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The NOT trio attend class to learn how to work in pairs, but Anya Hepburn is left out while Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane are paired. When jealousy reaches a boiling point, Anya runs off after to class and takes alleyway where her very life is threatened by a Traitor.

Traitor (裏切り者, Uragirimono) is the fourth chapter of the manga Soul Eater Not!. It was released in 2011 and compiled in July 2012 with the release of Volume 1.

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NOT Students

DWMA Staff and Students

The Traitors




  • Finger Claw (first appearance)


Death Weapon Meister Academy

At the Mission Board, a student informs Sid Barrett about the sixteenth report of Traitors confronting DWMA students. Sid is interrupted by Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, who are interested in driving off the Traitors with a show of force before their NOT class.

Death City

After receiving their permission from Sid, Akane and Clay encounter the Traitor, a tall man with hauntingly emotionless eyes accentuated through a broad lifeless face. Upon Clay's transformation into his sizemore weapon form, Akane puts the sword to the edge of the Traitor's face, but the Traitor simply leans forward into the blade, showing no pain. While Akane is shocked, he strikes the Traitor quickly at the back of his neck, knocking out the stranger but leaving Akane wondering what is wrong with this opponent.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

In the cafeteria, Tsugumi HarudoriMeme Tatane, and Anya Hepburn find two strawberry tarts available for purchase, which were recommended to them by Eternal Feather. While the three debate how to split two tarts among three people, they are interrupted by the bell for their next class.

In the Dance Room, Sid explains to the NOT students that, with their tremendous power as meisters and weapons, they must learn to maintain a healthy soul. Tsugumi reflects on Sid's words, as she thinks about the prejudice many people have against demon weapons in fear that such weapons may injure others. "The Laws" of the DWMA provide guidance how weapons may live peacefully in the world outside of Death City.

Sid then explains that the Academy's classes are divided into two curricula: 90 percent of students enroll in non-combatant Normally Overcome Target (NOT) classes, while the remaining 10 percent enroll in Especially Advanced Talent (EAT) classes to learn how to use their powers to combat evil.

To demonstrate how weapons may control their abilities, Sid has invited an EAT meister-weapon pair: the Scythe Meister Maka Albarn and her Demon Scythe Soul Eater. Tsugumi is surprised to recognize Maka, as well as to see she is partnered with that "guy with the goofy stage name." Maka introduces herself to the class, then stops to smile at Tsugumi, this recognition of their previous meeting causing Tsugumi to blush.

Maka interrupts her introduction to point out that she once wore Tsugumi's uniform. As Maka explains that the DWMA offers various uniforms and has a liberal dress policy, Meme compliments Anya's new DWMA skull-shaped brooch—even as Anya remembers that the memory-impaired Meme already complimented this brooch three days ago. Tsugumi tells Maka she chose her uniform because it obscures her less busty figure—prompting the similarly flat-chested Maka to seize Tsugumi's hands and refer to her as a kindred spirit. Frustrated with Maka's delay, Sid chops her to start the lesson. Before Maka begins, Tsugumi interrupts to introduce herself by name and to explain she modeled her pigtails on Maka's, prompting Maka to blush, smile, and compliment how cute Tsugumi looks, which only makes Tsugumi blush harder.

After Soul transforms into his Demon Scythe form, Sid explains that weapons are not objects but humans, it is by meister and weapon recognizes each other's will that a meister can move a weapon almost effortlessly. To demonstrate, Maka is able to have Soul move across her hand while barely moving. As Maka then twirls her weapon around herself without injury, Tsugumi compares this motion to dancing. After Maka swings her scythe and bounces across the floor, she concludes her demonstration to loud applause from the NOT students.

As Maka demonstration ends, Akane and Clay arrive to class late, the meister claiming the weapon was delayed at the arcade, prompting Clay's annoyance that Akane "again" gives this excuse. While Tsugumi is confused how the two boys were late to class when they were already in her morning class, Sid instructs his students to pair up. As the students mill about, Akane takes Sid aside, explaining that while he and Clay disabled the Traitor, his odd behavior prompted them to take him into custody.

Meanwhile, Tsugumi struggles to determine how to split into pairs. Anya reasons that, because Tsugumi and Meme paired before, it is now Anya's turn. While Meme agrees, Sid interrupts, taking Anya by her hand and dragging her to partner with the taciturn weapon Aaron. While Anya struggles to converse the headphones-wearing Aaron, she grows jealous upon overhearing Meme tickling Tsugumi.

After class, Tsugumi and Meme are surprised to see Anya has already left.

Death City

A jealous Anya storms away through the alleys of Death City, bemoaning how her formality likely makes it difficult for her to bond with Tsugumi. She claims this split is for the best to happen now, as Tsugumi had to choose between her and Meme as a meister at some point.

As Anya passes one alley, a man in a hoodie notices her DWMA skull brooch. He calls to her, reveal clawed jewelry along one of his fingers as he asks, chillingly, "Did you sleep well last night?"

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In Chapter 4, Sid explains NOT and EAT curricula in the Dance Room. In Episode 3, Sid gives this explanation in one of the Academy's lecture halls.
  • In Chapter 4, Soul's introduction to Soul Eater Not! as well as his demonstration with Maka occurs during one of Sid's lessons to the NOT students in the Dance Room, days after Tsugumi's orientation. In Episode 1, Maka and Soul are introduced in the same story and give their demonstration not in the Dance Room class but on the first day of orientation in another classroom. In Episode 3, Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré instead demonstrates demon weapon transformation in Sid's Dance Room class.
  • In Chapter 4, Sid chops Maka in the Dance Room to stop bonding with Tsugumi over their similar fashion choices and body shapes. This event occurs days before the physical education exam. In Episode 4, Soul chops Maka in the Academy hallway to stop this bonding, which occurs just one day before the physical education exam.
  • In Chapter 4, Akane and Clay arrive late to the Dance Room, missing Maka's demonstration, without comment by Sid but confusing Tsugumi, who remembers the duo were in her morning class. After Sid instructs students to split into pairs, Akane takes the teacher aside to explain the Traitor. In Episode 1, the duo were present at orientation for Maka's demonstration. As well, in Episode 3, they were tardy arriving to the lecture hall, not the Dance Room, at which point Sid haranges Clay as an excuse to debrief the two about their confrontation with the Traitor. While Sid speaks with Akane and Clay, Tsugumi and Meme discuss Clay's odd behavior, before the scene cuts to the two girls seeing how clumsy Clay is at Deathbucks—none of which occurs in the manga.


  • Sid's first remark to his NOT students, "A sound soul resides in a sound mind and a sound body," is the quotation that Maka Albarn recites at the beginning of each episode of the first Soul Eater anime. This phrase also serves as the title to the final chapter of the the first manga.
  • This chapter reveals that Sid has his own form of the Shinigami Chop, the Sid Chop, which he performs with his own book. His performance of this move upon Maka may have influenced her own Maka Chop.


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