Everything has its limits.

Anya Hepburn, lecturing Raid and Hao, Chapter 33 (Soul Eater Not!)

Template:Chapter (Soul Eater Not!) “Soul Eater JOT!” is the thirty-third chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not! As with some previous chapters, it is a collection of vignettes. It appears as “Soul Eater JOT! Part 9” in the fourth volume of the Yen Press United States English translation.

Featured Appearances Edit


Tsugumi Harudori
Eternal Feather
Kim Diehl
Anya Hepburn
Ox Ford
Meme Tatane

Locations Edit

Death City

Girls' Dormitory

Plot Edit

Hang on a JotEdit

This story continues from “Three-Man Baseball Team.”

Legs with boots are seen stamping across a field. Eternal Feather looks down at something, inquisitive. She reaches down for the object, as Tsugumi Harudori struggles to stop Eternal Feather, but it is too late: Eternal Feather has already touched the baseball bat, and Kim Diehl, seeing all from the upstairs window, demands a payment of seven dollars.

A Jot of TimeEdit

This story continues from “Blade!”

Tsugumi notices how much Raid and Hao have changed, as the duo discuss whether to practice harder.

Tsugumi remembers how Anya Hepburn lectured Raid and Hao after she defeated them, demanding they stand up and saying that their heavy, “jangly” jewelry and long hair gets in the way of their success at fighting. Raid defends the two, arguing that girls are interested in “flashy and fashionable” guys who “act cool.” But when Anya informs them that a girl is more likely to be interested in them if they “face [themselves] and make [themselves] better,” hence would “be cool without acting cool,” Raid and Hao are impressed, referring to her as “Anya-sama.”

A Jot ImpossibleEdit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 33 - Anya shocks Hao and Raid

Raid and Hao ask Anya to explain Ox and Kim

This story continues immediately from “A Jot of Time.”

Anya takes Raid and Hao to observe Ox Ford, seated at a table with a stack of books on his desk and behind him. Anya claims Ox studies so hard to impress his love. Anya then points out how Ox exercises to impress his love.

Ox then spots Kim Diehl walking by, and he asks whether she has yet realized his love for her. Kim immediately rejects him because of his “stupid hair.”

Raid and Hao, having just heard Anya criticize their haircuts, turn to her to explain why, if Ox does so much to impress Kim, he still cannot date her. Anya replies that “[e]verything has its limits.”

A Jot WrongEdit

Tsugumi writes letters each month to her mother, as hearing her mother’s voice makes her more homesick. Tsugumi struggles to brainstorm a letter topic, eventually deciding, based on her first day’s lesson about how weapons fear animals, to ask how her dog, Pochi, is doing. As Tsugumi realizes how, through so much of her life, animals have never been particular fond of her, she decides that she will control her weapon powers to be a better friend to animals.

Thus Tsugumi shouts, “Then they’ll come, tails wagging!” At that exact moment, Anya and Meme Tatane happen to enter, disturbed that their weapon supposedly thinks of them as “dogs.”

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • None of these stories were adapted into the anime.
  • In the anime, Anya was never shown lecturing Raid and Hao on better behavior towards being better students, hence their design in the anime stayed the same.


  • Anya’s criticism against Raid and Hao’s attempts at acting rather than being cool mirror her ability to identify that Soul Eater faked being a punk in an earlier chapter.
  • Meme’s shirt in “A Jot Wrong” translates into “Remnants of the Takenoko Tribes,” perhaps a reference to Takenoko-zokku (Bamboo Shoot Tribe), a 1970s/1980s Tokyo dance group and yet another musical reference inserted by Atsushi Okubo.