The heat is annoying all of us, making it hard to sleep, but you need to chill out.

Tsugumi Harudori, trying to calm down Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane, Chapter 31 (Soul Eater NOT!)

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In the summer night, Tsugumi Harudori struggles to break up a fight between Anya Hepburn and a sleepwalking Meme Tatane.

Tropical Night! is the thirty-first chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It is published in the fourth chapter of the Yen Press English United States release as Chapter 22. It was adapted as part of Episode 9 of the anime.

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Girls' Dormitory

DWMA Anti-Witch Headquarters


  • Shaula Gorgon (splash page and Anti-Witch Headquarters artist rendition only)

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Death Weapon Meister Academy, Anti-Witch Headquarters Edit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 31 - Anti Witch staff copes with heat

Anti-Witch staff struggle with the heat

Clay Sizemore and Akane Hoshi brief Sid Barrett on their inability to find Shaula Gorgon since her possession of Eternal Feather. Finding the summer heat even at night to be too stifling, Sid concludes their meeting. Clay is surprised Akane can wear his blazer in such weather, but Akane claims he is able to ignore any distractions such as heat.

Girls' Dormitory Edit

Meanwhile, Tsugumi Harudori is unable to sleep in this heat. Awake, she notices Meme Tatane sleepwalking again, and she is removing her shirt. Tsugumi chastises Meme, telling her that exposed skin will catch her a cold. Seemingly still in her sleep, Meme tackles Tsugumi to the bed, desiring to taste some of Tsugumi’s “deliciousness.”

Annoyed at the noise and Meme’s advances to Tsugumi, Anya Hepburn awakens, ready to knock Meme down, only for Meme, still in her sleep, to roll out of the way. Anya refers to this move as the “Sleep Fist.” While Tsugumi urges peace, Anya is too interested to finally brawl with Meme and show who really show be Tsugumi’s meister.

Even in her sleep, Meme’s Sleep Fist and rolls across the floor are able to overcome Anya’s maneuvers: even when Meme gets a cramp, her “Cramp Throw” knocks Anya back.

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 31 - Tsugumi intervenes

Tsugumi's cool weapons break up the fight

Tsugumi has had enough, shouting for her meisters to stop fighting or else risk awakening their neighbor, Kim Diehl (who is already struggling to sleep through such chatter). Meme, seemingly still asleep, refuses, stripping off her shorts and underwear. Embarrassed but also seeing an option to attack, Anya throws a punch at Meme, only for Tsugumi to block both of her meister’s attacks against each other, transforming her left hand into an axe to block Meme, and transforming her right hand into a spear to block Anya. Meme stops resisting, finding Tsugumi’s metal hand so cooling—and proceeds to tackle Tsugumi back onto the bed. Tsugumi acquiesces, encouraging Anya to lie down with them in the bed too cool down. Anya reluctanctly agrees.

Unfortunately for Tsugumi, the body heat of both meisters sleeping atop her makes her feel all the hotter.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • This chapter was adapted as part of Episode 9 of Soul Eater NOT! In the manga, Meme wears less clothing than she does in the anime, as Tsugumi insists on placing underwear back onto Meme.
  • Akane and Clay’s discussion with Sid about the heat is not included in the anime.


  • This chapter includes colorized pages with Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme, and another page with Shaula Gorgon, explaining that she manipulates her victims with her scorpion poison.
  • Tsugumi’s weapon hands are pointed at each meister who comes to be an expert in that portion of her halberd weapon: Anya is blocked by the spear, which she becomes adept at using, and Meme is blocked by the axe, which she becomes adept at using.
  • There is confusion as to when this chapter was first published and where it fits in the chronology. Evidence suggests that this chapter was published after “Nursing!” The fourth volume of the Yen Press English United States translation places this chapter before “Nursing!” perhaps suggesting that it was this heat that caused Tsugumi to catch a fever—significant, as it was Tsugumi in this chapter who fears Meme will catch a fever.
  • Tsugumi’s shirt says “Sleeping Bust,” a reference to any number of topics, such as Meme’s bare breasts (“bust”) while she sleeps, or the failure (the “bust”) for anyone to fall asleep in this chapter.
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