"Death City is all abuzz with preparations for the annual Death Festival, held on October 31...It's always neat to see the entire town in a festive mood."

— Tsugumi, Chapter 35 (NOT!)
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As everyone in Death City prepares for Halloween and that day's Battle Festival, Sid continues his hunt for Shaula, and Tsugumi realizes she must choose her meister soon.

“Preparations!” is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Soul Eater NOT! manga. It was released as the twenty-fifth chapter (combined with "Preparations!" (Part 2]) in Volume 4 of the Yen Press English language United States translation. It was adapted as part of the episode “Pumpkin Growing” in the Soul Eater NOT! anime.

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Death City

  • Girls' dormitory
  • Deathbucks
  • DWMA
  • Central Intelligence Office



Three months ago at the girls’ dormitory in Death City, Anya Hepburn, Tsugumi Harudori, and Meme Tatane have brought potted pumpkin sprouts. While Tsugumi reads the instructions, Meme comments that she will probably forget this information.

In the present day, Tsugumi is tending to the now fruitful pumpkin garden. While Meme indeed cannot remember where the pumpkins came from, Anya is excited to begin carving the pumpkins into jack o’lanterns.

In fact, the entire girls’ dormitory is excited: Halloween is approaching, and the residents have decorated the entire building. Eternal Feather approaches Tsugumi with a poster that she has made advertising the upcoming Death Festival, and she asks her friends to hang the poster somewhere that people would notice. Tsugumi decides that Master’s cafe is a good location, and after the trio wash, they head out to the cafe.

While walking through Death City, although Tsugumi notices how festive the community looks at Halloween, she can’t help but feel scared. Because Meme cannot remember what Tsugumi would find fearsome, Tsugumi explains: every Halloween, Death City hosts a fighting tournament between EAT students. While Tsugumi wonders whether residents are afraid of these fights, it turns out residents treat the competition as part of the “Death Vegas” atmosphere: they are debating who to place bets on, one resident deciding to bet on last year’s winner, Black☆Star.

Tsugumi and her meisters arrive at Deathbucks, which Liz and Patty Thompson have decorated for Halloween. Master has just returned, riding what Anya calls a "cute little" moped, leaving the tall cafe proprietor feeling self-conscious. His concern does not last long, however, as Patty, wearing a frightening ghost outfit, manages to scares not only Tsugumi but also Liz. Patty is too happy with herself, imagining how well she can use this outfit to intimidate Death City residents into handing over their “valuables,” before Master can explain that Trick or Treating involves candy only.

Elsewhere, at the DWMA’s central intelligence office, Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore inform Sid Barrett that they have not had any recent cases of traitors. However, a number of thefts within the DWMA has the students concerned: banned books, investigation reports, and additional classified material. Sid is shocked to find the materials stolen include a list of meisters and weapons. Although Clay is not certain that the thefts are done by or for Shaula, Sid encourages the two to find more information. Yet Sid regrets that, with how busy Akane and Clay will be, they will not be able to participate in the Death Battle Festival. Clay reminds Sid that he and Akane cannot participate anyway, as they are registered officially as NOT students. Akane teases Clay that they could spend their Halloween instead Trick-or-Treating while dressed as witches. Clay thinks Akane is serious, embarrassed when his meister chastises his gullibility.

That evening at the girls’ dormitory, Kim Diehl is worried about the witch outfit Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre has made for her for Halloween. When Kim asks whether a real witch would dress like this, Jacqueline convinces her that the outfit is far too obvious for anyone to realize Kim is a real witch.

In the dormitory’s kitchen, Tsugumi shows her meisters how to carve pumpkins into jack o’lanterns. But as Tsugumi watches their work, she worries how she will choose between Anya and Meme as a meister.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The anime adaptation used the pumpkin growing as a time-lapse bumper to link together the vignettes included in the episode “Pumpkin Growing.” Whereas the anime shows the numerous stages of pumpkin growing, as set to music sung by Tsugumi and her two meisters, the manga lacks these stages and, being a silent medium, music.
  • The anime did not include the moment of Tsugumi and her meisters visiting Master’s shop, or Patty scaring visitors with her ghost costume.
  • While Chapter 35 introduces Master’s moped, it first appears in Episode 2, parked outside Deathbucks.
  • The anime also did not include the moment of Eternal Feather showing any poster that she designed, requesting Tsugumi to take the poster to Deathbucks, and hence did not show Death City residents debating on whom to bet in the Death Battle Festival.
  • Whereas in the manga Jacqueline designed a witch outfit for Kim, in the anime Kim is only seen riding a witch’s broom, until embarrassed by Jacqueline watching her. This difference may owe to the manga showing Kim and Jacqueline’s breakup and reunion, whereas the anime up to the corresponding episode only showed their breakup.


Soul Eater NOT Chapter 35 - Street Fighters

The silhouettes resemble characters from Street Fighter.

  • The silhouettes of EAT fighters resemble Ryu and Guile from the popular fighting video game franchise Street Fighter.
  • Black☆Star won the previous year’s Battle Festival.

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