If your "duty" means abandoning your friends who are in danger, and handing over your body and soul....then you should toss that crap into the sewer where it belongs!

—Anya to Akane and Clay, Chapter 39 (Soul Eater NOT!)

Chapter 39 (NOT!)
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Death Fest (Part 2)

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August 12, 2014

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Episode 11 (NOT!)

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Death Fest Arc

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With Shaula launching an attack of Death City, Shibusen is in for a fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Tsugumi and Anya prepare to do whatever it takes to bring Meme back into their good graces from the evil scorpion witch.

Death Fest (Part 2) is the 39th chapter of Soul Eater NOT!

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Anya Hepburn
Clay Sizemore
Tsugumi Harudori
Elizabeth Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Meme Tatane
Shaula Gorgon
Franken Stein
Mira Naigus
Eternal Feather
Kim Diehl


Deathbucks Café
Girl's Dormitory


Soul Perception


Master's moped
Bat Whistle


Chapter 39 (NOT!) Panel Screencap

Anya is unwilling to leave her partner alone during the crisis

With Anya unwilling to leave Death City, she covers the eyes of her servant, Alfred, and orders him to stop the car. This causes the car to crash into a nearby tree. Meanwhile, Liz and Patty are at Death Bucks Cafe as Tsugumi runs in there to ask for their help,explaining that Shibusen intends on taking Anya to the airport. Patty and Liz then demand Master to hand over his moped, in which he complies. The Trio then speed off towards the airport
Akane slapped by Tsugumi

Anya slaps Akane after stating Tsugumi has given up

After Clay declared the car to be totaled, Anya then tells him and his meister that she's going back to Death City. However, Akane objects, telling her that it is his duty to see that she makes it to the airport. However,Anya berates him, stating to take his duty "crap" into the sewers. Akane asks what she intends to do, in which she says she will team up with Tsugumi to help Meme. When Akane states that Tsugumi has given up, he promptly receives a slap to the face, in which Anya declares she though Akane knew her much better. However, he then turns his head away in shame, sensing Tsugumi's presence as she appears along with Liz and Patty.

Akane declares

Akane declares they must take down Shaula.

As Anya starts apologizing, Tsugumi stops her. Already forgiving her. Tsugumi also is aware of her thoughts due to the fact that both are making hand contact(possibly a result of a Soul Resonance-like ability). Tsugumi then states they must help Meme. As Anya and Tsugumi prepares to use Master's moped to get back to Death City, Akane reveals Stein is creating an antidote and it may be done. Anya then thanks him and he tells them both to be careful. As they ride of, Clay reveals that information was top secret and asks why he told them. Akane replied to his partner, stating that after Anya mentioned Sid, he wanted to give them direction and declares they must take down Shaula, in which Clay agrees.

Naigus and Tsugumi argue

Tsugumi and Mira argue

As Stein just finishes creating the antidote, Anya and Tsugmi crash into his home from a wall. Stein understand they're here for the antidotes but warns that while it breaks down the poison, the mental effects are unknown and could be fatal. But he then says he was kidding. He also states Mira Naigus is on her way, too. And tells them that she's going to test the cure and once its confirmed to work, he's going to mass produce the antidote, in which would take 3 days. She arrives promptly for the cure, surprised to find Tsugumi and Anya. Naigus tells them to listen to her instructions, but Tsugumi objects and argues that while they fight the same enemy, but they're fighting to protect something different. Stein then hands them the antidote and stops Naigus and tells them to go. When Naigus questions why he would do that and orders her men to retrieve them, Stein reveals he already produced a lot of the antidote, stating it was fun to tease the 2 girls and Naigus.

Stein enjoys teasing others

Mira is annoyed at Stein's immature behavior

As they walk, they decide their next course of actions, Tsugumi saying she has no clue on what to do and only has a Bat Whistle, in which Meme once used. She then blows on it, her quick thinking telling them to follow the messenger back to where they originated, in which just so happen to be the location of Shaula. Meanwhile, the Girl's Dormitory is surrounded by Traitors and the male NOT! Students feel the need to protect the opposite sex. As Shaula tells her victims to kill one another, Anya and Tsugumi appear.

Anime and Manga DifferenceEdit

Anya eager to drive a Scooter
  • Akane and Anya's interaction slightly differ, in which Akane recieves a slap after stating Tsugumi had given up.
  • Instead of the Flying Halberd used as transportation, Anya and Tsugumi use a moped.
  • Akane had the ability of Soul Perception, in which was absent in the anime.


  • Liz mentions she used to hotwire scooters for joyrides.