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The Bodyguard (Part 1)

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Volume 7

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Episode 28, "The Sword God Rises--Does It Have a Sweet or Salty Taste?"

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The Bodyguard Arc

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Chapter 26: "The Trial Enrollment (Part 3)" Chapter 29: "The Bodyguard (Part 2)"
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While Maka Albarn recovers from paralysis inflicted by Arachne, Black Star overhears of a lead where the witch's organization is located. Desiring to avenge Maka, Black Star arrives at the location, where he faces Arachnophobia's newest member: Black Star's rival, the samurai Mifune.

The Bodyguard (Part 1) is the twenty-seventh serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 7. It was adapted as part of Episode 28, The Sword God Rises - Does it Have a Sweet or Salty Taste? in the Soul Eater anime.

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Baba Yaga Castle

Arachne asks one of her members of Arachnophobia for an update on the organization's newest Demon Tool, the Morality Manipulation Machine. The member announces that Mosquito leads efforts to complete the machine the Arachnophobia facility on the "Island Nation to the East."

But Giriko complains that Mosquito is too old to be fit for this task alone, especially as Mosquito seems to have shrunk in the past 800 years and Giriko desires to fight. Arachne tells Giriko his services on the Island Nation will not be necessary, as Arachnophobia has hired for Mosquito a powerful bodyguard, the samurai master of the Infinite One-Sword Style and the man with the soul equivalent to 99 human souls, Mifune. While an Arachnophobia member cleans the broken glass of his empty alcohol bottles, Giriko is surprised Arachne could convince Mifune to join Arachnophobia. Arachne chuckles, explaining that it is easy to manipulate someone with a weakness.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Dispensary

The patient Maka Albarn and her attending nurse, Mira Naigus, are both having a tough time contending with all of Maka's visitors. Still paralyzed since Arachne's spider threads infected her in Loew Village, Maka is embarrassed as her weapon, Soul Eater attempts to spoon feed her. Patty Thompson teases that Maka is like a baby, while Mira orders Maka to "stop being such a baby and eat" the food.

Mira explains that Franken Stein diagnosed that Maka should recover from the magic paralysis in just a few more days. So far, Maka can move only her right hand.

To cheer Maka up, Liz Thompson offers to host a party at Gallows Mansion after Maka's recovery, with Death the Kid offering to organize the entire event—annoying Maka, Liz, and Patty, who complain how his fussiness over drink coaster and crumbs will make for a less than entertaining party. Maka, however, is more concerned why she has heard Kid "rustling," until he reveals that he has improved Maka's view—by rearranging the shelves across from her bed to become symmetrical. Even Crona is shocked at Kid's obsession. But Kid finds that the shelf lacks a twin to one of the medicines, so he desires a second container of it to make the shelf symmetrical. Mira offers to check the storage room, but Kid has already entered—and panics upon discovering who messy is the room. Liz bemoans that she and Patty likely will be roped into helping Kid rearrange the storage room for the rest of the day.

Soul Eater Chapter 27 - Black Star gives Maka his autograph

Maka does not appreciate Black Star's autograph

Suddenly, a familiar occurrence in the dispensary occurs: Black Star kicks down the door. He presents a magic marker, leaping atop Maka on her bed an announcing that he will quicken her recovery by autographing her forehead. The paralyzed Maka can do nothing, and none of her friends, not even her weapon, interfere. Patty and Soul laugh, Liz is not surprised at Black Star's behavior, and now that Maka has the autograph on her forehead—and a Charlie Chaplin-esque mustache on her lip—she threatens to shred Black Star achilles tendons. Tsubaki assures Maka the marker will come off—but inwardly she realizes Black Star used an oil-based marker, making the removal far more difficult. Liz offers to bring makeup remover to expedite the process. Black Star then asks what most annoys Maka so he can put that person or object next to her bed. Maka repeats her desire to injure Black Star.

