SEN! - Chapter 3
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$$$! Money, Money, Money!

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Manē, manē, manē

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Money, Money, Money

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Episode 2: "Girls' Dorms á la Carte"
Episode 3: "The Witch of the Girls' Dorm!"

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Tsugumi Harudori and her friends lack money: a bully, Kim Diehl, took Tsugumi's, Anya Hepburn spent all of hers, and Meme Tatane forgets what happened to hers. Following Eternal Feather's advice, the girls find a job at a nearby cafe, Deathbucks. After getting their paychecks, the three girls find that maybe Kim's behavior is more of a defense rather than an offense.

$$$! Money, Money, Money! (マネー、マネー、マネー, Manē, manē, manē), stylized as "Money Money Money" (マネーマネーマネー, Manēmanēmanē)" or "$$$!" is the third chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not! It was released in 2011 and compiled in July 2012 as part of Volume 1. It was adapted as portions of Episodes 2 and 3 of the anime Soul Eater Not!

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At the cafeteria, Tsugumi Harudori stands with Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane to order kake-soba. The chef assumes the trio is ordering three, but the impoverished Tsugumi corrects that they will share one kake-soba. While Tsugumi knows the cafeteria offers a wide selection of dishes from around the world, she and her meisters have such limited funds that all they can afford for a meal is one bowl. Anya, meanwhile, is surprised at how simple the soba looks.

The trio is interrupted by Eternal Feather, who has brought two more bowls of soba to feed the poor students. Anya struggles to use chopsticks until Eternal Feather hands her a fork. Eternal Feather then explains her meal is an apology for failing to intervene when the Witch of the Girls' Dorm took Tsugumi's money. Tsugumi is surprised to learn the Witch was not the dorm superintendent Misery but "that cute senpai" who saved her from Misery's nighttime attempt to smash her legs.

Eternal Feather goes on to explain how Kim Diehl's "misleading appearance and nasty personality" led her to be known as "the Witch of the Girls' Dorm." Kim entered the Academy at the same time as Eternal Feather. Kim initially attracted much positive attention from classmates due to her long, shining hair, but she soon revealed her bad behavior to everyone at school and began to style her hair short. Tsugumi expresses disappointment, given how adorable Kim appears.

Anya asks how Kim has behaved badly. Eternal Feather answers by asking that the trio say her name, then asks what they think of her name. While Tsugumi struggles to say that the name sounds lovely, Anya bluntly answers that the name is embarrassing, and Eternal Feather agrees. Eternal Feather then explains that the Academy allows students to take on pseudonyms, even "names as ridiculous as 'Soul Eater.'" When both of them joined the Academy, Kim thought Eternal Feather's image was boring, so she introduced her to classmates as Eternal Feather, causing Kim and classmates to laugh at Eternal Feather's new embarrassing nickname. To make matters worse, Kim then submitted a name change form for Eternal Feather without her permission—and had the nerve to charge for a name-changing fee. And Eternal Feather has to wait two years after the name change before the Academy permits another one.

Hearing Eternal Feather's account, the trio grow fearful of Kim, this "demon," who then arrives in the cafeteria, followed by a boy with a shaved head and eyeglasses. Eternal Feather identifies the boy as Ox Ford, "an elite student, top of the class," and in the same year as Kim and Eternal Feather. Eternal Feather agrees with Anya that Ox remains one of the few boys willing to hit on Kim despite her supposed abrasiveness. Then the students witness Kim punching the boy in the chest.

Eternal Feather changes the subject back to the girls' impoverishment. As the girls have lost their weekly allowance broke because of Kim's aggressive "payment plan," poor spending, and forgetfulness, Eternal Feather suggests the girls do what Academy students do: work part-time shifts. Meme says she is not "picky" regarding a job, Tsugumi has never had a job before, and Anya is just giddy at the prospect of work. Eternal Feather hands the girls a list of potential employers. Eternal Feather argues that, because the trio are "all girls, and not particularly suited to hard labor," and because Meme showed no pickiness, the trio should try working as café waitresses at Deathbucks Café, which provides cute uniforms as well. While Anya was initially giddy, when asked by Tsugumi whether she would be interested in the cute uniforms at Deathbucks, Anya feigns disinterest, claiming she has no interest in "totally outrageous" part-time work but will do so if Tsugumi insists. Eternal Feather then offers to submit the employment forms to the Academy.

Deathbucks CaféEdit

After school, Tsugumi and her meisters arrive at the café, whose design Meme finds "quite fashionable." Anya complains, asking why she has to work, leading Meme to think Anya too has memory problems and has forgotten why they are working.

