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Anya Hepburn, yelling at Meme Tatane and Tsugumi Harudori, Chapter 24 (Soul Eater NOT!)

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 24 - Cover
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In a series of tales about life in Death City, Liz Thompson gives Master a new hairstyle, Anya Hepburn tries to learn how to whistle, a disturbing serial killer appears, and Maka Albarn bestows a title onto Eternal Feather.

"Soul Eater JOT" is the twenty-fourth chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It is comprised of a series of vignettes. In Volume 3 of the Yen Press English translation United States release, it is published as “Soul Eater JOT, Part 5.” A portion of the story "Bored" was adapted as part of Episode 7 of the anime.

Featured Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

Patty Thompson
Liz Thompson
Tsugumi Harudori
Meme Tatane
Anya Hepburn
Texas Mask
Maka Albarn
Eternal Feather

Locations Edit

Death City


Plot Edit

Cover ImageEdit

The cover shows an empty Deathbucks.


At Deathbucks, Liz Thompson is surprised at the dragon sculpture that her sister has made out of napkins--and boredom.

Recognizing how empty the cafe is, Liz blames Master’s intimidating hairstyle. She attempts a “natural look”: Master’s resulting bowl-cut with bangs makes Liz guffaw, while Master stays motionless and stoic. Liz then removes her headdress and places it upon the unflinching Master’s head; she laughs harder, clapping her hand against the counter.

Finger Whistling Edit

Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane place their own fingers into their own mouths to whistle, their commoner methods shocking an inexperienced Anya Hepburn. Too afraid to ask her friends how they do so, Anya observes. Tsugumi and Meme show each other the hand gesture to make--but then place their hands anywhere but in their own mouths, joking around, and infuriating Anya.

Texas MaskEdit

One night, a figure stands atop a building, looking down onto the community. The person meditates on how to pay for food this month, especially when this person is already so confident holding a chainsaw and ready to kill.

Death ChildEdit

Just as in Tokyo and Hokkaido, a person may claim a title as “Edokko” or “Dosanko” based on how long they have lived in that location. Likewise, in Death City, while most Death Children must be born and raised in that location, there is an exception: having a near-death experience, or dying, in Death City. As such, Maka Albarn congratulates Eternal Feather, with her near-fatal experience, for becoming “a true Death Child.”

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • Patty's napkin sculpture appears in Episode 7 of the Soul Eater NOT! anime.
  • The remainder of the chapter has not been adapted into the anime, although the anime does feature a cameo from Texas Mask on the wanted board at the DWMA.


  • Yen Press published Chapter 22 in Volume 3 of the English United States under the title “Soul Eater JOT, Part 3” and “Soul Eater JOT, Part 5.”
“Soul Eater JOT, Part 3,” features “Death Child.”
“Soul Eater JOT, Part 5” features the following, in this order: the Cover Image of Deathbucks, “Bored,” “Finger Whistling,” “Texas Mask,” and “Ready for Business” (from Chapter 21).
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