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The Reunion Express (Part 2)

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Volume 8

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Episode 30, "The Red Hot Runaway Express – A Magic Tool Left Behind by the Great Wizard?"
Episode 31, "Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight?"

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The Reunion Express Arc

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Chapter 30: "The Reunion Express (Part 1)" Chapter 32, "The Corner of the Room"
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Death the Kid contends with an Arachnophobia agent and a witch to acquire a demon tool, only to discover new information about one of his father's former associates. Meanwhile, Crona's happy adjustment to Death City is disrupted by the return of a parent.

The Reunion Express (Part 2) is the thirty-first serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 8. It was adapted into parts of two episodes of the Soul Eater anime: 30 (The Red Hot Runaway Express – A Magic Tool Left Behind by the Great Wizard?) and 31 (Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight?).

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Sahara Desert

Reacting to the events at the very end of the previous chapter, Liz and Patty Thompson comment about how big and fast the "worm" was that exploded out of the sand. Death the Kid orders the sisters to transform into weapons before he rides Beelzebub to chase after the Runaway Express.

Soul Eater Chapter 31 - Kid pursues the Runaway Express

Riding Beelzebub, Kid pursues the Runaway Express.

Skateboarding across the desert's dunes, Kid's aerial tricks allow him to catch up to the Runaway Express. On board the train, Arachnophobia agent the Fisher King, realizing that Kid has caught up with him, fires Pole Launcher, discharging an explosive that Kid dodges in time. But a Tadpole Bomb collides into the train's cars, as Mizune drops additional bombs from the air. Kid, however, sees the bombs as an opportunity: he will use the resulting smoke as cover to get close to the train.

Unfortunately, the train follows an erratic rather than linear path, crashing into the skateboarding Kid. As a result, the reaper calls upon Patty to transform back into human mode to keep an eye above them for additional aerial bombings and use Liz to shoot upon the Fisher King. Patty's attacks successfully impede the Fisher King's path to the engine room to acquire the demon tool Eternal Spring, and prevent him from firing back upon Kid.

But then Kid directs his skateboard to a nearby sand dune, performing a 360-degree kickflip (and rattling Patty's nerves). Liz demands Kid stop his stunts before he flings off Patty, but Kid responds that he cannot pass up an opportunity to use the desert for at least one or two skateboard tricks. He convinces Patty to join him for a 3600-degree (ten-rotation) no hander, confusing the Fisher King until he sees that this trick allowed the two to helicopter onto the top of the train, successfully landing.

Kid's victory is short-lived, as Mizune attacks him with Beam Whiskers and more Tadpole Bombs. With the bombs burning away his reaper cloak, Kid realizes he must swing into the window of the car and off the roof. Inside the car, he cannot find the Fisher King, realizing the opponent has run ahead. Kid finds the Fisher King attempt to unlink the cars so that, while Kid is stuck standing inside the rear cars, the Fisher King will be on the side with the locomotive, which will be moving all the faster with fewer cars weighing it down. The Fisher King uncouples the cars and cheers at his success—only for Mizune to dash at him. Distracted, Fisher King leaps out of the way—and onto the rear cars, standing next to a bemused Kid. Kid and the Thompsons refer to the Fisher King as "Idiot City."

Undeterred, the Fisher King fires his rail, latching his hook onto the locomotive's cars before they are out of sight and, with a "Goodbye," sails off from the rear cars to leave Kid behind. Kid tosses his weapons at the Fisher King, instructing the Thompsons to transform and perform linkage: Liz grasps the Fisher King by the ankles, Patty her sister's, and Kid Patty's. The rear cars crash just as the extra weight on the Fisher King causes the four to drop and roll into the locomotive's cars. The Fisher King dashes through the car's aisle to claim the Eternal Spring from the engine room, firing Pole Launcher behind him. Kid ducks into the seats to avoid the projectile's path and resulting explosions. The Fisher King fires more shots until Beam Whiskers tear across the roof of the car, slash his weapon into bits. Kid uses the distraction to approach the weaponless Fisher King, knocking him to the floor with a pistol-punch and a kick. These attacks break the door to the engine room, landing the Fisher King next to where the Eternal Spring rests. Before the Fisher King can remove the demon tool, Kid is next to him, firing shots into his opponent's gut.

Soul Eater Chapter 31 - Kid discovers Eibon

The Fisher King reveals to Kid the association of Death with Eibon.

With his opponent no longer a threat, Kid approaches the Eternal Spring, unlocking it from the engine and slowing the train to a stop. As Mizune hides in the background and overhears, Kid refers to the Eternal Spring as appearing "completely disgust[ing]," only for the Fisher King to gloat how little Kid appreciates the powerful creation of the great sorcerer Eibon. As Kid imagines just from the sorcerer's name that Eibon is "a loser" and "another piece of villainous scum," the Fisher King refers to Eibon as the same as the Shinigami. Upon learning that Kid is Lord Death's son, the Fisher King orders Kid to open the keyhole's box, as it too is a demon tool that goes with the Eternal Spring. There, kid will find something interesting: the words "Eibon" and "Death," written in both person's handwriting (as Kid can identify at least his father's own). Without saying Lord Death's name aloud (so he may toy with Kid's private knowledge that is kept out of view and out of mind of the curious Thompsons), the Fisher King asks how Kid can refer to Eibon as evil when such a sorcerer associated with someone like the being whose signature is next to Eibon's own.

