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Tsugumi Harudori regarding Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane, Chapter 22 (Soul Eater NOT!)

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Episode 9, "Pumpkin Growing!" ("From Vegas With Love" only)

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In a series of tales about life for students in Death City, Tsugumi learns about Meme's study habits, struggles to explain flea markets to Anya, and learns about a famous DWMA alumnus.

Chapter 22 is the twenty-second chapter of the Soul Eater NOT! manga. In Volume 3 of the Yen Press English translation United States release, it is published as "Soul Eater JOT, Part 6." "From Vegas with Love" was adapted as part of Episode 9, "Pumpkin Growing!" in the anime Soul Eater NOT!.

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Princess Anastasia Yngling gazes out her castle’s window.


This story continues from Chapter 21, in which Anya desired to create her own Death Bazaar shop at Death Pain Square.

Despite Anya thinking her shop should be “exquisite,” she has not sold one item. Tsugumi Harudori corrects Anya, yet she is too intimidated by how upset Anya is to explain just what a flea market actually entails.

Anya all of a sudden becomes more coy, planning to “pick some flowers” and has Tsugumi stay behind to watch her shop. Tsugumi is confused, assuming “pick some flowers” is a euphemism for using the restroom.

Ten minutes pass before Anya returns—having purchased more junk to sell at her own shop.

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Soul Eater NOT Chapter 22 - Sleep studying

Tsugumi discovers Meme sleep studying

Mira Naigus gently asks whether Meme Tatane has forgotten her homework again. Later, Anya and Tsugumi are surprised that Meme did not bring her textbooks home with her. In fact, Meme tends to forget many items.

And yet Anya and Tsugumi are surprised that Meme scores perfectly on a recent quiz, while Tsugumi did not do well on her own. Tsugumi is confused, as she has never seen Meme study before.

That night, a light shining on her face awakens Tsugumi. She sees Meme sitting at her desk, asleep but with a book open. Tsugumi, upset, decides she had better catch up and decides to study that night as well.


Soul Eater NOT Chapter 22 - Battle Gorilla

A DWMA alumnus in a Hollywood action film.

In the girls’ dormitory, Tsugumi and her meisters are watching a film, Battle Gorilla. Anya says that Eternal Feather claimed the lead actor in this film is a graduate of the DWMA. While Tsugumi is impressed by this Hollywood actor’s origins at the DWMA, Anya and Meme impersonate the lead actor, with Meme misquoting some dialogue with a spoonerism.

Listening in on this conversation, Misery observes Tsugumi. She sneaks away to complete an audition form on behalf of Tsugumi to audition her in the role of Mary for the stage adaptation of The Commoner of Flanders. Misery is very pleased with the future prospect of serving as Tsugumi’s talent agent, anticipating the girl is a shoe-in for the lead role.

From Vegas with LoveEdit

Tsugumi shows off a letter that she is writing to her family in Japan. Tsugumi is surprised that Anya and Meme have never written to their families, yet Tsugumi feels like the two meisters are hiding something in their answers.

Anya gathers items from her junk collection to stuff into a box, hoping that mailing such material to her family will help them “develop a little personality.”

Meme, however, cannot remember whether she wrote home.

That night, Tsugumi moans, thinking Meme has awaken her again as she had earlier in “Tatane Style.” This time, Meme is not studying, however: she is using messenger bats to deliver notes tied to bats’ legs. In Meme’s mouth is her bat messenger whistle .


This story continues from “Alumni.”

Kana Altair is delivering mail to Tsugumi, which includes two letters, one from Tsugumi’s mother, and a mysterious envelope. Upon opening the letter, Tsugumi is crying, having received a rejection for something she does not remember applying for. Spying on Tsugumi, Misery is furious that Tsugumi failed to win the audition.

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  • The scores on their quizzes were the following: Meme scored a perfect 100, Anya a 95, and Tsugumi a 60.
  • The star of Battle Gorilla physically resembles famous action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Kana is wearing a cat hat similar to the one she wore for the summer in Chapter 17.


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