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"BREW"--The Tempest (Part 1)

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Volume 9

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Episode 34, "The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia?"

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Brew Arc

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On Lost Island, Shibusen and Arachnophobia begin the battle to possess the powerful demon tool Brew. As Sid Barrett fights Mifune and Giriko faces Justin Law, Maka Albarn and her teammates may have lost Stein and Marie Mjolnir to a powerful magnetic field in the form of a tornado.

"BREW"—The Tempest (Part 1) is the thirty-fourth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 9. It was adapted as Episode 34, "The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia?" in the Soul Eater anime.

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Death Room

As Death explains, Brew rests on Lost Island, a facility used by witches to produce demon tools until an accident destroyed their entire facility. As a result, a magnetic field composed of demonic energy exists in the center of the island. It was this "tempest" that led to such an alternative name for Brew, as that vortex is where the demon tool rests. It is at this tempest where the DWMA and Arachnophobia will fight for Brew. However, should anyone from the DWMA or Arachnophobia stay more than 20 minutes within the magnetic field, they risk permanent damage to their body.

Lost Island, Alaska

Soul Eater Chapter 34 - Map of Battle

Stein maps the Lost Island battle for Brew between the DWMA and Arachnophobia.

Marie Mjolnir captains one of many boats transporting DWMA soldiers to retrieve Brew. While Maka Albarn remembers the plan, Black☆Star would appreciate a reminder. Franken Stein explains that Sid Barrett will lead the commando force to clear a path for Stein and Marie's team of students to head directly to the magnetic field. Only Stein and Marie will enter the field while the students protect their access to prevent anyone else from entering. Although the students are all one-star meisters and weapons, Stein reiterates his confidence in their abilities.

Elsewhere on Lost Island, Mosquito watches the magnetic field. An Arachnophobia soldier approaches to announce that the DWMA has arrived at the east side of the island. Mosquito rallies the soldiers, including golem operators, to remember that they will secure Brew for Arachne.

On the east side of the island, Sid Barrett, wielding both Mira Naigus and Azusa Yumi in their weapon forms, leads his commandos through the remains of the old demon tool development facility. Sid and other commandos are amazed at the level of damage that the prior explosion caused. But Sid reminds everyone to be more careful, as their soul-sensing abilities and radios are disrupted by the demonic energy's magnetic field.

But as Sid gives his warning, one of his commandos is knocked down dead, attacked by an Arachnophobia ambush. Sid quickly slices into an approaching soldier, leaving only the soldier's soul behind. Azusa alerts Sid to the presence of the advance unit in the ruins below. Sid looks to see almost all of his commandos killed by the samurai Sid fought earlier at the Arachnophobia facility, Mifune. Sid instructs Naigus to revert to human form and take his instructions to soldiers, while he and Azusa pursue Mifune.

Atop a cliff, Giriko and his golem soldiers admire the battle below. But he is too cold to feel much energy to fight. Speaking crudely about his shriveled male anatomy thanks to the cold, he rallies his soldiers to shout in agreement with his statement. Other members of his troop fight over allegations of cheating in their card game, but Giriko is too sleepy to break up the argument. Even the sound of bass rumbling through the mountains makes him feel more tired. Realizing what he just said, a surprised Giriko looks around to locate where the bass, which should not exist on such a quiet island, derives. Sure enough, it is Justin Law's booming music; more surprising, however, is that Justin rides through the island on a snowmobile, the noise of both machine and music causing an avalanche to chase after the Death Scythe. Justin shouts apologies until he notices he is about to (accidentally?) bury Giriko's troop in snow. While the snow covers the golems and their operators, Giriko performs Saw Leg, Third Gear, to clear a path and avoid being crushed by the snow. Giriko and Justin (who hands from a tree by his arm) are the only ones left standing. As Justin prays to his god, asking why he destroyed his "specially-tuned snowmobile," Giriko promises to cut Justin "into sawdust."

Soul Eater Chapter 34 - Stein and Marie enter the tempest

The students watch as their teachers enter the tempest.

