Back home...I was always pampered by everyone else, and it made me feel guilty. I've always wanted to be able to do more for others.

Anya Hepburn, desiring to serve Tsugumi Harudori, Chapter 25 (Soul Eater NOT!)

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While observing Meme Tatane tending to a feverish Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn's jealousy motivates her to determine how to best tend to her sick weapon.

Nursing! is the twenty-eight chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It is listed as Chapter 24 in the fourth volume of the Yen Press English United States translation. It was not adapted into the anime.

Featured Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

Tsugumi Harudori
Anya Hepburn
Meme Tatane
Kim Diehl
Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré

Locations Edit

Death City

Girls' Dormitory

Plot Edit

At the girls’ dormitory, Tsugumi Harudori lies in a bed in a largely empty bedroom. She chastises herself for catching a fever. She has been isolated in this room away from Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn so not to pass along her fever, yet she feels lonely.

Anya enters Tsugumi’s sick room, swapping Tsugumi’s moist towel on her forehead to help control her fever. Anya explains that, because she was so “pampered” growing up, she desires to help others. Tsugumi says Anya needs no permission to help her through this fever and requests that her friend make porridge.

Unfortunately for Anya, Meme enters right at that moment with a hot bowl of porridge. Tsugumi, panicking, asks Anya to peel an apple for her.

Anya departs and returns, dressed in a sweater vest and shorter skirt to allow her to more easily assist Tsugumi, only to discover that Meme is already spoon-feeding porridge to Tsugumi. As Tsugumi compares such spoonfeeding to the actions of “lovesick newlyweds,” Anya pouts and proceeds to peel the apple. Tsugumi, sensing Anya’s tenseness, worries Anya may cut herself. When Tsugumi offers to peel the apple herself, Meme stops her, allowing Anya to be useful by peeling the apple and feeding it to Tsugumi. When Tsugumi expresses her pleasure at Anya’s work, Meme smacks Tsugumi’s shoulder, likely in jealousy.

Outside Tsugumi’s sickroom, Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre observe. When Jackie asks why Kim does not heal Tsugumi’s fever with witch’s magic, Kim claims she cannot abuse her power, nor does she want to get in the way of the friendship between Tsugumi and her meisters. Jackie thinks Kim is “jealous,” prompting the witch to become upset: why should she be jealous when Jackie is now her partner? Sensing that Jacqueline does not yet consider the two of them partners, Kim storms off, while Jacqueline asks herself, “Is this what I think it is?”

Meme and Anya are about to depart Tsugumi’s sickroom, Meme reminding the weapon to sleep and Anya regretting she could not help more. Tsugumi then asks Anya to bring her a change of clothes, as her current attire is covered in sweat. Anya graciously agrees.

Anya returns, claiming all of Tsugumi’s clothes have disappeared hence she should wear one of Anya’s dresses. Tsugumi refuses, fearing she will ruin the outfit with her sweat. While hesitant, as Anya rubs the dress against her face, Tsugumi admits the dress does smell well. The duo are interrupted, however, as Meme returns with more porridge--forgetting she had already served this meal to Tsugumi--causing both Anya and Tsugumi to fall off the bed.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • This story was not adapted into the anime. However, Anya's attire does resemble similar outfits she has worn in the anime.


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