SEN! - Chapter 11
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Ānyasutoraiku 2

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Fighting Street!
Anya Strike 2

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Episode 6 (NOT!): "This Is a Real Fight!"

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Chapter #10 (Not!): "Fighting Street" Chapter 12 (NOT!): "Study Meeting!"
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Losing in her duel against the new thuggish waitresses Liz and Patty Thompson, Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane are too nervous to return to Deathbucks. But Tsugumi Harudori persists, fascinated how these two weapons have such inner strength.

SF2! (アーニャストライク2, Ānyasutoraiku 2) is the eleventh chapter of the Soul Eater Not Manga and is a direct continuation of Chapter 10, "Fighting Street." It was collected in Volume 2 and adapted as Episode 6, "This Is a Real Fight!" in the anime Soul Eater NOT!

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Death City

Tsugumi Harudori, wielded by Anya Hepburn, is in a duel against Deathbucks' newest employees, the temperamental weapons on probation, Liz Thompson wielding her sister, the demon pistol Patty Thompson. Tsugumi complains that it is unfair for her, a blunt weapon, to fight against a projectile weapon. Liz responds that life is unfair, and if a person should have better weapon, good for them, but the results of battles are never predetermined. Anya tells Liz to say that after she's won.

Baiting Anya, Liz purposely leaves herself open for a strike and instead of taking damage, Liz switches fors with Patty as her meister. Patty puts the gun to the back of Anya's head reiterating that they are not on the same level as one another.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

The following day, after class, the trio are trying decide what to eat for lunch. Tsugumi proposes that they go to Master's shop, knowing well of the event: Patty had scared Anya with a shot to the ground beside her, as Liz states that braking probation would be a pain so they let them off easy.

Deathbucks Café

Tsugumi goes to the Deathbucks despite the thompson sisters' presence day after day with her only reason being that she admires their strength and enjoying Master's shop. Tsugumi is about to stand up for once until Liz lowls at a young man with three stripes in his hair, He saids that Liz and Patty are here for a social service. Before he goes, he excuses himself to grab Tsugumi's face making it bilaterally symmetrical and pardons himself to leave.

When Tsugumi enters Deathbucks, she see Liz and Patty are now on break, wondering way there are no customers entering like earlier. Liz assumes it's because no one understands their existence, but Tsugumi proves them wrong by saying that the reason she's been coming here is because she admires the sisters' strength, even though they scare her. She says that they're super cute, striking something deep within them, especially Liz. Master says everyone has a reason to how they all act: even he isn't that courteous himself.

When Meme and Anya come through the doors along with other customers, Liz and Patty have a change of heart, asking Anya want does she want to be served. The main trio order want they want being on good terms with the Thompson sisters, thanks to Tsugumi.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The corresponding episode added a scene in which Tsugumi intervenes when Liz attempts to strike an employee who mistreated Patty. Whereas the injury Tsugumi receives motivates Liz to practice kinder behavior, this scene is not included in this chapter.
  • This injury felt by Tsugumi also changes her interaction with Kid in the corresponding episode, as he adjusts her forehead bandage to make it symmetrical.
  • In the corresponding episode, Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre appear outside the girls' dormitory as Tsugumi marches to Deathbucks, and join Tsugumi and her meisters at the episode's end (with Kim demanding Tsugumi pay for her meal).



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