Akane Hoshi acts like he's Mr. Perfect, but he has a hidden weakness.

Clay Sizemore, Chapter 34 (Soul Eater NOT!)

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In a series of tales about life in Death City, as Halloween approaches, Clay Sizemore struggles to stay undercover and prank his meister. Then, Eternal Feather is questioned by a DWMA agent about her possession, before showing off her Halloween outfit to Tsugumi Harudori and her meisters.

“Soul Eater JOT!” is the thirty-fourth chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! As with some previous chapters, it is a collection of vignettes. It appears as “Soul Eater JOT! Part 10” in the fourth volume of the Yen Press United States English translation. No portion of the chapter was adapted into the anime.

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A Jot Tiresome Edit

Clay Sizemore thinks about how “[n]o one here,” presumably in the NOT class, “knows” that he and Akane☆Hoshi are members of the Central Intelligence Agency at the DWMA. Clay prides himself that, as EAT students, he and Akane still can pose as newbie NOT students.

But when Clay’s thoughts are interrupted by a question from Anya Hepburn, Clay panics, claiming that he was thinking about why people in the southern hemisphere of the Earth do not fall off. Akane sighs in exasperation.

A Jot of a Prank Edit

Clay admits to Akane that he knows that their classmates will recognize the two of them are undercover Central Intelligence EAT students, but while Clay apologizes, he begins to grow bitter at Akane’s ability to stay so calm. With Halloween approaching, Clay deviously decides to scare his meister.

As Akane walks away, Clay reaches from behind, forcing Akane to see Clay wearing a ghostly mask to scare him. Unfortunately for Clay, Akane foresaw this action, as he wears big lips and crooked teeth attached to glasses, scaring Clay and confirming to Akane that he knows his weapon like the back of his hand.

A Jot Shaken Edit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 34 - Joe learns Eternal Feather's name

Joe learns Mai's stage name

Mai Thi Hoang is being interviewed by Joe Buttataki regarding her possession at the Death Bazaar. As Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus observe, Mai is unable to answer questions about the events. Joe asks how she is feeling, and Mai actually feels even better than she did before the incident. While she wears a scar on her neck, she credits Dr. Stein for her recovery. Joe notes Mai has reported no indications of memory lapse, and despite Naigus’s concern, claims she feels fine.

But Joe has one last question: he is interested why she chose such a stage name, prompting Eternal Feather to scream, “I don’t want to remember!”

A Jot Unfamiliar Edit

As Anya practices how to say the phrase “Trick or Treat,” Tsugumi Harudori reminds her that only children go trick or treating, causing Anya to blush in embarrassment. But Meme Tatane’s desire for candy leads Tsugumi to consider the option, provided that they can get Halloween costumes in time.

Eternal Feather overhears and decides to show off her costume: she is wearing Stein’s screw through her head again and clutches the head from her duplicate robotic body. While Eternal Feather asks whether the trio enjoy her outfit, they are too scared of the robotic head chasing them, as Tsugumi holds out candy, begging Eternal Feather and her head to leave them alone.

A Jot of Your Time, Akane-kun? Edit

At the DWMA hallway, Tsugumi runs up to Akane, who turns to see that she is wearing a ghost mask. After she shouts “Boo!!” at him, Akane remains frozen, seemingly catatonic while standing upright. While Tsugumi tries to awaken Akane, Clay is hiding behind the corner and wearing a hoodie, chuckling: “I knew he’d let his guard down with Harudori!”

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • While the robotic head of Eternal Feather does re-appear during the summer outside the girls’ dormitory, it does not return for Halloween as it does in this chapter.
  • No portions of this chapter were adapted into the anime. While Eternal Feather's name was learned in the anime in Episode 3, Joe Buttataki never appeared in the Soul Eater NOT!anime.


  • While Clay claims “no one” knows he and Akane are members of Central Intelligence, Soul Eater and Maka Albarn did know as of Chapter 16 when interviewed regarding Eternal Feather’s possession.


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