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Tsugumi Harudori and her new friends, Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane, arrive at their new home, the Death Weapon Meister Academy's girls' dormitory. Their tour guide, senior student Eternal Feather, warns the trio about the "witch of the girls' dormitory". But after a confrontation with the dormitory's superintendent, is this so-called witch really that bad?

Moving In! is the second chapter of the Soul Eater Not! manga. It was released in 2011 and compiled in July 2012 as part of SEN! Volume 1.

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Death CityEdit

One afternoon, Tsugumi Harudori, now officially a DWMA student, reminds one of her two new meisters, Meme Tatane, what they are doing: they along with Tsugumi's other meister, Anya Hepburn, are receiving a tour of the city from Eternal Feather, a senior student at the DWMA, who will accompany the trio to the girls' dormitory where all four of them will live for the next year. But Anya is enamored by all the items available for purchase at a local market. When Tsugumi attempts to make conversation about how impressive Death City is, Anya brushes her off, referring to the city as being "as shabby" as Tsugumi is. Next, Tsugumi notices how odd Meme behaves, questioning whether this meister is really a sufficient fighter—and feels jealous of Meme's body shape.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Tsugumi's thoughts are interrupted by Eternal Feather's announcement that the trio have arrived at the girls' dormitory. While Tsugumi is impressed at how beautiful the building looks, Anya bemoans that she had hoped for a more common dwelling. Eternal Feather then reminds the students that while the DWMA makes sure that the girls' dormitory provides comfort for students, it is up to Tsugumi and her peers to budget their weekly allowance received earlier from Sid Barrett or else be required to take on part-time work in Death City. Tsugumi, surprised at the $200 weekly allowance, comments that this amount is more than the money she received from her parents at home.

Before opening the door to the dormitory, Eternal Feather warns the trio that the girls' dormitory is inhabited by a "witch," prompting Tsugumi to spend her initial tour of the building wondering who this witch may be. The first candidate residing at the dormitory is the divination expert, Kana Altair, a young girl experienced with tarot cards. Kana removes The Tower card, warning Tsugumi of danger awaiting her. When Anya insults the supposed accuracy of tarot cards, Kana displays, in order, the following cards to describe Anya: Fool, Pig, and Go Home (the last of which Anya, furious and dragged away by Eternal Feather, claims is not an actual tarot card).

After presenting more of the dormitory to the trio, Eternal Feather shows Tsugumi and her meisters a three-person bedroom that they will occupy. She then brings the three to the kitchen, but Anya is bored by the expensive antique furniture and dinnerware. Noticing Tsugumi is disturbed, Meme asks her weapon what is troubling her, as Tsugumi is introduced to the next witch candidate: Misery, the dormitory superintendent. After Misery says she is available in the superintendent office on the first floor at all times, she flips through the book she holds, noticing how much Tsugumi resembles Mary Smith, the protagonist of Misery's favorite novel, The Commoner of Flanders. Therefore, when Tsugumi introduces herself, Misery screams at the child that she must behave as Mary would, no exceptions. Eternal Feather manages to push Misery away, as Tsugumi decides Misery must be that witch of the girls' dormitory. As the trio depart with Eternal Feather for their room, Misery watches from afar, determined to shape Tsugumi into the Mary she must become.

After Eternal Feather departs to leave the students to unpack, Tsugumi chooses her bed on the far right side of the bedroom. Anya approaches the bed to the left of Tsugumi's--only for Meme to have already claimed it. As Anya feigns disinterest in desiring the bed, she stares shocked at how well Tsugumi and Meme speak with each other.

Tsugumi narrates that the trio used part of their allowance to buy dinner for the evening before they turned in for bed. But as Tsugumi tries to sleep, she hears rustling. Opening her eyes, in the nightlight, Tsugumi finds herself tied to her bed, and Misery standing above her, hammer in hand, ready to shape Tsugumi into the Mary she must be.

But as Misery prepares to attack, Meme stands up—sleepwalking. Yet she slides across the floor, knocking Misery back with a Sleeping Fist. Before Meme can continue to battle, however, she crawls into Tsugumi's bed, clutching the bound weapon in her bed. As Tsugumi urges Meme to wake up and defend her, Misery rises again, ready to continue her work. As Tsugumi screams, Misery is knocked down again—this time by a short-haired student sleeping next door to the trio. As this student tells the "new girls" to quiet down, Tsugumi loses consciousness.

Girls' Dormitory (The Next Morning)Edit

Anya awakens to find Meme still clutching a tied and shocked Tsugumi, then comments how "disgusting" their nighttime activities appear to be.

Untied and dressed, Tsugumi walks the halls of the girls' dormitory, curious as to the identity of the girl who rescued her, with eyes sparkling and an appearance as cute as an idol singer. Suddenly, Tsugumi comes upon the smirking young girl who saved her last night. At that moment, Eternal Feather looks around the corner and, although prepared to greet Tsugumi, backs away upon discovering the new weapon speaking with "the witch of the girls' dorm, Kim Diehl." After Tsugumi thanks Kim, the older student holds out her hand, demanding all of Tsugumi's allowance as payment for protection against Misery. But at least Kim is charitable enough to return some of the allowance to Tsugumi—enough for today's meal.

Tsugumi walks back to her room, dejected and afraid to open the door lest she embarrass herself in front of Anya and Meme for being intimidated to giving up her money. Realizing she will have to borrow money from the meisters, she opens the door to find herself staring at a tanuki statue, a banner, and other random junk. Anya, clutching a bag of taiyaki, explains she spent her allowance on these souvenirs, while Meme has lost her own allowance. Anya assures Meme not to worry and to join her and Tsugumi in eating the taiyaki. Momentarily annoyed at her meisters' behavior and her own lack of money, Tsugumi still cannot overlook how tasty the meal is.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • In the anime, this chapter's corresponding episode begins with Anya dreaming of her time tended by Alfred at Castle Yngling. This scene does not occur in this chapter of the manga.
  • In the anime, Anya first notices the tanuki statue as Eternal Feather walks the trio to the girls' dormitory. In the manga, the tanuki does not appear until Tsugumi enters their bedroom.
  • In the anime, Meme continually misstates Eternal Feather's name, increasing the older student's ire. In this manga chapter, this mispronunciation never occurs.
  • In the anime, during Eternal Feather's tour of the girls' dormitory, she shows the trio the bathhouse. In the manga, the bathhouse would not be introduced for a few more chapters.
  • In the anime, the episodes shows that, after awakening to discover Meme asleep next to a bound Tsugumi, Anya dresses and departs to trade her brooch for some of the items she purchased at the Death Bazaar. In the manga, not only does Anya not trade a brooch to supplement her $200 allowance to buy some of her junk from the Bazaar, but the actual scene of her buying the tanuki statue and other items never takes place.
  • In the anime, Anya names her tanuki statue Josephine, a name never given to the statue in the manga.
  • In the manga, Tsugumi eventually is pleased to dine on the taiyaki, whereas in the anime, Tsugumi not only joins in the meal but looks considerably more depressed at her and her meisters' failure to hold onto their money.

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