Knock it off with the Death-Child talk.

—Soul Eater to Maka Albarn, Chapter 20 (Soul Eater NOT!)

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In a series of tales about life for students in Death City, Tsugumi learns more about clerical work and dining options at the DWMA, and Kim and Jacqueline reconcile.

Chapter 20 is the twentieth chapter of the Soul Eater NOT! manga. Unlike earlier chapters, this one is comprised of a series of vignettes. In Volume 3 of the Yen Press English language United States release, it is published as separate entries in a mix of entries titled “Soul Eater JOT, Part 1,” “Soul Eater JOT, Part 2,” and “Soul Eater JOT, Part 4.”

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The image features a view of Death City.

Texas Holstein

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 20 - Granny Slam

Auntie breaks up a brawl between Kilik and Black Star.

Continuing from Chapter 19 , Tsugumi Harudori and her friends are working for Auntie at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Anya Hepburn asks why Auntie wears sleeve protectors, learning that Auntie puts them on to keep her sleeves clean while doing desk work. After Anya compliments Auntie for offering such “common wisdom,” Auntie hears a fight in the hallway. The brawl is between Kilik Rung and Black Star, fighting over an EAT mission. When Auntie’s words cannot stop the fight, she rolls up her sleeves and slams both boys to the floor.

Because Auntie’s sleeve protectors kept her arms clean despite pummeling Kilik and Black Star, Anya and Meme Tatane adjust their own protectors—despite Tsugumi’s protest.


At the Academy's cafeteria, Eternal Feather explains to Tsugumi that the school offers food from all over the world, to make sure each student has a taste of their home whenever they want. Tsugumi, however, is more curious about what constitutes Death City cuisine. Eternal Feather offers a number of choices: “Dead Chicken,” which is “dead chicken in dead milk, [...] fr[ied] in dead oil,” and “Dead Steak,” which is made with “dead beef.” Disgusted, Tsugumi asks the chef for vegetable stir-fry.

After That…

This story continues after Kim Diehl broke up from Jacqueline O’Lantern DuPre in Chapter 17.

At the Academy, Kim asks whether Jackie would be interested in visiting the ice cream parlor after school. Jackie nervously accepts the invitation.

Another day, Kim asks Jackie, “Where should we go today?” These requests by Kim continue until she asks Jackie to accompany her to Master’s cafe.

At Deathbucks, Jacqueline is confused: she asks, if refusing to be her meister, why Kim is inviting her out so often. Kim pouts and says, because she is now offended, she will never invite Jacqueline again. Despite Kim's animosity, Jacqueline notices that the meister is blushing. Jacqueline also worries that she “expect[s] too much from” Kim, such that when Kim apologizes, Jacqueline eagerly claims it was she herself who was acting odd and that she simply enjoys spending time with Kim.

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 20 - Jackie Chop

Jacqueline grows tired of Kim's shameless manipulation.

Although pleased to the point of crying, Kim again says she will not hang out with Jacqueline anymore. Lovestruck, Jacqueline identifies how manipulative Kim is. Kim then claims she simply wants to prevent Jacqueline from being manipulated by any “man with bad intentions,” prompting her friend to Jackie-chop on the forehead in retaliation.

Death Child

Back at the Academy's cafeteria, someone finally orders the Dead Chicken: Maka Albarn, who is criticized for such “Death Child talk” by her weapon .

Manga and Anime Differences

  • None of the content from Chapter 20 appears at any point in the Soul Eater NOT! anime. As such, the manga shows how Kim and Jacqueline re-united after their breakup, whereas this make-up is left more ambiguous in the anime.
  • Auntie never appears in the Soul Eater NOT! anime.
  • Whereas Kilik appears in this and other chapters of the manga, his appearances in the anime are limited to his charity fight announcement in Episode 1 and a cameo in Episode 2.
  • "Death Children" language, such as referring to meals as “dead,” never occurs in the Soul Eater NOT! anime.


  • Yen Press split portions of Chapter 20 to print as separate entries in Volume 3 of the English United States, titled as “Soul Eater JOT, Part 1,” “Soul Eater JOT, Part 2,” and “Sou Eater JOT, Part 4.”
    • “Soul Eater JOT, Part 1” included the following content from Chapter 20, in the following order: “Speciality,” “After That…” and “Death Child.”
    • The only portion of Chapter 20 featured in “Soul Eater JOT, Part 2” is the cover image of Death City.
    • The only portion of Chapter 20 featured in “Soul Eater JOT, Part 4,” is “Texas Holstein.”
  • In "Speciality," when Tsugumi asks Eternal Feather whether Death City has its own regional cuisine, her eyes have stars in them, similar to those found in the eyes of Black Star, Akane, and Ao.


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