Sid Barrett enters, recognizing his students are having fun as usual, but he is also surprised at Mira's "sexy nurse look." Mira simply greets her meister, who asks to speak with her privately. The two exit the room, but Black Star's suspicions are raised as he can hear Sid's whispers about Azusa Yumi's new intelligence.

The Desert

A shirtless and toned Franken Stein reminds himself about proper combat and mental health: "A sound soul dwells in a sound body and a sound mind." But he is still out of breath, likely due to his cigarette smoking.

His madness inflicts upon him again an image of Medusa, who chastises him for attempting to eliminate his fears. After all, Medusa reminds Stein, the DWMA teaches that it is fear that creates order. But Medusa can see that Stein is the kind of person who desires to be liked by others, to make others think he is a good person. Yet his simultaneous desire for power means that he will have to break those rules. Medusa tells Stein that fear is irrational because there are so fewer dangers in the actual world than what he fears. Meanwhile, while people like Stein cannot achieve greater power, the DWMA is left to amass what it thinks is power in order to maintain a hegemonic illusion of order.

Stein seems hesitant to dispute that indeed the DWMA maintains an order of the status quo, yet such order is imposed by a god. Medusa responds that there is not an absolute: in order for an idea to exist, its opposite must also exist for the sake of context and contrast. But Medusa has another idea: what if this reality no longer existed as is? At that point, the absolute need not be Death but someone else. Medusa suggests that Stein, as a fellow scientist, cease acting defensiveness and instead act offensively, to attack. As Stein is left silent with these thoughts, the illusion of Medusa leaves him, alone.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Kid is furious confronting the disorder of the dispensary's medicine storage room, as he is at Liz and Patty's absence.

In the hallway, Sid explains that Azusa Yumi has located in East Asia one of Arachne's demon tool research facilities. Sid and Mira have been assigned to infiltrate the facility, learn about the demon tool, then destroy it, with Azusa providing mobile-site support.

Soul Eater Chapter 27 - Black Star demonstrates his power

Black Star intends to avenge Maka

Around the corner of this hallway, Black Star and Soul have heard this discussion. Realizing that it was Arachne who injured Maka, Black Star orders Soul to retrieve Tsubaki so they may follow Sid and Mira and destroy that research facility. Soul attempts to dissuade Black Star, claiming Arachne is powerful. Black Star responds by putting his hand to the wall—as the power of his soul wavelength explodes through the plaster. Recognizing Black Star's strength and determination, Soul intends to join him and Tsubaki, but an apologetic Black Star refuses, ordering his friend to tend to Maka.

Soul agrees, feeling all the worst that he would slow down Black Star and Tsubaki. As he pities himself, the Little Ogre opens a door to invite him into the Black Room. Soul turns down the offering, telling the Ogre to shut the door to keep the stink inside.

Island Nation to the East

At Arachnophobia's Demon Tool Development Lab, Mosquito asks for an update from a scientist regarding the Morality Manipulation Machine. The scientist assures Mosquito that final adjustments have concluded. As Mosquito observes the machine, he chuckles and repeats remarks similar to those that Medusa made to Stein: the creation of any idea results in its opposite, in this case, the creation of morality giving birth to madness itself. Therefore, when used on persons, this machine can lower their morality while augmenting their madness.

But Mosquito's bodyguard is unamused. Mosquito asks whether the uncooperative Mifune would prefer that Arachnophobia harm Angela Leon. Mifune shows no fear, simply telling Mosquito that he bores him. Mifune is then interrupted as the delighted Angela runs up to him for a hug. As Mifune lifts Angela to his shoulder, he assures Mosquito that he will do as instructed so long as it is to protect Angela.

Elsewhere in the laboratory, Arachnophobia security guards question when it is that they get to leave work for the day. They leave immediately—because one has a knife stabbed into their head, killing them immediately, while the second guard has their neck snapped by Sid, who leaps from the ceiling above. Sid collects both guards' souls into Mira's knife sheath and calls Azusa on his skull-shaped intercon, confirming he has arrived at Point B.

