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Episode 9 (Not!): "Pumpkin Growing!"

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Meme Tatane awakens to discover that she does not remember anything, except this time, instead of a momentary lapse of memory, she remembers nothing about all of yesterday. Confused, Meme retraces her steps in order to recover her lost day!

Amnesia! (忘れ!, Wasure!) is the eighteenth chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not!. It is listed as Chapter 20 in Volume 3. It was adapted as part of Episode 9, "Pumpkin Growing" in the anime Soul Eater Not!

Featured Appearances


NOT Students and Friends

Death City

  • Crew-cut man (first appearance)
  • Souvenir cart owner (first appearance)
  • Devil (first appearance)
  • Boy (first appearance)


  • Death City
    • Girls' dormitory
    • Grissom Road (first appearance)
    • Casino (first appearance)


Girls' Dormitory

Meme Tatane awakens in the kitchen, finding herself covered in numerous Death City-themed souvenirs. Confused what has happened, she removes a mask similar to Death's own and looks to the ceiling—which is covered in screeching bats. Horrified, Meme screams, prompting the bats to depart through an open window.

Upon the bats' exit, Meme shuts the open window and wonders what has happened, realizing she has forgotten all of yesterday. At her feet she finds an open purse full of money in 100-dollar bills. Meme screams in shock, which alerts Tsugumi Harudori and Anya Hepburn to enter the kitchen to see whether there friend is okay. Meme hides the bag behind her back, claiming nothing is wrong. But Tsugumi is still surprised, as she sees Meme has lost her left eyebrow.

Tsugumi draws a new eyebrow onto Meme, who then leaves the kitchen and sits in Death City among one of many park benches. While Meme knows she has forgotten frequently without significant problems, she has never been in such a situation to forget an entire day and somehow acquire a lot of cash and souvenirs. Meme strives to remember but her thoughts are interrupted by Kim Diehl, who is walking her pet dog. Kim is surprised Meme is not "with the rest of the three stooges," Tsugumi and Anya. After explaining that she cannot remember yesterday, Meme asks Kim whether she did anything odd the previous day. Kim remembers seeing Meme in her jogging outfit running on Grissom Road and yelling, "Just you wait, little boy!" Kim then asks about the closed bag next to Meme, but the amnesic girl is too worried hearing that she was yelling about some child. Meme hastily departs for Grissom Road while Kim notices that Meme's eyebrows looked "cuter" before.

Grissom Road

Meme is surprised she was running in this location: the street is run-down, with discarded crates and other garbage on the cobblestones and bars dotting the road. Realizing how seedy this neighborhood looks, Meme worries that the money she holds was ransom for an abducted child.

Meme is interrupted by a sneering man with a close-crop haircut, who giggles at this "cutie" for the "crazy stunts" she pulled yesterday. He adds that he was surprised Meme would "actually go that far." Before Meme can respond, they are interrupted by an irate tall man who demands Meme return "my precious baby!" Meme tries to explain she cannot remember, but when the man still accosts here, Meme hurriedly runs away, afraid and not sure what she may have done to this man's child.

After running for some time, Meme hides in an alley to catch her breath. She then notices smiling, shadowy figures, whether memories of the past or exaggerated figures she now encounters, speaking to her that she is in "Vegas" now. She then sees she stands before a casino, whose owner, his nametag listed as Devil, approaches Meme and asks, "Please, spare me today." Meme screams in terror and runs away, clutching the bag.

Meme debates whether to ignore the memories or confront them, as she falls to her knees, clutching her head. As she falls, she finds that she has run to a park, where she is interrupted by a boy holding a soccer ball, who asks whether she is okay. Meme looks at the boy and remembers him from her jog yesterday. Meme clutched the boy, hugging him until his face collides with her large breasts.

Meme then remembers what happened: she had been jogging on Grissom Road when the crew-cut man said she could get better exercise if she jogged with a nearby Death City souvenir cart. Not realizing that the man was joking, Meme went ahead and took the souvenir cart, surprising its owners who thought she was stealing his property. But Meme ran too quickly so that, when she turned a corner, she demolished the cart, scattering its souvenirs. Worried at the cost of repairing the cart, she wondered Grissom until someone reminded her that Death City is particularly "Vegas." Meme donned the souvenirs so she would not forget to return them to the owner and went to a nearby casino to earn back the repair costs. She won the jackpot, bringing the casino manager to tears as she won all of his money and departed. Now dressed in the souvenirs and holding the bag of money, however, Meme forgot why she had these items and simply returned to the dormitory.

Meme then wonders why she was jogging in the first place. Looking at the boy still clutched to her chest, the child pushes her off of himself. At that moment, as the boy is about to insult her, Meme remembers why she jogged: because this boy called her fat, a phase that pierces Meme's fragile, forgetful heart. After her failed jog, Meme returned to the dormitory and had weighed herself—and did not realize her increased weight was due to her bulky souvenirs still on her body. Meme tried to shave one eyebrow to see whether that would decrease her weight but to no avail.

As Meme leaves the park, she regrets remembering yesterday. But as she turns over her casino winnings to the surprised souvenir cart owner, she is happy to fix what she damaged. Meme then wonders what everyone thought of the situation, and ponders what will happen if she forgets the feelings she has or the good times she has had with Anya and Tsugumi.

Girls' Dormitory

Meanwhile, Anya and Tsugumi discover in their bedroom a bat-shaped whistle on the desk, a Death City souvenir Bat Whistle. Tsugumi blows the whistle, which seems to produce no sound. But then bats promptly fly through their open window, scaring the duo.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The 100-dollar bills in Chapter 18 show the face of Benjamin Franklin's face, as appear on actual United States $100 bills. In the Soul Eater Not! anime, all dollar bills, regardless of amount, show images of Death.
  • The anime adaptation featured Meme not only covered in random objects but finding that she had returned to the girls' dormitory with a sloth named Marianne—who proceeded to torment Eternal Feather. Meme brings the sloth with her as she re-traces her steps before discovering that the animal belonged to the boy who had referred to her as fat.
  • The anime shows in more detail the card that is attached to Meme's bat whistle, which features a corporate logo for the item that closely resembles the Batman logo, with the addition of Death's mask.


  • This is the first chapter to be centered around Meme.
  • Among the souvenirs on Meme's body at the beginning of the chapter are a keychain shaped like Tezca Tlipoca's head, pennants for Death City and DWMA, buttons with skulls and stars, keychains in the shapes of pretzels and footballs, a pinwheel, and springs, photographic frames, loudspeakers, and other objects decorated with Death's mask.
  • Another souvenir Meme has at the beginning of the chapter is a miniature copy of the Statue of Liberty, which may foreshadow how Meme kills Sid Barrett: she stabs a towering replica of the Statue through his forehead. As well, in the Soul Eater anime, Sid is shown as having died not from a towering version of the Statue of Liberty but a souvenir the size of the one next to Meme.
  • In the Yen Press English translation, Kim refers to Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme as "the three stooges," alluding to a famous vaudeville trio who performed on stage, in short film, and in film from 1925 to 1970.
  • When Meme arrives in front of the casino, her eyes and mouth assume an appearance that closely resemble how she will look in later chapters, when she herself is possessed.
  • The little boy from the park calls Meme "Fat onee-chan" which basically translates, "onee-chan" being "older sister" but also a general term to use when addressing women older than the speaker. Yen Press translates the comment as "fat girl."
  • Translations differ for the name of the street where Meme jogged. Scanlations name the location Grim Street, whereas Yen Press refers to it as Grissom Road.

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