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"BREW"--The Tempest (Part 4)

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Volume 10

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Episode 35, "Mosquito's Storm! Ten Minutes to Fight in the World of the Past?"

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Brew Arc

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As Maka's team fights a losing battle for Brew against Mosquito, Soul Eater prepares to use the Black Blood and a certain musical instrument to aid his friends in combat.

"BREW"—The Tempest (Part 3) is the thirty-sixth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 10. It was adapted as Episode 35, "Mosquito's Storm! Ten Minutes to Fight in the World of the Past?" in the Soul Eater anime.

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Maka Albarn asks Death the Kid whether he recognizes the man before them, but Kid is hesitant to explain. Their ninja colleague reminds his peers that their ten minutes is almost up, and as “every […] demon tool” belongs to the great Black Star,” he intends to take BREW from Mosquito by force. As Black Star shouts insults at the “wusses” on his team, Maka and Kid’s weapons convince the meister that they cannot afford to sit back when they must fight.

Kid fires multiple rounds at Mosquito, Black Star slices their opponent with slashes and punches, and Maka (using Black Star’s head as a stepping stone) performs Witch Hunter Slash.

The meisters step back to observe the extent of damage that they inflicted, only to hear the chuckling of Mosquito: his 100 Years Ago form was when he was at his toughest, no scratch on him.

As the Little Ogre observes Soul Eater, the weapon reminds Maka that the magnetic field disrupts attempts to synchronize their soul wavelengths. While he can feel their teammates wavelengths through Maka, he cannot get the other meisters and weapons to. The Little Ogre chides “Evans” that the Black Room provides the power to let Soul succeed.

Far from the tempest, Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus determine how best to tend to the wounded DWMA commandos, Naigus urging her own meister to bandage himself. They are interrupted by the arrival of Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre, who notify that Marie Mjolnir and Franken Stein have not escaped the tempest, leaving Kilik Rung and Ox Ford to block Arachnophobia from following Maka and her team into the tempest. Azusa Yumi’s thousand-mile eyes are unable to penetrate the magnetic field to locate the teachers and students. Sid orders a concerned Azusa to gather ten soldiers who can still stand, but not before he has Naigus bandage his shoulder.

Soul Eater Chapter 36 - Marie cries
Soul Eater Chapter 36 - Stein collapses into madness

After comforting a crying Marie, Stein's madness overwhelms him.

At the tempest’s edge, Kilik and Ox have downed the remaining Arachnophobia soldiers, disappointed that such “elite” fighters prevented them from performing any additional “cool move[s].” The tempest begins to crackle, as Marie and Stein emerge, collapsing to the ground. As Marie orders the students to watch Stein, the scientist stops her from re-entering the tempest, as she has not recovered from magnetic field yet. Kilik and Ox volunteer, and despite Marie’s threat to fail and expel from the DWMA the two students, the two meisters enter the field. Marie falls to her knees, disappointed that as a teacher she could not stop the potential deaths of her students. Stein, although collapsed face-down in the snow, begs her not to cry, as he holds her hand. But then he turns onto his back and begins cackling madly.

Meanwhile in the mountains, Justin Law continues his battle against Giriko. As Giriko’s Saw Leg, Second Gear, knocks back Justin, the chainsaw weapon mocks the hip hop Death Scythe, noting that Justin’s fighting follows a pattern matching the beat of his headphones’ music, making Justin’s attacks predictable. Justin rejoins that his fighting is like Giriko’s speech: why bother reading Giriko’s lips when what he says is so simplistic? Annoyed, Giriko unleashes Saw Leg, Third Gear, Wave of Slaughter. Justin fires Law-Abiding Silver Gun Radiant.

Even as the attack buries Giriko in the snow, he smiles: it would be too easy to kill Justin when he can prolong the fight for the exhilaration.

Justin calls to the snow-covered Giriko to fight back. The chainsaw weapon emerges behind him, and an eager Justin slices him—too easily, discovering the enchanter Giriko created multiple snow clones of himself. Justin quickly dispatches the dummies, which allowed Giriko to escape, to Justin’s disappoint, as he desired to kill him.

Outside the magnetic field, Eruka receives a report from mice—the Mizune Sisters—that Maka’s team continues its fight with Mosquito. She congratulates the sisters, especially upon discovering that their own mission was a success.

Inside the magnetic field, Mosquito stands against his opponents. He mocks these “children” for their inability to understand just how powerful BREW actually is to let Arachne acquire all of the world and make it “first-class.” Whereas he had planned to acquire all Demon Tools just moments ago, Black Star shouts he has no need for it—he just wants to stop the ridiculous fighting between the DWMA and Arachnophobia.

Black Star orders Maka and Kid to stay in the shadow of his Shadow Star so to follow-up his slice against Mosquito with their own attacks. But before Maka and Kid can land a blow or shot, Mosquito knocks back all three meisters repeatedly.

As Mosquito promises to “close[] the curtain,” the Little Ogre encourages Soul not to let that happen: the Black Blood can give Soul the “best stage,” and unless the team’s resonance with Maka grows too powerful, none of their teammates will be affected by the Black Blood’s madness. Although Soul knows the Black Blood will allow him to translate the sound of his friends’ souls into a more powerful synchronization, he fears the madness within him, through the Black Blood, will worsen. But seeing Mosquito needle at his friends, Soul says, “Fuck it.”

Soul explains he will use Maka’s “incredible soul perception” to hear their teammates’ souls as sounds, which he will transmit back through the piano in his soul. The description motivates his teammates to laugh: they had been struggling for so long to get Soul to play the piano, now they have this opportunity, with only five minutes left inside the magnetic field, to hear that music.

Soul Eater Chapter 36 - Ogre reveals Soul's piano

The Ogre reveals the piano to Soul.

The Little Ogre gestures a welcome to Soul to enter the Black Room. As the weapon plants one foot onto the checkboard floor, his attire changes into a pinstriped suit. Impressed with the “crowd,” Soul is less interested in the Black Room’s design. The Ogre thought ahead, lowering the lights so a spotlight shines on the piano now occupying the room. Soul approaches the piano, lifting its cover to expose its keys.

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  • Black Star claims that BREW, “like every other demon tool, […] belongs to the great Black Star!” His remark suggests Black Star’s arrogance includes a certain level of greediness, which matches that of Arachne’s desire for global possession, at least as Mosquito describes her. Black Star’s greediness may contribute to Sid and Naigus’s concern in later chapters that Black Star is on his way to becoming a potential kishin like his father. As the Star Clan was a set of thieves, Black Star’s desire for acquisition, whether he meant it seriously or not, foreshadows his later battles with addressing his past and moving forward.
  • In this chapter, the Little Ogre reveals Soul’s actual last name, “Evans.”
  • This chapter hints at Giriko and Justin’s development as partners following the Baga Yaga Castle arc: Justin’s desire to kill is stated directly but, typical for how calm Justin seems, rather subdued; and Giriko finds himself enjoying the fights against Justin.


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