From her mobile command unit in a van parked in the bamboo forest surrounding the laboratory, Azusa wants to make updates to the map of the facility that she acquired, using Sid's eyes to see the path he has taken and, assuming her previous map is accurate, where he will locate the Morality Manipulation Machine. Azusa uses Thousand-Mile Eyes to telesynchronize her vision and mind with Sid, determining that Sid has 32 meters until he reaches the Machine. Now that her map is updated, Azusa directs Sid to the location. Mira compliments Azusa's Death Scythe abilities.

Azusa's Thousand-Mile Eyes also sense through Sid that the Machine room is occupied by three souls—and she knows them by name: the witch Angela, the monster Mosquito, and the unbelievably strong Mifune. Although Sid senses the same danger, he is adamant that his mission must be completed.

Soul Eater Chapter 27 - Black Star faces Mifune

Black Star faces Mifune

Intruder alarms turn on throughout the laboratory, Sid shocked that anyone spotted him and Mira. But as he hides behind a corner, he overhears fleeing scientists seeking to bring Mifune to the front gate where the intruder has been spotted. Sid asks Azusa to scan for this intruder, which she identifies as two students from the DWMA—Black Star and Tsubaki.

Black Star has knocked back at least four Arachnophobia guards, and he intends to attack every single one that this laboratory houses. Mosquito arrives to witness this battle, as Tsubaki sees Angela hiding behind him. Angela recognizes Black Star, as Mifune comes to stand before her and Mosquito. Mifune bemoans that he has always used his sword to protect children like Angela, yet he is forced to fight the child Black Star again. As Mosquito senses Mifune's hesitation, he takes hold of Angela's hand and smirks devilishly at his bodyguard, silently ordering the samurai to kill Black Star or he will see Angela suffer.

Mifune pauses, while Black Star thrills at the prospect of again battling the samurai. Mifune unsheathes his sword and orders the fight to begin.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In this chapter, Death the Kid has more dialogue than in Episode 28.
    • In this chapter, Liz suggests hosting a party at Gallows Mansion, until Death the Kid offers to organize this event, to the disappointment of Maka, Liz, and Patty. This moment does not appear in Episode 28.
    • As well, in this chapter, Kid is later distracted by re-organizing the Medicine Storage Room. This moment does not occur in Episode 28.
  • The presentation of Black Star drawing on Maka's face differs in this chapter compared to Episode 28
    • In this chapter, Black Star left the dispensary to find the marker to draw on Maka's face, kicking down the dispensary door to enter the room, then wrapping an arm around Soul to laugh with him. In Episode 28, Black Star was already in the dispensary, did not kick down the door, and did not laugh with Soul.
    • As well, in this chapter, Tsubaki attempts to wipe away the markings on Maka's face, worried that the marker is oil-based. This moment does not occur in Episode 28.
  • In this chapter, Sid refers to Naigus's attire as "sexy nurse." In Episode 28, Sid makes no such comment.
  • In this chapter, Soul is with Black Star when they overhear Sid and Naigus planning to attack Arachnophobia, and when Black Star discourages Soul from joining this mission. Soul is then mocked by the Little Ogre. In Episode 28, Soul is not with Black Star, and the Little Ogre does not speak to Soul.


  • This chapter's title may have multiple meanings. First, Mifune is coerced by Arachnophobia to serve as a bodyguard for Mosquito, while he himself already has dedicated himself as a bodyguard to Angela Leon. Second, Black Star takes it upon himself to protect Maka Albarn from future injuries by Arachnophobia, as he intends to fight the organization himself.
  • Giriko's remark that Mosquito has shrunk in the past 800 years foreshadows how much taller he was in his previous forms, such as forms from 100, 200, and 400 years ago.
  • Despite the English-language name "Thousand-Mile Eyes," Azusa estimated her vision extended to only a 50-meter (0.03-mile) radius during Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus's infiltration of Arachnophobia's Morality Manipulation Machine facility.


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