I might not be the same me that you guys know....but I won't forget the real me again! The hard times, the fun times...the memories of my two, favorite people...I won't forget the important things ever again!

Meme Tatane, Chapter 40 (Soul Eater Not!)

Soul Eater Not! Chapter 40
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Death Fest (Part 3)

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September 12th, 2014

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Episode 12 (NOT!)

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Death Fest arc

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Having located both Meme Tatane and Shaula Gorgon, Tsugumi Harudori and Anya Hepburn prepare to do whatever it takes to bring Meme back to their side.

Death Fest (Part 3) is the 40th Chapter of Soul Eater.

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Shaula's Bell TowerEdit

As Anya Hepburn and Tsugumi Harudori arrive to save Meme Tatane, Shaula Gorgon comments on their progress and is impressed that they manage to find her so quickly. Correctly assuming the witch to be Shaula, Tsugumi demands Shaula give back Meme. However, Shaula denies her request and taunts her, asking her If she is still having trouble picking partners. Anya then demands once again to hand over Meme to them. However, Shaula then threatens to kill Meme. When Tsugumi objects, Shaula laughs and states that having friends is a weakness. She then orders Meme to kill both Anya and Tsugumi.

Pulling off a portion of her dress, Anya prepares to fight Meme. Tsugumi then transforms into her halberd form and allows Anya to use her against Meme, who is armed with a blade. As the fight persits, Shaula spectates and berates their attempt to free Meme from her control.

Tsugumi adminsters poison

Tsugumi administers the antidote to Meme via a kiss

However, at the right opportunity, Tsugumi kisses Meme as an attempt to free her of Shaula's control, having the antidote in her mouth so she may administer it. However, the medicine seems to fail, Meme continues to attack her friends, stabbing Tsugumi in her shoulder. However, Tsugumi confesses Meme's importance to her and apologizes for the hurtful things she told her. The apology reinvigorates Meme's own will, finally breaking her mind control from Shaula.

Meme will never forget

Meme tells Shaula that she will never forget her 2 favorite people ever again

Shaula, irritated at the action, attempts to convince Meme to join her side, reminding her that not only is she "everything" to Meme, but that they both killed Sid Barrett and that the world will not take kindly to Meme. Meme responds by throwing a blade at Shaula and tells her to "Shut up". She informs that while she may be different due to the fact she regain all her memories, that she still cherishes the memories of her friends, Anya and Tsugumi.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Meme breaks the mind control by her own willpower after Tsugumi apologizes. In the anime, however, Meme breaks the mind control of her own willpower after Tsugumi sings a song to remind her of their time together.
  • Shaula stays and spectates the battle. In the anime however, she left Meme to kill Anya and Tsugumi.


  • In this chapter, Shaula implies that she is Meme's mother. However, on Twitter, Atsushi Ohkubo confirmed that Shaula is not Meme's mother.[1]
  • Shaula’s remarks about "Funes," similar to Meme’s earlier use of that word,[2] alludes to Funes el Memorioso, a short story by Argentinean magical realist writer Jorge Luis Borges. In this story, Funes is a boy who, upon hitting his head, comes to have perfect memory.[3]


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