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"BREW"--The Tempest (Part 2)

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Volume 9

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Episode 34, "The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia?"

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Brew Arc

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Chapter 34: "BREW"--The Tempest (Part 1) Chapter 36: "BREW"--The Tempest (Part 3)
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As Shibusen begins a retreat from Lost Island, Maka, Kid, and Black Star have entered its magnetic field, discovering not only Brew in the hands of Mosquito, but perhaps the very creator of that demon tool.

"BREW"—The Tempest (Part 2) is the thirty-fifth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 9. It was adapted as Episode 34, "Mosquito's Storm! Ten Minutes to Fight in the World of the Past?" in the Soul Eater anime.

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Medusa's Army

Persons from 800 Years Ago (magnetic field images or hallucinations)





Lost Island, Alaska

Having arrived inside the magnetic field, Maka Albarn, Death the Kid, and Black Star are shocked to see what appears to be Lord Death, as he looked more than 800 years ago, before the founding of the DWMA. Kid tells them not to be distracted and to hurry to the pyramid to find BREW before the 20 minutes concludes and they risk damage.

As the trio moves forward, however, a set of mice scurry from the shadows. Outside the magnetic field, an Arachnophobia soldier removes a mask—revealing herself to be Eruka, happy with the progress of the Mizune family while the DWMA and Arachnophobia continue their battle against each other.

Elsewhere, Sid Barrett and Mifune continue their battle. Although exhausted by the chase, Sid also finds it exhilarating. As Mifune slashes again at Sid, the zombie tunnels again into the snow. Frustrated, Mifune tosses his swords, hoping for one to pin Sid down. While Mifune fails to find Sid and hence assumes he did not hit him, Azusa Yumi notices Sid has been stabbed. Sid assures Azusa he is fine, as they are almost to Mira Naigus’s rendezvous point.

Back in the magnetic field, Maka and her peers are shocked to see witches milling around the facility. They speak to each other as if they do not notice the DWMA students near them: the witches discuss that Shinigami’s arrival means the end of their demon tool facility. Kid notices the witches’ blurred edges indicate that the demon energy’s powerful magnetic field left an imprint of those final moments before the facility’s explosion: the tempest provides a view of the past. As Kid listens to the witches, he surmises that the explosion of the facility was not an accident but intentional so as to destroy whatever tools were there before Lord Death could seize them.

Soul Eater Chapter 35 - Arachne emerges

The Arachne of more than 800 years ago appears.

Maka and Soul Evans are then surprised by the next witch they see, recognizing her to be Arachne. Her assistant hands her Eibon’s blueprints, which Arachne reveals to be a lure to attract Lord Death and to destroy him along with the facility, and BREW.

Baba Yaga Castle, Arachnophobia Headquarters

An Arachnophobia agent holds a ladder for a peer to climb up to provide Arachne with wine and an update about the quest for BREW. After the agent reports that the battle is not yet certain, the DWMA and Arachnophobia promises to be worthy foes to each other, Arachne admonishes the agent that she wants BREW more than any of Eibon’s other creations, so retrieve it successfully. Arachne then explains what BREW is capable of. Even thinking of the tool as Eibon himself, Arachne explains that it was best to keep BREW hidden from all parties, Lord Death included, hence she destroyed the facility and allowed the world to assume BREW was destroyed with it. But Arachne knows better: BREW cannot be destroyed so easily. As her fellow witches would assume BREW was destroyed, and as Lord Death would assume as well, it is left to her to acquire the tool.

Lost Island

Soul Eater Chapter 35 - Thunder Combination

Ox Ford and Kilik Rung take down golems.

Arachnophobia soldiers surround Kilik Rung and his teammates. Ox Ford instructs Kim Diehl to set off the retreat signal. As Kim requires enough distance to fly with her lantern, Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre, Kilik and Ox clear Arachnophobia away from her. Jacqueline performs Change “Pixie,” sailing into the air with Kim to produce the retreat alert in the sky. Meanwhile, Ox performs Resonance Chain then Lightning King Drill, and Kilik performs Lightning Flash, until the two meisters jointly perform Thunder Combination, destroying the golems.

Mifune continues to search the ruins for Sid. In the shadows, Azusa and Naigus wait for the samurai’s approach, at which point Naigus unleashes a gunpowder explosion followed by a set of darts, the last of which Mifune manages to block with his swords. While Mifune is distracted, Sid’s hands emerge from the ground to hold the samurai by his ankles, giving Naigus time to set off the battering-ram from the sky. Although the battering-ram knocks Mifune back, it is not before the samurai stabs down into the snow and at Sid.

