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NOT of the Dead!

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Shinde inai no!

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2014, April 8th (iTunes)

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23 (iTunes Version)

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Episode 8 (NOT!)

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Traitors arc

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While Akane and Clay interview Soul and Maka to determine whether Shaula had a hand in Eternal Feather's possession, Tsugumi and her friends are introduced to Dr. Stein and learn of the surgery he performed on Eternal Feather.

NOT of the Dead! (死んでいないの!, Shinde inai no!) is the sixteenth chapter of the Soul Eater Not manga. This chapter was adapted as part of Episode 8 of the anime Soul Eater Not!

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Patchwork Laboratory Edit

At the Death Bazaar, after Eternal Feather cut herself under the possession of an unknown force, Tsugumi Harudori had blacked out. Tsugumi awakens to find she has fallen asleep in Anya Hepburn’s lap, prompting the nervous meister to explain that she and Meme Tatane had traded duties at letting Tsugumi sleep in their laps. Tsugumi realizes she is at a hospital, and that Eternal Feather’s injury was not just a dream.

Anya explains what Tsugumi missed while she was passed out: Sid Barrett had asked Anya and Meme questions whether “she [was] hanging around the wrong people.” They are waiting for Eternal Feather’s surgery to be completed by “an unlicensed doctor on retainer” known for his experiments on corpses and zombies. Such information makes Tsugumi afraid that Eternal Feather may be turned into a zombie by this self-tinkered physician. Meme's suggestion that she might be made into a jiangshi instead does not make Tsugumi feel better.

Death Pain Square Edit

Meanwhile, at the Death Bazaar’s aftermath, Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore question Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. Based on Maka’s fight, Soul thinks Eternal Feather was possessed. Maka is impressed that Akane and Clay already have an illustration of the potential suspect, but Soul is not sure whether he has seen this suspect. Soul asks Akane whether the woman is “the new ‘EAT’ target,” and Akane admits that this information he is sharing with Soul and Maka is known only to Central Intelligence. Impressed, Soul asks Akane to give him any new information first before other EAT students: “We could stand to earn some extra credit.” Maka is understandably upset. Akane then asks how much Soul is willing to pay. Clay is understandably upset.

Patchwork Laboratory Edit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 16 - Eternal Feather screwhead

Stein tricks Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme

Hours have passed at the hospital. Finally, a cigarette-smoking physician, Doctor Franken Stein, pokes his head out from the door to inform Tsugumi and her meisters that the surgery is finished. Stein escorts the students into the surgery room; his coat is covered with blood, like the bloody instruments around his room. Tsugumi then notices blood on Anya and Meme’s sleeves as well, realizing that her meisters were able to fight to save Eternal Feather, while Tsugumi simply passed out.

Tsugumi and Anya demand to know from Stein whether Eternal Feather has recovered, and whether this mad scientist has done anything “weird” to her. Stein explains their friend is in the next room recovering, then sufficiently terrifies the students when revealing the screw in the side of his head. Once the students calm down, he shows them into Eternal Feather’s room—where he has shoved a screw through her head. Stein defends his action, although he does consider whether the student “would be cuter and sexier” as a zombie. Despite Tsugumi’s confusion as to Stein’s remark, she does appreciate the doctor for doing more than she had in saving Eternal Feather. Then Stein shows the screw in Eternal Feather’s head is fake, prompting Tsugumi and Anya to fall backwards in shock.

As Anya and Tsugumi study Eternal Feather to see that she is alright, Tsugumi notices that Eternal Feather’s right braid, which she had cut off when possessed in an attempt to kill herself, is re-attached. Studying the braid, Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya are shocked to see the braid move on its own, somehow procuring a pen and writing the name “Jesús Navas.”

Eternal Feather’s neck then produces steam out of its bandages, before her head rolls off her shoulders and onto the floor before standing on its hair braids to “run” after Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme in a chase around the room.

Although Stein enjoys this prank on the trio, he explains that the disembodied head is not really Eternal Feather: he pulls a curtain to reveal her real body—which has a screw through its head. The shock causes the three students to collapse. The editorial note instructs readers to “Go Back Six Pages♪,” identifying the call-back joke and clarifying that Stein again faked inserting a screw through Eternal Feather's head.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Whereas the manga presented Eternal Feather’s recovery at a Death City hospital, the anime specifies that this hospital is actually at Patchwork Lab.
  • Whereas in Chapter 16 Meme suggests Eternal Feather may be turned into a jiangshi, in the English dub for Episode 8, Meme instead suggests that Eternal Feather may be turned into a fashionable zombie.
  • In the anime, more is done with Eternal Feather's Duplicate: Stein takes the robot's sprinting head and tosses it outside of his window. The head is later found, still running, outside of the girls' dormitory while Tsugumi splashes water on the yard.


  • The English translated title alludes to one of the most famous zombie films, Dawn of the Dead, appropriate based on the trio's suspicion that Stein will transform Eternal Feather into a zombie (and Stein's responsibility for turning Sid into a zombie in Chapters 1 and 2 of the original manga).
  • A jiangshi is an undead type of monster originating in Chinese folklore that hops with its arms outstretched. Over time, the jianshi has taken on aspects of the Western vampire, such as bloodsucking.[1]
  • Soul attempts to bribe Akane for advance information about future missions so he and Maka can finish more missions. He will attempt to cheat again later during the Ultimate Written Exam.
  • Jesús Navas is the name of a Spanish football player who played right winger for Sevilla FC, then Manchester City in the Premier League.[1]


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