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Now in the summertime, the cast tries to deal with the heat as Dr. Stein discharges Eternal Feather to go home while Kim and Jacqueline have a falling out.

Coming Home! (ホームカミング!, Hōmukamingu!) is the seventeenth chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It was collected as part of Volume 3. This chapter was adapted as part of Episode 8 of the anime Soul Eater NOT!

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Girls' Dormitory

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Patchwork Laboratory Edit

Franken Stein receives a call from Sid Barrett. After trying yet again, and failing, to persuade Stein to come work at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Sid asks what he has learned about the cause for Eternal Feather's possession and injuries. Stein replies that there was a needle mark around her left index finger but nothing serious or long term, Stein then goes on to say the best thing for her is to return to her normal life with her friends.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Feeling the heat outside, Tsugumi notes that Nevada's summer is hotter than Japan's, as Kana arrives in her new summer attire, along with Anya Hepburn, who asks why Tsugumi is holding a ladle and water bucket. Tsugumi explains that it's all about 'elegance' stating the definition is to become closer to nature cooling the grass pathway by watering it.

Elsewhere, Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré are having a bit of trouble, as Kim suggest they "break up" as meister and weapon. Jacqueline yells that she can change but Kim states she can't deal with this and says it's her not Jacqueline and that the two should keep their distance.

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 17 - Eternal Feather wind-up key

Tsugumi and Anya are shocked to see Eternal Feather

While Tsugumi wraps up her elegant conversation, Eternal Feather returns to the dorms and greets her before mentioning she has a neck scar, whose cause she not remember but accepts as a mark of honor for a DWMA student like her to be a full-fledge Death Child. After remembering how eccentric is Stein, Tsugumi and Anya inspect Eternal Feather's body—discovering she has a key in her back! But Eternal Feather reveals the key is only a detachable prop she received from Stein to prank her friends. Tsugumi and Anya are initially frightened at this sight, then unamused at this joke.

Tsugumi and her friends then see Jacqueline walking towards them, sulking regarding her break up with Kim. Tsugumi is shocked at this news, while Jacqueline becomes so stressed by this break up that her hair catches fire. Anya assures Jacqueline that the split is likely temporary, while Meme Tatane suggests that they use wind chimes to cool down. Both Meme and Tsugumi relish the chimes' sound, while Anya finds the activity ridiculous before walking indoors to cool off with cold drinks.

Some time later, the chimes fail to cool Tsugumi and Meme, who have been standing under the sun's intense rays, so the students chase after Anya to ask for drinks as well.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In Chapter 17, Stein remarks that Eternal Feather would "be horrified to know that I examined every inch of her." The English dub by Funimation does not include this remark in Episode 8.
  • In Chapter 17, Tsugumi struggles to explain "fuuryuu" to Anya, at which point she breaks the fourth wall to provide an editorial definition. In Episode 8, Tsugumi's definition is not shown; instead, while Tsugumi explains to Anya, a wordless collage of images of summer in Japan is shown.
  • This chapter sets up a conflict between Kim and Jacqueline, endangering their partnership as meister and weapon. Whereas later chapters show Kim and Jacqueline reconcile, this reconciliation is largely not shown in subsequent episodes of the anime until the final battle between the Girls' Dormitory and Shaula's Traitors.
  • As well, in Chapter 17, Kim and Jacqueline's breakup is shown in the middle of Tsugumi and Anya watering the lawn. In Episode 8, this breakup is shown as a flashback after Jacqueline gives her half-hearted welcome to Eternal Feather.
  • In Chapter 17, Anya wears a full-sleeve buttoned-up dress, which Tsugumi says looks too warm for summer. In Episode 8, Anya wears a sleeveless summer dress, which Tsugumi still refers to as too warm for summer.
  • Episode 8 combines all of Chapter 17 with some of the events from the chapter "Blade."


  • Stein's phone in Patchwork Lab has a skull logo on its dial. A similar phone appears in Maka and Soul's apartment in Chapter 83.
  • Tsugumi's shirt has the redundant writing, "Natsu Summer." "Natsu" in Japanese translates as "summer."
  • The writing on Meme's shirt translates as "squid tempura."


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