Before Kid can interrogate the Fisher King as to the meaning of these signatures, a hole rips open in the Arachnophobia agent, blood spurting. Kid turns to see Sid Barrett having just tossed Mira Naigus, in her knife form, into the Fisher King, leaving behind only their enemy's soul. Seeing DWMA African Branch agents and helicopters surrounding the train, Mizune flies away, avoiding their fire. Sid offers the Fisher King's soul to Kid and orders his team to take a rest, as well as his agents to stand down from firing upon the escaping witch, as she is out of range. While Sid and Naigus comment on their recovery of another demon tool, Kid looks pensive.

Death City

Soul Eater and Maka Albarn, along with Blair, wish their friends good night as they have departed from the party from the previous chapter at Gallows Mansion. Realizing Kid never returned from his mission, Black Star mocks the reaper for lacking "star potential."

After confirming that Crona will be safe returning to the DWMA's overnight rooms, Maka prepares to depart. Black Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa offer to have Crona visit their apartment for a meal, especially based on Ragnarok's appetite. While Crona is interested, Ragnarok is his usually rude self.

Crona departs through the alleys of Death City. As Ragnarok mentions that Crona needs a weapon who can cook, Crona admits that the party was enjoyable, remembering Maka's remark that Crona has friends within the DWMA.

Soul Eater Chapter 31 - Medusa finds Crona

In the alleys of Death City, Medusa finds Crona.

But Crona's reverie is interrupted upon sensing a familiar presence. Behind, seated atop a dumpster, is Medusa.

Medusa feigns surprise that her child recognizes her despite her childish body, but Crona wants to know why Medusa has returned to Death City. Medusa claims her desire is to reunite with Crona, worried for her child. But rather than bring Crona back with her, Medusa orders Crona to stay at the DWMA, to continue to serve as her spy within the academy. Crona stammers, confused that Medusa assumes Crona's time at the DWMA was to spy for her. Medusa claims Crona is being modest, refusing to think Crona would be at the DWMA for any reason other than to be spy on behalf of Medusa. Medusa informs Crona that a secret vault is inside the DWMA (one that, Medusa does not say to Crona, holds demon tools), assigning Crona to locate it.

When Crona refuses in fear of betraying friends at the academy, Medusa asks, "You'll do it for your mom, right?" Even as memories of Maka flash by, Crona assumes a look akin to a previous mad appearance, agreeing to fulfill the requests of Medusa. As Medusa leaves, Ragnarok chuckles at the more interesting development, as a nervous and shocked Crona continues to smile madly.

On the outskirts of Death City that night, Medusa turns back, chuckling upon discovering that a madness swirls through that city. She looks forward to what this madness will cause to transpire within Death City.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This two-chapter arc leads to three episodes in the anime, which divide the events.
    • Episode 29 adapts Medusa possession of Rachel Boyd in Chapter 29 and this chapter's meeting between Medusa and Arachne.
    • Episode 30 adapts this chapter and Chapter 31 in which Kid and the Thompsons go to the Sahara Desert to retrieve the Eternal Spring.
    • Episode 31 adapts this chapter and Chapter 31 in which Kid hosts a party for Crona. Episode 31 does not explicitly define the party as having a secondary purpose to celebrate Maka's recovery from paralysis inflicted by Arachne.
    • Ultimately, whereas in this chapter and Chapter 31 Kid's party is at the same time as his mission to the Sahara, in the anime, Kid's party seems to occur after the Sahara mission and after Kid learns someone name "M" checked out the Book of Eibon. Therefore, Kid and the Thompsons are present throughout Crona's party, as well as to wave goodbye to Crona and Ragnarok as the characters return to lodgings at the DWMA.
  • In Episode 30, Patty is far more disoriented from Kid's skateboard stunts upon landing atop the train.


  • In Chapter 38, Azusa Yumi informs Joe Buttataki that the mission to retrieve the Eternal Spring from the Sahara Desert took place on May 21.
  • Also in Chapter 38, Medusa informs Crona that in this chapter she sensed that madness circling Death City, hinted later to be associated with Joe Buttataki's killer.
  • The Fisher King uses a sexual metaphor when referring to his "sao to tama" ("fishing pole and balls").[1]
  • The Yen Press English translation refers to Eibon as a sorcerer. Among many readers, there is some dispute whether to categorize Eibon as a witch or, as in this translation, an alternate category such as sorcerer.


  1. Soul Eater Volume 8, Yen Press translation, page 184.

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