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Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Cover
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"BREW"--The Tempest (Part 4)

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Volume 10

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Episode 36, Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation?

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Brew Arc

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Chapter 36: " 'BREW'--The Tempest (Part 3) Chapter 38: "Internal Investigation (Part 1)
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Soul Eater unleashes the Black Blood through his piano to aid Maka Albarn's team to synchronize their souls. While they demonstrate their strength against Mosquito, they lose Brew to Arachnophobia. Meanwhile, as Medusa plots her next moves, Lord Death calls internal investigation on the suspicion that a mole is within the DWMA.

"BREW"—The Tempest (Part 4) is the thirty-seventh serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 10. It was adapted as Episode 36, Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation? in the Soul Eater anime.

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Black Room

Gazing upon Soul Eater's preparations to play his piano, the Little Ogre is giddy with anticipation. As Mosquito gallops to continue his attack on Maka Albarn and her team, the Ogre recognizes Soul's sadness. Without that passion to move his very soul, the Ogre explains, the weapon's very soul will rot from stagnation. The Ogre encourages Soul to let go of his cynicism, stop faking coolness, and to embrace his passion to play the piano.

Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Soul plays his piano

Soul begins his performance.

Wearing a crazed smile, energy crackling around him, Soul smashes his hands onto the piano and begins his performance.

Instantly, Maka, Death the Kid, and Black☆Star feels the soul wavelengths of each other and their weapons. Just before Mosquito's punch connects at the meisters, Maka and Kid use their increased wavelengths to scatter, as Black☆Star successfully blocks the punch. Maka leaps at Mosquito, and before his next punch can connect, she uses the wavelength increase to duck in time for Black☆Star to slash and Kid to punch with a pistol at the Arachnophobia lackey. The three meisters follow with multiple slashes and punches at Mosquito, as the Ogre chews on its fingers in excitement.

While Mosquito assumes his 100 Years Ago form remains strong enough to bear the attacks of these meisters, Soul announces that it is Black☆Star's turn to move forward with his attack. As Soul taps the key, Black☆Star performs Soul Resonance with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. As shadows emerge from Black☆Star to wrap their tendrils around Mosquito, Tsubaki worries that Soul's piano has augmented their resonance to a point that can cause harm to Black☆Star through the use of the Uncanny Sword. But as the attack rips off Mosquito's right arm at the shoulder, Black☆Star cancels Uncanny Sword mode—but not before seizing his chest in pain.

As Mosquito struggles to recover, Kid has already charged his Death Cannon, unleashing a more powerful attack than before, which Mosquito cannot dodge. As Maka stares shocked to remember how powerful are Kid's shinigami abilities, the shot destroys Mosquito's left arm, disrupting his balance. Kid directs his peers to grab Brew from Mosquito's hat.

But Soul stops their battle, frustrating his teammates and the Ogre. Maka argues they have one more minute to attack, and Mosquito is at his most vulnerable. As Mosquito chides the team that Maka is correct, Soul realizes the brute is lying: Mosquito had said earlier that his 100 Years Ago transformation would be enough, but not before he had said he had a 400-year form. As Mosquito can continue to take on new forms, Kid realizes Mosquito can persist this fight longer than they can.

Mosquito enjoys his eminent victory, although acknowledging that the children were such worthy opponents that he will let them escape alive. Kid, although a shinigami who could survive the magnetic field longer than Maka and Black☆Star, realizes he cannot win alone against Mosquito. As Black☆Star screams they cannot leave now, he clutches his chest again, Tsubaki telling him to retreat. Mosquito shouts at the children that he is about to transform into his form from 200 years ago, so the trio had best hurry before their bodies deteriorate. To prove his point, a blast of power erupts from Mosquito as the trio run. As their friends leave, the Ogre tells Soul he is a disappointment.

Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Lost Island destroyed

The students witness the destruction of Lost Island.

The trio come across Kilik Rung and Ox Ford. Surprised at Black☆Star's weakness, Kilik offers a shoulder for the ninja to lean on, which Black☆Star happily accepts. Then the students hear an explosion behind them. Shocked, Kilik and Ox panic at what they assume to be their approaching demise—Ox himself scared he will never see Kim again—until Maka informs them that the explosion is merely an after-image of the destruction of the demon tool facility 800 years ago. As the image explodes harmlessly around the students, Kid, disappointment at his failure to learn more about Eibon, orders them to retreat.

Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Marie embraces her students

Marie embraces her students.

Outside the magnetic field, Marie Mjolnir is initially pleased to see her students emerge. But after Kid admits that they failed to acquire Brew, Marie approaches the students, pulling back her arm to unleash her punishment for their disobedience: a group hug (that chokes Black☆Star). Even as Marie threatens to report all students, she and Franken Stein are relieved at their survival.

