire arm extends out of her back.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • As in Episode 50, Soul Eater admits that the ramifications of Crona's injury that infected him with the Black Blood makes all of the results part of him. However, whereas in this chapter Soul says, "This creepy room and my awful piano playing are part of me," in Episode 50, he says the Little Ogre is part of him—and then to actualize that fact, eats the Ogre.
  • In the ending of the anime, Death lives in the end, even after losing in battle against Asura in the Death Room and even after Kid connects all three of Lines of Sanzu.


  • When Asura stabs through Maka's chest, on the left side of the two-page spread, one of the droplets of blood has horns and a smiley face, resembling the Little Ogre.


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