If it wasn't for Shaula...we could have laughed all these things off. She's ruined Death City...there's nowhere to run anymore. At first, I didn't want to come to DWMA. I was nervous and frighten. I hated that I became a weapon. But once I got to know the people here, I realized I was having the time of my life.....and everyone else helped a coward like me find while everyone else fights for our home, even as a "NOT", I want to do my jot of help for the DWMA's sake!

—Tsugumi to her friends, Chapter 41 (Soul Eater NOT!)

Soul Eater NOT! Chapter 41 Cover
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Death Fest (Part 4)

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October 9th, 2014

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Episode 12 (NOT!)

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Death Fest Arc

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With Meme back in their good graces, the trio prepare for the fight of their lives as they battle the powerful scorpion witch, Shaula Gorgon.

Death Fest (Part 4) is the 41st chapter of Soul Eater NOT!.

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Death City

  • Bell Tower


Soul Perception
Royal Karate
Shaula's Magic


With Clay at hand, Akane☆Hoshi fights off the number of Traitors with Alfred utilizing his Royal Karate to defend himself. The bell tower suddenly goes off, as noted by Clay. With his soul perception, Akane notices something is wrong and heads towards the bell tower.

As the Trio prepare to battle Shaula, Tsugumi says that she has made her decision. She chooses both Meme and Anya as her partners and transform. Despite the awkwardness, they push themselves to go on and battle Shaula. Shaula counterattacks, stating that while she is impressed with their skills in the fact that they forced her to use magic, she is much more powerful and they will regret doing so. As she prepares to strike them with the killing blow, Akane intervenes and urges them to leave Shaula to them.

However, Tsugumi protests and says she wants to do a small part in helping Shibusen, even If she is only a N.O.T student. Akane then allows the trio to assist him, stating he will try to expose any weakness from Shaula while they finish her off. When Tsugumi questions how, Akane reveals to her that she has a bladed edge. She is surprised to find she was able to finally sport a blade. Anya, Meme, and Tsugumi then prepare to strike.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the Anime, the trio defeat Shaula on their own. In the manga, however, Akane☆Hoshi assists them in fighting Shaula.
  • Shaula Gorgon utilizes the move, Scorpion Scissors.
  • It is stressed much more in the manga than in the anime that Shaula is a far more experienced and powerful being than the trio.
  • Alfed, Anya's person butler, is shown to know Royal Karate.
  • Soul Perception makes another appearance, with Akane sensing the releasing of Soul Protect. In comparison, Soul Perception is noticeably absent in the anime.


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