SEN! - Chapter 14
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Scorpion (サソリ, Sasori)

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Episode 7 (NOT!): "Nice Day for a Death Bazaar!"

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Traitors arc

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Chapter #13 (Not!): "Labyrinth" Chapter #15 (Not!): "Brainwashing"
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While Sid Barrett's team determine who is manipulating the Traitors, Tsugumi Harudori and her meisters enjoy Death City's popular flea market, the Death Bazaar. The festivities are interrupted, however, as Shaula Gorgon possesses one of Tsugumi's mentors.

Scorpio! (蠍座!, Sasoriza!) is the fourteenth chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not!. It was compiled in July 2012 with the release of Volume 2 and was adapted as part of Episode 7, "Nice Day for a Death Bazaar!" in the anime Soul Eater Not!

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Death Weapon Meister Academy, Anti-Witch HeadquartersEdit

In the underground levels of the Academy, Clay Sizemore and Akane☆Hoshi inform Sid Barrett, Justin Law, and Tezca Tlipoca that they suspect one of three witches is likely using mind control on ordinary, noncombatant Death City residents to suddenly become skillful, powerful traitors against the DWMA. Sid wonders why Clay does not suspect Arachne Gorgon of being responsible for these attacks; Clay admits that Arachne may have created demon tools, including one that could brainwash others, yet her operation collapsed 800 years ago. As well, whereas Arachne could brainwash, this witch is also causing her victims to suffer insomnia, which suggests that she drugs her victims as well, removing their ability to sleep as well as their fear. One witch who would specialize in such methods, Clay argues, is Shaula Gorgon.

While Sid worries that even "a young witch" could have "slipped in among the students," he compliments Clay's analytical skills to find solutions to even centuries-old mysteries. As Clay is embarrassed by the praise, Akane quickly asks his weapon to add one plus one, causing Clay to fidget and struggle to solve even this basic arithmetic. While Akane chastises his weapon for not being quick on his feet, an amused Sid reminds the two that "a weapon and meister are two halves of the same mind," hence Akane's cool demeanor can aid his more nervous weapon. Sid tells the two to enjoy the rest of their weekend, especially based on the big event in town today.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Anya Hepburn is fidgeting like Clay was, but out of excitement as she asks Tsugumi Harudori to the local Death Bazaar held in Death Pain Square. As Anya describes the event, Tsugumi realizes the bazaar is a flea market, where residents sell used items, all of which excites Anya who wants to explore Tsugumi's commoner life. When Tsugumi turns down the offer, Anya slumps in sadness. Tsugumi quickly changes her mind, claiming she is a "flea-market-aholic" excited to buy some "yard sale treasures." Anya glows with happiness as she wipes her tears away, while Tsugumi worries that she has been manipulated.

Death Bazaar, Death Pain SquareEdit

Balloons and confetti fly through the air over Death Pain Square, where residents and visitors have set up numerous booths around the fountain and along three levels of the square. While Anya is impressed with the booths, Tsugumi is shocked how gruesome are the items sold at a Death City flea market, including such as maces, arrows, swords, even souvenir shell casings. Meme Tatane has accompanied Tsugumi and Anya, who points out there are non-weapon booths. The trio then see one booth occupied by Eternal Feather, struggling to sell gaudy used clothing. She wears sunglasses as she cries behind them, as she was coerced by Kim Diehl to buy these unfashionable clothes, leaving her without money or other outfits to wear for clothes shopping. Tsugumi pretends not to notice Eternal Feather and walks away, not noticing a sneering woman who has set her booth across from Eternal Feather, where she sells scorpion-themed jewelry. While Tsugumi does not notice anything of interest to buy, she smiles seeing Anya is enjoying herself. Embarrassed by Tsugumi's attention, Anya feigns disinterest in the items to buy, claiming the flea market is a dump.

Tsugumi then hears familiar voices from upstairs, as one boy complains that the girl with him needs to stop glaring at customers. She insists she does not glare, but Soul Eater will not listen to Maka Albarn's excuses as he tugs on her eyes to make her look friendlier. Soul accuses her of throwing away his possession while she refuses to sell the books that are piling up in their apartment. They are interrupted by a potential customer, until Maka's hiss scares him away. Soul again grabs her face, trying to make her smile. They are interrupted again, now by Tsugumi who looks at one of Maka's books, Brave. Noticing the book in Tsugumi's hands, Maka says she read that book when she was just starting school. When asked whether she likes reading, Tsugumi lies and says she does. Maka grows quiet then offers to let Tsugumi have Brave for free, so long as she promises to read it. Tsugumi promises to treasure the book, while an unimpressed Soul complains that they still have more books to sell.

Unable to sell any of her clothes, Eternal Feather decides to look at the booth across from her, where she notices Shaula Gorgon's scorpion jewelry. As a Scorpio herself, Eternal Feather thinks such jewelry would make her "a mysterious woman with poisonous charm." Shaula offers one piece for a low price, putting it onto Eternal Feather's left index finger, which pricks her skin—and causes Eternal Feather's eyes to widen. Shaula observes as her venom possesses Eternal Feather. The witch seems to whisper into the NOT student's ear before Eternal Feather departs.

Meanwhile, Tsugumi has reunited with her meisters, saying Maka's book has made the flea market enjoyable. As Anya beams with pride, Meme asks what they should do next. They are interrupted by a scream, as a person collapses to the floor, flood pouring out of them as Eternal Feather stands, her left arm transformed into a butterfly knife dripping with that victim's blood.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In Chapter 14, Tezca Tlipoca and Justin Law are with Sid Barrett during Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore's report. Tezca and Justin make no appearances in the Soul Eater Not! anime, excluding Tezca's cameo as one of Meme's keychains in Episode 9.
  • In Episode 7, Tsugumi is washing the dormitory's windows while singing the tune she has in previous episodes, and will sing in the anime's finale. Anya interrupts to sing the words "Death Bazaar." This moment does not occur in Chapter 14.
  • In Episode 7, the trio find Eternal Feather and speak with her at her booth, at which point she explains her dilemma—then finds the trio disappeared before she could convince them to purchase her gaudy clothes. In Chapter 14, Eternal Feather does not get to speak with the trio, who immediately avoid her upon seeing her clothes.


  • Maka's book, Bravery, may allude to the character's argument in the last episode of the first anime, that bravery can defeat fear.
  • This chapter confirms that Eternal Feather is a demon weapon, capable of transforming her left arm into a butterfly knife.

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