Death City is a mysterious place.

Tsugumi Harudori, Chapter 32 (Soul Eater NOT!)

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In a series of tales about life in Death City, Tsugumi Harudori notices the varied architecture of the city, Kana Altair demonstrates the (un)usefulness of her cards, and Anya Hepburn's cooking causes changes for Meme Tatane.

Soul Eater JOT is the thirty-second chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It was included with the title “Soul Eater JOT Part 8” in the fourth volume of the Yen Press United States English translation. No parts of the chapter were adapted into the anime.

Featured Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

Tsugumi Harudori
Kana Altair
Meme Tatane
Food merchant
Anya Hepburn

Locations Edit

Death City

Girls' Dormitory

Objects Edit

Tarot Cards

Plot Edit

A Jot Chaotic Edit

During a walk through Death City, Tsugumi Harudori reflects on how “Mysterious” the location is. Because the DWMA attracts visitors from all over the world, the city reflects details drawn from numerous nations: double-decker buses and phone booths from London, open plazas from Italy and Spain, and, as Tsugumi realizes, “a cultural mishmash like [that found] in Japan.”

A Jot Pointless Edit

Kana Altair notices Meme Tatane, about to forget a detail, desires a pen to write herself a note. Kana hands Meme a tarot card, “The Pen.” Kana fails to understand that her cards are not substitutes for actual items. Yet her cards do have some use: when Tsugumi spills a drink, “The Tablecloth” card is effective at swiping the water off the table--but onto the floor. The story concludes with Kana receiving her bagged meal for three dollars, but when she tries to pay with “The Money” card, the vendor asks whether one of Kana’s parents is around.

A Jot a Lot Pointless Edit

This story continues immediately after “A Jot Pointless.”

Tsugumi asks whether Kana’s cards really are that handy. Outside, a child has his balloon stuck in the tree branches. Kana arrives and, even standing on tiptoes, cannot reach the object. She hands the boy “The Balloon” card. When the child looks confused, she hands him “The Candy” card, which fails to accomplish much, either.

A Jot Too Much to Ask Edit

Anya Hepburn has improved at cooking because she uses it to express her love for Tsugumi. When Tsugumi wishes she could “squeeze [Anya] from behind,” Kana flags her with “The Old Man” card.

Because Anya cooks too often, Tsugumi cannot eat all of these meals, so the forgetful Meme consumes them.

But later, when bathing with her friends, Meme realizes she has gained weight. Anya regrets having cooked so many meals, Tsugumi admires Meme’s figure, and Kana flags Tsugumi with “The Dirty Old Man” card.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • No part of this chapter was adapted in the anime.
  • The manga does show some of the details about Death City that appear in the anime, however, such as the double decker buses found in the anime’s opening and the European design of Death City.


  • Meme’s shirt in “A Jot Too Much to Ask” says “Ganguro-Saxon.” As the Yen Press translation explains, the phrase is a pun on “Anglo Saxon,” referring to “Ganguro,” a fashion trend in Japan involving a dark tan, dyed hair, white makeup, and bright clothes.
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