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Episode 7 (Not!): "Nice Day For a Death Bazaar!"

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Traitors arc

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Chapter #14 (Not!): "Scorpio!" Chapter #16 (Not!): "Not of the Dead!"
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Possessed by Shaula Gorgon's venom, Eternal Feather continues her assault on the Death Bazaar. While Maka Albarn and Soul Eater attempt to subdue her, this battle leads to an emotional climax.

Brainwashed! (洗脳, Sen'nō) is the fifteenth chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not! It was compiled in 2012 with the release of Volume 2 and was adapted as part of Episode 7, "Nice Day for a Death Bazaar!" as part of the anime Soul Eater Not!

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Death Pain Square, Death CityEdit

Tsugumi Harudori joined her meisters Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane at the Death Bazaar, a flea market held in Death City. While Tsugumi was lucky enough to receive a free book from her mentor, Maka Albarn, this enjoyable day was disrupted with Tsugumi's other mentor, the demon weapon Eternal Feather, transforming her left arm into a butterfly knife to stab a bystander. Unknown to Tsugumi and her meisters, Eternal Feather was possessed by Shaula Gorgon, who had disguised herself as a vendor to sell jewelry laced with her mind-controlling venom.

As Eternal Feather attacks the Death Bazaar, bystanders call for paramedics and try to escape, one knocking Tsugumi into Meme. But Anya is more surprised to see Eternal Feather, her eye containing a Scorpio symbol similar to the one Anya saw in the eye of the Traitor who attacked her. While Anya is distracted by this realization, Eternal Feather, under Shaula's control, dashes towards Anya, swinging her blade at the meister. Anya attempts to shield herself with her leather purse, but she hears someone call to her that a leather purse is not going to hold against a blade. Maka Albarn tells Anya to push her purse to the side to block Eternal Feather's blade, prompting Meme to tackle Anya to the floor before she is stabbed.

With Anya and Meme out of the way, Maka stands between them and Eternal Feather. Maka asks whether her opponent is from the DWMA. Eternal Feather gives no answer and prepares to attack Maka. But when Tsugumi calls to Eternal Feather, the possessed weapon takes her right hand to her left arm, as if attempting to stop herself from hurting Maka. But the left arm removes itself from the right ahnd, the blade coming at Maka. The EAT meister does not budge, even as Meme and Anya call out to her. At that moment, Soul Eater appears, his left leg transformed into a blade as he refuses to allow Eternal Feather to harm his meister. With a push of his leg, he knocks back Eternal Feather's arm, her butterfly knife condensing. After the weapon Soul stops Eternal Feather from injuring the meister Maka, the weapon Tsugumi worries how she should have protected her meister Anya by using her hard weapon form to block the attack.

Maka asks Tsugumi for information about Eternal Feather. Tsugumi explains she is their NOT senpai and calls out to her, asking why Eternal Feather is attacking. But Maka observes that Eternal Feather seems unable to hear. Without needing any direction, Soul transforms into his demon scythe form into Maka's hand. Maka reminds Soul they must not hurt the NOT student Eternal Feather.

Elsewhere, bystanders are still trying to provide medical relief to the injured until paramedics arrive. Other bystanders discuss their confidence that the EAT pair of Maka and Soul should be able to handle just one weapon like Eternal Feather. But as the bystanders mill about, Shaula has packed her jewelry into a suitcase and is departing Death Pain Square.

As Maka attempts to stop Eternal Feather, the NOT weapon continues to slice at the EAT meister. Maka in the middle of battle, and Tsugumi and Anya from the sidelines, try to call to Eternal Feather to stop fighting. As the possessed weapon continues to slice at Maka, she also damages nearby booths, prompting Maka, Soul, and Anya to attempt to restrain Eternal Feather.

Meanwhile, as Shaula prepares to leave, she observes that the amount of venom she put into Eternal Feather was insufficient to empower the NOT student to take down EAT members. However, Shaula is pleased to see that her venom was strong enough to possess someone as strong-willed as Eternal Feather. Still, as she cannot permit the DWMA to defeat Eternal Feather to examine her and hence discover her venom, she will conclude this experiment by tying up loose ends: Shaula gives Eternal Feather the command to kill herself.

Suddenly, Eternal Feather stops attacking Maka. Her butterfly knife blade remains extended, but now she brings it to her neck, the blade just touching one of her pigtails and the skin. Eternal Feather seems to hesitate, her transformed arm shaking. Tears well in her eyes, but Eternal Feather complies: a cut is heard as blood and one of her cut pigtails fly into the air.

Bystanders scream at this sight, while Anya and Meme look horrified. While someone asks for help to stop the bleeding, no one notices Shaula's ring on Eternal Feather's finger cracks and evaporates, hiding evidence of the venomous possession.

As Tsugumi hears people struggle to stop the bleeding from Eternal Feather's wound, people also ask why she would attempt to kill herself, perhaps because of her inability to sell her clothes. Overwhelmed, Tsugumi swoons and collapses on the floor.

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