The trio enter and introduce themselves to the café's master as his employees for the next week. Master welcomes them, yet he appears rather scary. The trio also notice two other students in the café who will be working as waiters: the meister Akane and the weapon Clay. Anya, who recognizes Akane and Clay as having attended their entrance ceremony the first day of class, mocks the two boys for foolishly using up their allowance (ignoring the fact that she did as well). Akane explains Clay wasted both of their allowances at the arcade; Clay begins to object but silences himself when Akane questions him, intending to get back at Akane for this lie. Meanwhile, the middle school-aged Tsugumi is surprised how much older the two young men look and becomes nervous at the prospect of working with boys. Master directs the students to the changing room at the back of his café where they may change into their uniforms, and the nervous Tsugumi hurries her classmates to do so.

The boys have changed into their uniforms, Clay remarking how "the outfit really makes you feel the part," which Akane finds "simple-minded" of his weapon. Master admits the boys look sharp in their outfits, as they see the girls arrive. Tsugumi blushes and sweats upon seeing how the Deathbucks girls uniform accentuates Meme's bust, while Anya refuses to enter the room, finding her skirt to be too short and looks shameless. Tsugumi assures Anya that the outfit is find, making her appear slender, pale, and beautiful. In response to Tsugumi's comment, teary-eye Anya refers to her weapon as a "pervert." Meme and Tsugumi are overwhelmed by finding Anya to be so cute, struggling to catch their breath as Tsugumi asks Master for a glass of water and Meme thinking this image of Anya will be burned into her memory. Regarding Anya, Master admits, "If I were twenty years younger, I'd be head over heels."

After Tsugumi and Meme finishes drinking their glasses of water, Master instructs his student employees to how to greet customers with menus, how to take orders, and how to take food to tables. He also reassures the students not to worry about anything but their jobs, as clientele already know they are Academy students and many of them have associations with the DWMA.

As the students take customers, one customer wishes an embarrassed Tsugumi good luck at her new job. Medusa, a nurse at the Academy, enters and orders her usual coffee, which Tsugumi brings to Medusa at her corner table. While the nervous Tsugumi struggles to hold her tray of coffee despite her shaking, Meme struggles to remember two customers' orders. As the customers suggest Meme write down their order, Akane and Clay are amused by Tsugumi and Meme's nervousness. However, Clay is surprised how pleasantly Anya behaves towards customers, as if she is enjoying this work. Over the course of the day, Anya continues to enjoy her work, Meme is strong enough to carry two entire trays full of materials almost effortlessly, and Tsugumi seems to enjoy the work.

Once the rush of customers ends, Master asks his student employees to take a break, offering Tsugumi and her peers tea to drink in the back room. While the students depart for the back room, Master gets back to work grinding coffee beans. In the staff's room, Akane is impressed with the tea, while Clay cannot really notice a difference in quality, as he assumed a place that hires students for employees cannot be that good of a café. Overhearing this conversation, Tsugumi seems to realize something. She leaves the break room and approaches Master, who is cleaning dishes. Tsugumi tells Master that, while he said people come to this café to see DWMA students, she tinks they actually come because of his culinary prowess, specifically his coffee. An embarrassed Tsugumi runs back to the break room while Master, now smiling, continues to clean.

Later that day, Ox, the student Tsugumi saw punched by Kim, arrives, working for Death Shipping to delivery coffee beans to Master. While Clay greets Ox by his first name, Akane refers to him as "senpai." Akane and Clay are surprised Ox is working like they are. As she watches these boys, Anya quietly jokes to Tsugumi that Ox is hardly as much of a model student as Eternal Feather suggested, as he probably spent his money poorly (again, ignoring the hypocrisy that Anya herself spent all of her allowance already) on gifts for Kim. Tsugumi shushes the confused Anya.

Eternal Feather then enters Deathbucks to check in on the girls, complimenting Tsugumi's uniform and surprised how Anya enjoys the job. Eternal Feather then orders and receives an order of apple tea from Tsugumi.

After a week of working hard, Tsugumi, her meisters, and Akane and Clay receive their paychecks from Master. Tsugumi finds the job to have been a lot of fun and that the week passed quickly, while Meme can't remember whether they were working for a week or a month. Master compliments his student employees and tells them their hard work earned them those paychecks.

As Tsugumi and her friends leave Deathbucks, they are interrupted by Ox, who has run to meet with them. Recognizing Tsugumi by name, Ox hands her an envelop with his money earned this week at Death Shipping. Ox explains he worked his part-time job to pay back Tsugumi the money that Kim took from her. But in return for his money, Ox asks that Tsugumi not hold a grudge against Kim. He explains that he thinks Kim acts as she does to keep people at a distance for some unknown reason. He hands Tsugumi the money and tells her to spend the money as she wishes. As he departs, neither he nor Tsugumi know that Kim is hiding behind the corner. As she overhears this conversation, Kim looks downcast and refers to Ox as a "dummy."