At the edge of the magnetic field, Stein and Marie prepare to enter, their students watching. Stein instructs his students to wait 20 minutes for their return; if any more time passes, Kim is to use Jacqueline to send a retreat signal to all DWMA forces before all meet at the rendezvous with Sid's squad to depart Lost Island. Maka asks whether the students should enter after 20 minutes to protect Stein and Marie from any arriving Arachnophobia soldiers. Ox Ford reminds Maka that no additional Arachnophobia soldiers would risk entering the field anyway, making Maka's question pointless: if more combatants enter the field, whether from the DWMA or Arachnophobia, then the battle would prolong, and neither side wants to lose more people than they have to. Ox concludes criticizing Maka for supposedly being at the top of their class yet failing to make this consideration, earning him a pout from his classmate.

Stein assures Maka and other students that with Marie's abilities, they will return in five minutes with Brew. The students watch as both teachers enter the field.

Soul Eater Chapter 34 - Sid fires upon Mifune

Sid fires upon Mifune.

The battle between the DWMA and Arachnophobia persists elsewhere, as Mifune quickly disables Sid's commandos. From a cliff, Sid uses Azusa to aim from afar at Mifune. He fires a shot, which Mifune deflects with just one of his swords. In seconds, Mifune bounds up the cliff, leaping to strike Sid down from the air. Mifune slashes at Sid's arm. Sid returns the attack by knocking Azusa into Mifune before the DWMA zombie buries himself in the snow. Yards away, Sid emerges from the snow, cursing himself at how fast Mifune is. Mifune gives chase. As both men slide down the cliff, Sid turns and fires another shot at Mifune. Mifune again blocks the shot with just one sword. Sid fires more shots at Mifune, who dodges all. Both men promise to end the other.

Back at the edge of the magnetic field, Kim Diehl uses Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre in lantern form to heat up the students (Kim complaining that she should charge for this service). Kilik Rung eats a chocolate bar. When Black☆Star asks for a bite, Kilik claims the bar is his only one—as he hides more behind his back, leading to a brawl between the two students over the food. Ox and Death the Kid notice that Stein and Marie have been gone longer than promised, having not emerged in 15 minutes. Soul Eater asks what Maka is thinking, as she realizes that, whereas earlier she could, now she cannot sense Stein and Marie's souls within the magnetic field. Kid is surprised Maka could sense any presence, but Maka knows that something has happened to their teachers. Kid decides he will enter the field to find their teachers, ordering Liz and Patty Thompson (who are not in weapon form) to stay behind. Maka, Black☆Star, and Kilik tell Kid that they are accompanying him, but Ox and Kim resist disobeying their teachers' orders, especially when Kim must fire the emergency flare.

As the students discuss their plan, Arachnophobia soldiers hide among the ruins. One throws a shuriken at Maka, which Ox notices in time and blocks with Harvar. Their presence now obvious, the Arachnophobia soldiers emerge.

Ox and Kim order their peers to enter the field while they hold off Arachnophobia. As Ox knocks back soldiers, he reminds all present that even someone who studies so extensively in the library still is a capable fighter in the outdoors. He hopes this remark impresses Kim. It doesn't, as she desires someone wealthy. Undeterred, Ox promises to return to his books, while Kim uses Jacqueline to join in the battle.

Soul Eater Chapter 34 - Kilik attacks golems

Kilik unleashes his attack upon golems.

Observing his teammates fighting, Kilik realizes he must stay behind to help them in battle. He hands "B Star" his other chocolate bar, as Black☆Star promises to eat it later—until Kilik insists his friend eat it now for "stamina," the friends promising to see each other in a bit. As Black☆Star departs with Maka and Kid, Kilik resonates with Fire and Thunder to perform Afx-T (Arm Force Extreme Twin) to beat down two golems.

Soul Eater Chapter 34 - Old Death

Suspended in time, the Shinigami of 800 years ago hovers above the demon tool facility.

Upon their difficult entrance through the magnetic field, Maka is surprised how much more quickly Kid and Black☆Star passed through the barrier—until she is more surprised at how the inside of the magnetic field looks so different from the outside. Outside, the demon tool facility is destroyed; inside, it is as it was years ago. Maka cannot sense Marie and Stein, but her colleagues are more interested in the sight above them. Hovering in the sky, looking as he did 800 years ago, is none other than Lord Death.

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  • The Yen Press translation capitalizes all letters in the word "BREW" for chapter titles to Volume 9. Many readers alternate in spelling "Brew" in all capital letters or capitalizing only the letter "B." 
  • The titles given for the additional meisters are "Pot Meister Kilik Rung," "Spear Meister Ox Ford," and "Lamp Meister Kim Diehl."


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