Stein and Marie's group meets with Sid Barrett and Justin Law's group. After Justin admits he was not able to disable "a key enemy," Sid reminds all that the goal was to acquire Brew, not settle scores. After learning that their mission to acquire Brew failed, Sid helps Stein to his feet and hands Maka a mirror. He orders her to use the mirror once they are completely off Lost Island to send Death a battle report.

Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Spirit was so worried

Spirit speaks with his daughter.

On the boat, Maka mentally outlines and revises her planned report to Death. Dialing 42-42-564, her call on the mirror goes through successfully—to her father, relieved at her survival. Ignoring her father, Maka quickly asks to speak with Death. As Spirit enjoys how adorable his daughter is, Death receives the report. While disappointed at the failure to recover Brew, he reminds Maka that all students did as well as they could.

Baba Yaga Castle

Arachne chuckles at Mosquito's good news about the recovery of Brew, but her lackey hesitates: he has discovered the 800 years in the magnetic field makes Brew no longer operable. Surprising, Mosquito, Arachne is pleased: so long as the DWMA lacks Brew and thinks that Arachnophobia commands the demon tool's power, they have a psychological advantage.

Somewhere on Earth...Who Knows Where...

In her lair, deep beneath the ground where sloths, snakes, owls, and mice live, Medusa awaits the arrival of Eruka and the Mizune Sisters and their delivery of the real Brew. Eruka explains that, as the magnetic field blocked Arachne from spying on Lost Island through her spiders, the Mizune were able to enter the field, retrieve Brew, and leave behind a replica for which the DWMA and Arachnophobia to battle. Medusa also credits their success to her snake within Marie's body, which at the precise moment Stein would need to resonate with Marie to battle Mosquito for Brew, unleashes such powerful madness within Stein to incapacitate him. Eruka is shocked at how much preplanning Medusa had, and that victory emerged thanks to one tiny snake. Clutching Brew, Medusa promises to use the tool to unleash a tempest that will result in the goals she has planned for the DWMA, Arachnophobia, and the Kishin.

Death Room

Joe Buttataki

Joe is ready to whack some moles.

Spirit is confused why, even with Marie's anti-madness wavelength, Stein's madness worsens. Death assumes that there is a traitor within the DWMA and orders that the Internal Investigator, Joe "Whack-a-Mole" Buttataki, be brought to Death City.

Internal Investigation Office

Joe notifies his colleague that he is departing for Death City, and he will "whack the livin' daylights outta whoever" the traitor is.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Likewise, whereas in the anime Mosquito is seemingly destroyed, yet having escaped through his bouncing decapitated head, in this chapter Mosquito remains a viable opponent, escaping by threatening to unleash his form from 200 years ago against Maka's team.
  • In this chapter, Spirit and Death order Joe to Death City in fear that a traitor is within the DWMA; in the anime Joe is ordered to Death City in order to develop new technology against Arachnophobia and other threats as based on the demon tools the DWMA can acquire, including the Eternal Spring. While the DWMA eventually does develop such technology as the Demon Airship from the Eternal Spring, this work is accomplished by Gen and others; whereas, in the anime, Joe's work produces the Death City Robot—the anime never includes the Demon Airship, and the manga never includes the Death City Robot.
  • In this chapter, Kilik keeps a hold onto Black☆Star as they look at the after-image explosion of Lost Island; in the anime, Kilik goes a step further to use Black☆Star as a human shield.
  • In the episode, during Marie's group hug, Black☆Star thinks that he is the only one being choked; this thought of his is not verbalized in the chapter.
  • Upon having his call with Maka rejected, Spirit falls into depression. While in the manga, Spirit instead is talking to himself about how adorable his daughter is.
  • During Medusa's explanation as to how the snake's magic will harm Stein, the scene includes images of Marie tending to Stein's recovery, and his imagined collapse into madness. These images are not present in this chapter.
  • This chapter was released after the anime was finished, which first shows how the anime and manga plots diverged.


Soul Eater Chapter 37 - Ghastly Death Cannon

Kid's Death Cannon assumes a more ghastly appearance.

  • With the assistance of Soul's piano, Kid's Death Cannon now assumes a more ghoulish face within its shot.
  • At Medusa's lair, the Moon above has a black tendril emerging from its mouth, similar to that which emerged from Medusa's mouth as she drew Stein in for a kiss during the Kishin Revival arc. While the black tendril may be a thematic link to Medusa's skills, the presence of what looks like Black Blood coming from the Moon's mouth may foreshadow Asura's ascension to the Moon and hence the final battle of the first manga. However, the tendril may actually be symbolic of the Moon's breath, as if it is sleeping.


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