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Committee Activity!

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Iinkai katsudō!

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Mira Naigus recruits Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane to organize DWMA missions' paperwork under the supervision of the chief receptionist, a former EAT student Auntie. As the trio sort these missions, Tsugumi wonders about what it means to be in the EAT.

Committee Activity! (委員会活動!, Iinkai katsudō!) is the nineteenth chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It is collected as Chapter 18 in Volume 4.

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Death Weapon Meister Academy, Reception

Mira Naigus welcomes Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane, and Anya Hepburn to their new assignments for the Academy's Reception Committee. While Tsugumi narrates that Naigus is Sid Barrett's partner and an excellent instructor at the school, Naigus introduces the students to Auntie ("Oba-chan"), who will supervise their work at Reception. Auntie is pleased to have assistants, as she has lacked help since the previous graduating class. As Naigus departs, Auntie tells the students that she prefers that they refer to her as "Oba-chan" instead of "Oba-sama."

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 19 - Reception uniforms

The students put on their Reception attire

Auntie tells the girls that their Reception uniforms are in the next room. After the students get dressed, Auntie asks which of the students is the "dullest" and hence can handle the monotonous task of paper stamping. Despite the insult of being called the dullest, Meme volunteers quickly, surprising Tsugumi and Anya.

After explaining to Meme how to stamp the papers, Auntie notices Meme's bust and tightens her vest to add more curves to her figure. Auntie proceeds to do likewise to Anya but skips Tsugumi on account of her being flat-chested. Auntie states women must take their appearance seriously, even as Auntie's own belt is broken due to her clothes being under-sized.

Auntie elaborates that E.A.T. students may take only those missions based on their rank level. Upon hearing that the missions are confidential, Anya exuberantly volunteers—then tries to mitigate her excitement by claiming she cannot trust the task to only Tsugumi. Tsugumi, embarrassed, replies that they should just focus on their work.

While Meme is tired from all the stamping, Tsugumi and Anya review an assortment of mission request documents. When Tsugumi is surprised at the outrageous missions that E.A.T. students accept, Anya replies that Tsugumi's reading of every single mission is slowing down their progress.

Tsugumi is then surprised to see a pen snap loudly next to her. Auntie's strength just in her hand breaks pens frequently. Witnessing such impressive strength, Tsugumi asks whether Auntie is an alumnus of the E.A.T. class, which Auntie confirms. While she retired from missions, Auntie reaffirms that she is willing to get back into battle to fight for her young students.

Witnessing Auntie's strength and bravery, Tsugumi recalls seeming similar qualities in someone as "cute," "pretty," and "cool" as Maka Albarn, who still stepped into to fight Eternal Feather during the attack on the Death Bazaar.

Tsugumi envies her teachers and classmates' willpower, as she wonders whether Anya and Meme are considering joining the E.A.T. class, especially when those meisters still have not been forthright why they are at the DWMA. Tsugumi wonders whether she could handle being in E.A.T., when she then fantasizes about Akane's previous offer that he will protect her, even if she joins the E.A.T. class. Lovestruck by this memory, Tsugumi flails her arms to dismiss this dream, thinking a trickster like Akane has no romantic interest in her. Tsugumi fidgts in her seat, attracting the attention of Anya and Meme.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This story was not adapted into the anime.
    • Auntie never appeared in the Soul Eater NOT! anime.
    • As well, Mira Naigus's first appearance in the Soul Eater NOT! anime is not, as she was in this chapter, as a guide to Autnie's Reception, but in the anime's adaptation of the manga story "Quagmired" as the teacher in Tsugumi and Clay's weapons class, even though Naigus does not appear in "Quagmired."


  • Although this is the nineteenth released chapter, it is collected as Chapter 18 in Volume 3 of Soul Eater NOT! due to some re-arranging of chapters upon volume collection. As well, at this point in publishing, the chapters numbers in the volumes are not consistent with the chapter numbers upon initial release because the Soul Eater JOT! vignette chapters are not numbered in the volumes.
  • After their work at Deathbucks and the Death City pool, this chapter marks the third job that Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme have during their schooling at the Academy. This "extracurricular work" may be the N.O.T. equivalent of E.A.T. special missions. Tsugumi and her meister continue this work in the story "Texas Holstein."
  • This chapter also reveals the kind of missions that E.A.T. students are assigned:
    • The capture of "Man-Eating Bobby."
    • The capture of a "mistress" for "acts of adultery during President Kennedy's election campaign" (likely an allusion to United States president John F. Kennedy and alleged affairs he had while married).
  • As Auntie instructs that the E.A.T. assignments are confidential, yet because Meme is stamping much of the paperwork, it is possible that Shaula may have used her possession over Meme to access more confidential information through Meme's own work at this office.
  • Auntie's remark about her willingness to jump back into a fight should "young kids" need her alludes to her fight on the Moon.

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