Mifune is tossed back. Sid calls to Naigus, who transforms into her knife form and into Sid’s hand. Sid lunges at Mifune, stabbing his forearm. With his bare hand, Mifune stabs into Sid’s shoulder. The two have knocked each other back. Mifune sheathes his sword, realizing why Sid’s fighting style is so familiar: he is the teacher of Black Star. Impressed with Mifune’s talent, Sid asks why the samurai fights for evil organizations rather than using his skills for good. Mifune is silent, unsheathe his sword. “That’s a damn shame,” Sid replies, holding Naigus out and ready to continue the fight.

Soul Eater Chapter 35 - Retreat Alert

Kim and Jackie release the retreat alert.

A flare in the shape of Lord Death’s mask appears in fire in the sky. Sid realizes it is Kim and Jacqueline’s order to retreat. (In the sky, Kim comments to a surprised Jacqueline that the two of them could make some money with “this little trick of ours.”) Realizing their battle is over, Sid and Mifune sheathe their weapons, Sid promising that if Mifune lets him go, there is no telling whether Sid may be in the shadows to kill him in the future. Mifune simply responds that the idea is “interesting” before ordering Sid to leave. As he departs, Sid orders his troops to retreat.

Inside the magnetic field, Franken Stein chuckles. Despite being held up by Marie Mjolnir, whose abilities should curb his madness, his insanity has actually intensified because, unknown to him, Medusa’s snake still exists within Marie’s body. Stein struggles to hold onto Marie and to his memories of those peers and students for whom he cares so not to do something he would regret, arguing that they cannot give up when BREW is so close.

Maka and her classmates discover the teachers, instructing them to leave as their twenty minutes is up while they continue the search for BREW in the ten minutes they themselves have left. As Marie leads Stein out of the field, frustrated at her failure and her students’ insubordination, Marie promises to punish those “naughty kids” when they leave the tempest. While Maka bemoans that hanging around Kid and Black Star makes her more and more into a rule-breaker, the students notice another image, that of a short man. But when Black Star recognizes the man as Mosquito, and realizes he is looking at them (hence is not an illusion but actually present), the trio can see he is holding a bag that likely contains within it BREW.

Soul Eater Chapter 35 - 100-Year-Form Mosquito

Mosquito reveals his 100-year form.

Soul Eater Chapter 35 - Eibon revealed

Eibon is revealed.

Kid orders Mosquito to hand over BREW. Unintimidated by the “little boy,” Mosquito refuses. Kid counters that Mosquito hardly is one to speak, based on his shortness. Maka then notices that the magnetic field is disrupting Mosquito more severely than them, meaning that Mosquito’s twenty minutes are almost up, while the DWMA trio have ten minutes left. Mosquito places BREW into his hat and argues that, as his twenty minutes are up, he will simply have to “turn the clock back a bit,” deciding initially on 400 years ago before settling on only 100 years.

As Mosquito speaks, the ground cracks beneath him. He clenches his fists and jaw. His soul enlarges, wings and a needle growing from it. His teeth become fangs. His biceps enlarge, ripping his attire. Lasers explode from his eyes as Mosquito cries, “This is what I looked like 100 years ago!!” He claims this new—or rather, old—form will give him ten more minutes within the magnetic field, which makes him and the trio even in combat.

Black Star is not impressed, mocking Mosquito’s large arms and hands but tiny legs that fail to reach the ground. Mosquito’s nose twitches, as he grows interested in consuming the trio.

But their eminent battle is disrupted by the arrival of a tall figure, wearing a cloak and mask. Maka cannot determine whether this being is an image or actually present, but Mosquito recognizes the being, and his identity shocks Kid: “This ‘guy’ is Eibon.”

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  • In the Yen refers to his father’s earlier appearance as “his hardcore days.”
  • Based on Kid’s dialogue—“So that’s the head of Arachnophobia, huh?”—this chapter is his first encounter with Arachne, or rather the image of her.
  • Arachne refers to BREW as being the same as Eibon. The anime would interpret this idea so as to make BREW literally Eibon himself. The manga, in contrast, would leave BREW as an object primarily separate from Eibon.
  • Soul Eater Chapter 35 - Madness overwhelms Stein

    Stein is overwhelmed by a manifestation of madness in the form of Asura.

    Asura’s mad form resembles the larger form he would take upon consuming Arachne’s soul in the Soul Eater anime’s final episodes.
  • Maka, Kid, and Black Star take ten minutes since their entrance into the tempest to locate Marie and Stein.
  • Maka’s uncertainty whether Eibon is only a vision or actually present foreshadows the reveal that indeed Eibon had hidden himself away inside the magnetic field so to avoid interacting with the rest of the world.
  • Excluding his cameo with the other Eight Shinigami Warriors in Chapter 16, this chapter is the first appearance of Eibon as he is usually seen, and the first time he is named as such.

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