SEN! - Chapter 42
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Final Chapter: It's a Savage But Super-Fun Life ♪

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Death Fest Arc

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Tsugumi and her two meisters face down Shaula Gorgon in a fight to the finish, to determine the fate of Death City and its students' survival.

Final Chapter: It's a Savage But Super-Fun Life ♪ is the forty-second and final chapter of the Soul Eater Not! manga.

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Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane, wielding Tsugumi Harudori in her bladed weapon form, backed up by Akane☆Hoshi wielding Clay Sizemore, confront the witch Shaula Gorgon. Shaula stabs her hair into the ground, summoning around the courtyard scorpion tails out of the ground that strike at the heroes.

The meisters dodge and strike down the tails, but Shaula stands her ground, claiming she does not need to escape: “From now on, Death City will be my palace!” she declares.

But as Shaula threatens to kill her possessed Death City residents, Akane reacts against her bluff, claiming that death would be better than being under her possession.

Anya capitalizes upon the distraction that Akane provides to attack with Tsugumi, before Meme attacks Shaula directly with her own hands. Shaula again attempts to persuade Meme that partnering with Tsugumi and Anya will weaken Meme, but again Shaula’s words fail to convince her: “You manipulated me with your own ideas of who’s ‘better’ or ‘worse’…All I hope for is that my fists will help those I love be happy.”

Realizing she is outnumbered, Shaula leaps to the top of the building to escape, intending to leave her possessed soldiers to eliminate Tsugumi and the others. Refusing to allow Shaula to escape, Anya and Meme both seize Tsugumi, and with the Soul Resonance of not two but three partners succeed in drawing out a new weapon form in Tsugumi: a lance. Leaping forward, Anya and Meme practically fly towards Shaula, aiming to cut through the witch.

Shaula mocks the NOT students, claiming they cannot defeat her, until she is distracted by a sight that leaves her in fear. Standing atop the building are all of the Death Scythes: Spirit Albarn, Dengu Dinga, Tsar Pushka, Marie Mjolnir, Azusa Yumi, Tezca Tlipoca, Jinn Galland, and Justin Law. Leading the Death Scythes are Death the Kid and Lord Death.

Death, Kid, and the DeathScythes

The Father, the Son, and Their Death Scythes

Lord Death, backed up by his Death Scythes and his son, confronting Shaula, issues an ultimatum: “Listen, you…Do you know who you’ve picked a fight with?” Whereas she could likely defeat mere NOT students, Shaula realizes she stands no chance against all of the Death Scythes, and especially against Lord Death. The NOT students are able to tear through the distracted Shaula: her body dissipates, leaving behind only her soul, which is collected by Kid.

Clay congratulates Tsugumi and her meisters, as Akane reminds them that they have answered that “partner question” that has plagued them for so long.

In the months after Shaula’s defeat, Dr. Franken Stein treats the previously possessed students, including Meme, and Anya returns to her parents’ castle, leaving Tsugumi without a partner. Yet motivated by her desire to be as capable as her two meisters, Tsugumi presses on through the autumn and winter.

New member of the NOT! Trio

A new meister appears.

The chapter ends in the spring. As she arrives at the DWMA, Tsugumi reunites with Anya and Meme, both now returned to their classes and ready to renew their partnership with their weapon. However, Tsugumi has a surprise: she introduces Anya and Meme to Ao Hoshino, a NOT student who specializes in Tsugumi’s scythe form, effectively turning their trio into a quartet. The chapter ends as the series began, with Anya and Meme frustrated that their weapon cannot commit: “You’re such a player, Tsugumi-chan!!”

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • There's an addition to Tsugumi's team: Ao Hoshino.
  • Shaula Gorgon is killed while being distracted by Death, his son, and his Death Scythes from the Trio's soul resonance attack.
  • Death himself is more involved, whereas in the anime he didn't make an appearance.
  • Shaula showcases some abilities not present in the anime, such as growing scorpion tails from the ground.
  • All of the original eight Death Scythes appear.
  • Shaula's soul is taken by Death the Kid instead of being delivered by Tsugumi to the academy.
  • Akane and Clay assist in fighting Shaula, wheras in the anime the trio manage to fight her on their own.