Why do you always forget everything so easily? It's awful...You forget the sad things, the happy things...You even forgot what just happened! I bet you're going to forget all about me one of these days too!!

—Tsugumi Harudori, yelling at Meme Tatane, Chapter 36 (Soul Eater NOT!)

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 36 - Cover
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Preparations! (Part 2)

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Episode 10

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While her friends finish their Halloween preparations, Tsugumi receives depressing news from her family that causes a rift with one of her meisters.

“Preparations! (Part 2)” is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Soul Eater NOT! manga. Yen Press collected Chapter 36 in Volume 4, yet combined this chapter with Chapter 35 as one chapter, titled Chapter 25, "Preparations." It was adapted as part of the episode “The Beginning of the Nightmare!” in the Soul Eater NOT! anime.

Featured Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

Soul Eater
Maka Albarn
Lord Death
Tsugumi Harudori
Meme Tatane
Anya Hepburn
Kana Altair
Shaula Gorgon

Locations Edit

Death City
Soul and Maka's apartment
Girls' Dormitory

Plot Edit

One night in front of the girls’ dormitory, Misery uses her mallet to complete a bizarre collage resembling a butterfly, built from stitched fabric and a birdcage.

Meanwhile, at his apartment, Soul Eater reads a flyer advertising the Battle Festival. He calls out to his meister to ask her a question and she responds that she is “dead.” Suitably disturbed by her Death Child language, he learns from Maka Albarn that the prize for the Battle Festival is winning a meeting with Lord Death--which scares the weapon all the more. Although Soul knows Maka is an excellent student, he doubts her ability as a “fighter” against last year’s winner, Black Star. Maka responds that it is their responsibility as EAT students to set an example for NOT students when it comes to “a meister and weapon [as] two of one mind.” Her words motivate Soul to admit that they “might as well give it a shot!”

One day elsewhere on the streets of Death City, vendors show off wares to buy ahead of the Halloween festival. One vendor dressed as a vampire comments to another vendor dressed as a witch that the authorities have been more authoritative than usual, which is frustrating when Halloween is such a prime time for attracting tourists. The other vendor , dressed as a witch, tersely agrees before turning back to selling her jewelry, but not before confirming the customers are students at the DWMA. Clay Sizemore happens to walk by this particular vendor, commenting to himself how odd it is for people to be in costume, and how odd it is to see so many people dressed as witches this year.

Meanwhile, at the girls’ dormitory that day, Tsugumi Harudori has finished carving her pumpkins into jack o’lanterns that happen to resemble her friends. Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn return to the dorm room. Meme is holding a bag with her Halloween outfit but refusing to show it, instead complimenting Tsugumi’s jack o’lanterns and wishing she could marry Tsugumi. Anya shows a truly creepy jack o’lantern, then chastises Tsugumi for her reaction when it was she who instructed Anya to make the jack o’lantern scary. Meme defuses the situation by adding a cute ribbon to the disturbing pumpkin.

The trio is interrupted by a knock on the door, as Kana Altair delivers a letter to Tsugumi. While Tsugumi opens the letter and reads it, Anya asks whether Kana is excited for trick or treating “with the kids.” Kana, shocked at Anya’s jack o’lantern, throws tarot cards at the pumpkin--and Anya--to make the “evil spirit begone.” Anya threatens not to give the departing Kana any candy.

Anya finally notices Tsugumi’s shocked appearance, as she clutches the letter from her family. Tsugumi throws the letter onto her desk before removing her suitcase from under her bed, struggling to open the luggage and announcing that she is “going home.” While Anya asks Tsugumi what is happening, Meme skims the letter on the desk: Tsugumi’s dog, Pochi, had an accident and, despite surgery, is going to die. Tsugumi collapses crying over her luggage.

That evening, Tsugumi lies on her bed. Anya enters with food, encouraging her friend to eat to expedite her recovery. Meme then enters, with a bag containing a Halloween outfit. After Meme compliments Tsugumi’s pumpkins, Anya realizes that Meme has forgotten the events of this day. Before she can intervene, Meme has already asked the inconsoable Tsugumi whether she is in pain.

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 36 - Tsugumi lashes out

Tsugumi yells at Meme for forgetting the bad news received.

Tsugumi lashes out at Meme, asking her how she could forget today, how “awful” it is for her to have such a poor memory, and asking whether Meme will one day forget her. Meme apologizes, trying to hold back tears. Realizing how awful her remarks were against Meme, Tsugumi lowers her head, avoiding eye contact.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • The anime did not include Misery’s decoration.
  • The anime did not include Soul and Maka’s conversation.
  • The anime never revealed the prize for the Battle Festival, whereas Maka in the manga says the prize is meeting Lord Death.
  • The anime also never revealed that Black Star won last year’s Battle Festival, whereas in this chapter and Chapter 35 of the Soul Eater NOT! manga, this information is revealed by Soul and Death City gamblers.
  • The anime did not show Clay's walk through Death City, or any vendor conversing with Shaula.
  • Although the anime includes Kana insulting Anya’s jack o’lantern, the anime did not feature Kana attacking anyone with her tarot cards. Anya later uses this attack against Eternal Feather, however, in the anime’s finale.


  • Soul Eater NOT Chapter 36 - Tsugumi's Jack O Lanterns

    Tsugumi's jack o'lanterns

    Tsugumi’s jack o’lanterns resemble the Soul Eater NOT! logo, her own pumpkin featuring the logo's winking eye.