Girls' Dormitory Edit

In her bedroom, Tsugumi is still worried whether she should accept Ox's money. Anya reminds Tsugumi that Ox advised not to hold a grudge against Kim, while Meme suggests spending the money or else Ox's work will have been for nothing. As tomorrow begins their weekend, Tsugumi suggests they spend the money on a roommate-celebration party at Deathbucks, then report it to Ox.

Tsugumi then asks Meme and Anya to no longer use the honorific "san"—they may call her just Tsugumi. Meme thinks to do so is weird, but Tsugumi tickles her to convince Meme to acquiesce. Tsugumi encourages the embarrassed Anya to say her name as well, but all Anya can say is "Tsugumin" ("Goober" in the English translation).

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Episode 3 began with Kim having a nightmare. This nightmare does not appear in Chapter 3.
  • Kim's outfit differs between Chapter 3 and the majority of her appearances in the anime Soul Eater Not! Whereas in most of her appearances in the anime Kim wears a sports jacket, skirt, and thigh-high striped socks, in almost all of Chapter 3 Kim wears a sailor fuku uniform similar to the one she wore at the beginning of the first Soul Eater manga and anime. However, when Kim demands Eternal Feather pay a name-changing fee, Kim wears an outfit similar to the one she wears in the Soul Eater Not! anime.
  • In Episode 2, Master's moped is parked in front of Deathbucks Café. It is absent in the manga until Chapter 35 (NOT!).
  • In Episode 2, Tsugumi and Meme use portions of their paycheck to buy Anya a skull broach to replace the one of her family that she traded at the Bazaar. In Chapter 3 and the earlier chapters, Anya had worn her skull broach already and had never traded her Yngling family broach, hence Tsugumi and Meme did not buy a broach to replace her lost one.
  • The order of events regarding Ox giving Tsugumi his money and the Traitor attacking Anya differ between the manga and the anime.
    • Chapter 3 focuses only on Tsugumi and her classmates working at Deathbucks, while Chapters 4 and 5 focus on the Traitor attacking Anya. The students' work at Deathbucks is split across Episodes 2 and 3, and the Traitor fight is only in Episode 3.
    • In Episode 3, after their encounter with the Traitor, Tsugumi and Meme leave Anya at the dormitory to recover while they pick up her last check from Deathbucks, along with their own. They then find Ox waiting for them at the girls' dormitory to give them the money he earned as a request that they forgive Kim, who as the dormitory is her home is able to eavesdrop.
    • In the manga, the encounter with the Traitor happens after Anya receives her last paycheck. Therefore, in Chapter 3, Anya is with Tsugumi and Meme when they pick up their paychecks, and all three of them run into Ox, who is not waiting for them at the girls' dormitory but runs after them as they leave Deathbucks. Kim therefore is nearby when she overhears Ox rather than already home at the dormitory. Then, in Chapter 4, Anya encounters the Traitor and, in Chapter 5, is injured.


  • Deathbucks Café, in name and appearance, alludes to the actual coffee shop chain, Starbucks. Deathbucks appeared, with a considerably different appearance, in splash pages in earlier chapters of the first Soul Eater manga. In these earlier appearances, Deathbucks more closely resembled the real-life Starbucks in terms of the design of its building and its distinctive logo, replacing the mermaid in Starbucks logo with a symbol resembling Death's mask.
  • Eternal Feather's list of potential employers for part-time work include Death Records, Deathbucks Café (misspelled "Death Backs Café"), Restaurant Munehisa, and a drug store. Eternal Feather's list also shows that Deathbucks provides a uniform and that Munehisa pays at least ten dollars, likely per hour.
  • This chapter foreshadows Akane and Clay's role as bodyguards assigned by DWMA Central Intelligence to follow Anya around Death City, as an agreement with Anya's family.
    • Akane lies that Clay spent all of their weekly allowance at the arcade—a lie Akane will repeat in subsequent chapters—so that the two have an excuse to follow Anya. As in this chapter, Clay will continue to express annoyance at Akane's lie.
    • Clay remarks that the Deathbucks uniform is an "outfit [that] makes you feel the part," hinting that he and Akane are putting on a performance while following Anya at her work.
    • Akane corrects Clay to refer to Ox as "senpai," not by his first name. While Akane, Clay, and Ox are all actually E.A.T. students, Akane and Clay refer to Ox as "senpai" in keeping with their fabricated role as N.O.T. classmates of Anya.
  • The chapter begins and ends with characters asking others to say their names: Eternal Feather asks the students to say her stage name, and Tsugumi asks her meisters to say her name without the honorific "san."


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