Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Cover
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Final Chapter: A Sound Soul Dwells in a Sound Mind and a Sound Body

Kanji Title

健全なる魂は 健全なる精神と 健全なる肉体に宿る

Rōmaji Title

Kenzen'naru tamashī wa, kenzen'naru Seishin to, Kenzen'naru Nikutai ni yadoru

Alternate Title

A Healthy Soul and a Healthy Mind Dwells within a Healthy Body

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Japan: August 9, 2013
US: March 23, 2015

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Story Arc

Dark Side of the Moon Arc

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Chapter 112: "The Dark Side of the Moon IX" N/A
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In the aftermath of the battle on the Moon, Death the Kid realizes what his ascension as a shinigami entails when it comes to negotiating peace with the witches, and the fate of his father. As life in Death City changes upon the defeat of the Kishin, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, and their friends face a new world: it's an unpredictable future, but that's what makes it so exciting.

Final Chapter: A Sound Soul Dwells in a Sound Mind and a Sound Body is the one hundred thirteenth and final serialized chapter of the Soul Eater manga. It is collected in Volume 25.

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Death Scythes and Their Meisters

Other Death Weapon Meister Academy Staff and Students

Witches and Other Magic Users

Death City residents

Noah's Gang

Great Old Ones


The Moon

Death City

Death Room
Soul and Maka's Apartment
Gallows Mansion

A Forest



Death City Edit

Rachel Boyd points to her parents that the sky is black, her mother assuming it is an eclipse.

The Moon Edit

The Black Blood completes its enclosure of the Moon. Shocked, Maka Albarn tears up at the expected deaths of her father and her teachers until she senses their soul wavelengths but in a new location.

Death Weapon Meister Academy Edit

Spirit Albarn is shaking, terrified at the prospect that he will lack the opportunities to engage with more women now that he faces his own death. But he opens his eyes to find he is not surrounded by the Black Blood: he and his peers have been teleported to the Academy, courtesy of Maba and the Witch Judge.

The Sky Edit

A flying Gopher struggles to hold onto the “weight of happiness” he carries: six iterations of Noah, representing Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, and Lust. His smile transforms into a W-Mouth.

Death Weapon Meister Academy Edit

As her team arrives, Maka is shocked to see her father alive. Crying, she runs towards him—then past him to hug Marie Mjölnir. As Marie comments how bruised Maka is, Maka notices Marie's breasts—before she shakes off that thought and says she actually was noticing a second soul response within Marie's body.

Death Room Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Kid dons the cloak

The new Lord Death dons his cloak.

Elsewhere, Death the Kid rushes to his father's room, annoyed to find Excalibur present. Kid demands to know where is his father, as he realizes he cannot feel his father’s wavelength. Excalibur explains as only he can: “He's dead, you fool!”

Kid thinks the weapon is joking, only for Excalibur to explain that only one “true shinigami” may appear at any one time, hence when Kid accessed the full power of a shinigami, its power transferred to Kid at the cost of Death's own life.

As Kid, heartbroken, collapses before the cloak of his father, he asks whether he has killed his father—only for Excalibur to dropkick the new Lord Death. Excalibur lectures: “The Great Old Ones are gone. Now begins the era when people build their own world.” Kid is the beginning of that shaping.

Kid, although crying, forces himself to don his father’s cloak and promises to understand kindness, asking that his father watch over. But he cannot concentrate as Excalibur rambles about the proper eating practices of barbecue.

Maka and Soul's Apartment Edit

Maka explains that a funeral was held for Death, and people around the world seem no longer bothered that the Moon is now black. Yet Maka's mind remains focused on one person trapped on the Moon: Crona.

Her thoughts are interrupted as a pantsless Blair lifts Soul’s shirt and lies atop him on the couch. Despite his protests, Blair pushes his nose between her breasts, causing the Death Scythe a nosebleed. While distracted by Blair’s breasts, Maka yells for the cat to behave—only for Blair to pull Maka in for a hug because, as the cat says,“We can have fun as a threesome.” Maka blushes, her hand on Blair’s breast, as she is subdued.

A forest Edit

Maka narrates that Black☆Star trains daily, as he intends to defeat the Kishin on his own in their next battle. In fact, he has learned to levitate without aid of Tsubaki, which should aid him in fighting in the air against Asura.

As Maka explains that Black☆Star is a "warrior god" who is so "inhuman," Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is annoyed because Black☆Star is practicing his levitation where she is bathing, spying upon her. Black☆Star explains he must practice in front of her so he may learn to focus even when distracted by her breasts. This voyeurism earns him a ninja star to the forehead.

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Black Star and Angela

Black☆Star makes a promise to Angela

Downed, Black☆Star looks up from the ground to see Angela Leon, who was trying to sneak up on him and train with him. Black☆Star then promises to her that he will be a real man—and if Angela sees that he has failed, then his soul is hers, because that was his promise to Mifune. Even as a naked Tsubaki is annoyed at their presence, Angela is gleeful at Black☆Star's proposition.

Gallows Mansion Edit

Kid’s groping of his weapons’ breasts earns him as well as an attack that leaves him supine. As he asks why he has breasts on his mind, Liz Thompson notices Patty Thompson as well has been groping her fervently.

Kid conjectures this “madness of boobs” results from Crona’s desire for Medusa’s maternal love, as breasts serve as a symbol for that maternity. The madness has so far only affected those near the Moon, but Kid anticipates the effect will become global. As Kid suggests an investigation, Liz reminds him his ascension ceremony is tomorrow.

Maka explains that Kid conducted a survey, showing persons an image of two sets of three concentric circle and asking, "Do these look like boobs?" Maka is not impressed with the survey, as almost anyone would think the illustration resembles breasts, yet Kid still compares his results to those of Spirit Albarn's previous survey, discovering an increase of "boob men" by 50 percent over "butt men."

Death Weapon Meister Academy Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - DWMA celebration

Death City celebrates.

Maka narrates that the coronation for Kid as the new Shinigami was lively, attracting media and people from all over the world. But to his weapons’ consternation, Kid repeatedly insists that Spirit adjust the placement of his Death mask to make it symmetrical. Black☆Star yells at Kid to hurry up.

While Maka laughs off Kid’s behavior, she narrates that many were upset with Shibusen’s truce with the witches. But as Kid explains to the audience, “We will never give in to fear!!!” Witches like Maba led to the successful fight against the Kishin, and now that Kim Diehl likely will assist bridging Shibusen with witches (with an offer of help from Ox Ford), Kid is confident that the better relations between humans and witches can produce a “stronger world.”

Kid then welcomes Soul “Eater” Evans to stand before the crowd. As the hunt by Shibusen against witches has concluded, Soul will be now known as Death's Last Weapon. Kid concludes by asking Soul to conclude the coronation with a musical performance. As Soul transforms his right leg into a keyboard, he asks for everyone to just enjoy themselves.

Shouts of happiness explode at the ceremony as Maka's friends say that they need to move their way to the front of the crowd.

While the Thompsons hold hands and Kim agrees, “just for today,” to dance with Ox, Sid Barrett admits Soul’s music is good while the Witch Judge does not understand the appeal. As Eruka and Free consider a potential coexistence with humans, the Death Scythes and Shibusen staff celebrate, while a certain admirer of Soul looks uneasy.

Maka considers how it feels like Soul is "drifting far away," and she admits she has "always been afraid of this." Her thoughts are disrupted as Tsubaki takes her hand to move her up to the stage.

As Black☆Star takes the stage to encourage audience members to duel this warrior god, nearby Marie mentions that their students have grown up, while Franken Stein says they are changing as well. Kid approaches the two to remember that, while he owes so much to his father, he continues to depend on the help of his teachers. Marie argues that Black☆Star and Kid will be fine, whereas she has to focus on “the new generation.” Kid then realizes that Marie is pregnant. Stein explains Marie's pregnancy made him worry about bringing her on the mission on the Moon, but he could not convince her otherwise. Stein is bothered that he has to give up cigarettes, but he is pleased at the prospect of gaining "another guinea pig." Stein's remarks about their child make Marie uneasy.

Maka has finally arrived at the steps of the Academy where Soul sits—and, next to them, Tsubaki struggles to stop her meister from beating up attendees. After Soul bemoans that people are not hearing his music, he asks whether Maka intends to join Black☆Star's duel. Maka she prefers listening his music right beside him, as she always has. She chides Soul, asking whether he will still be able to play without her. Soul tells her to shut up, as he will be fine: he cannot escape his past, whether his musical training, or even the name “Evans.” He explains that since he had to renew his Academy enrollment, he figured he might as well return to his original last.

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - The Word Is Courage

Maka encourages the world to have courage in the face of fear.

Soul also says that, after facing the Kishin, he refuses to lose to madness. And Soul credits Maka, because thanks to her, “I stopped running from my problems.” He reminds her it was the two of them that produce this “sound.” Embarrassed, Maka leaps from her seat to say, "Oh, I know!!". Maka then remembers that, as Soul gained from her, any person gains courage from others. She intends to see Crona again, and she will defeat the Kishin as many times as it takes. Therefore, she yells to the sky, and everyone in the world, to witness this courage, this soul resonance.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter's title is the same as the line narrated by Maka Albarn at the beginning of each episode to the anime Soul Eater. This title is also a fill-in-the-blank question in the Ultimate Written Exam from Chapter 12 and Episode 14.
  • Despite Soul Evans having become a Death Scythe, his weapon form on the cover resembles his original form.
  • Upon initial reading by many readers in the United States, rumors had circulated that the leaked English translation was either a fabrication or that a revised version of the chapter would be released. However, these rumors have since been proven inaccurate, although supplemental material would be included in the final volume of the manga.
  • Despite being the last chapter, the issue’s cover features Soul Eater in his pre-Death Scythe form and his original attire, perhaps an acknowledgment to the manga’s very first chapter.
  • Upon release in Volume 25 in the United States, Yen Press's ebook edition does not include some content featured in the original Japanese releases of Chapter 113 and Volume 25.
    • In Japan, Chapter 113 featured images of a thematic dish set, including a plate and noodle mug. The plate featured a caricature of Maka as she drew herself in Chapter 1 of Soul Eater NOT!
    • In Japan, Volume 25 included illustrations of Soul Eater characters from illustrators of other manga.
  • This chapter alludes to the very first chapters of the manga, especially when it comes to fan service in this first and last chapters: Blair induces a nosebleed in Soul, Black☆Star spies on Tsubaki bathing, and Kid gropes the Thompsons' breasts.
  • On Maka and Soul's couch is a pillow with a stitched cat on it, maintaining the feline theme found elsewhere in Soul and Maka's apartment, such as the kitty paw towels in their bathroom or the cat sculpture in Maka's bedroom.
  • As well, alluding to their first appearance in the manga, a naked Tsubaki repeats her shuriken attack upon Black☆Star’s forehead—apt, that the Star Clan survivor be downed by a ninja star.
Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Hero is blocked

Hero's view is blocked.

  • Numerous cameos appear in the crowd at the celebration of Kid's ascension as shinigami. In addition to the gathering of DWMA staff, witches, Death Scythes, and their meisters, in the crowd are Soul's admirer (looking annoyed) and Hero (getting bumped in the audience and his view obstructed). As well, at least two of the Mizune Family are flying above Free's head.