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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 7)

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Volume 13

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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle

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Chapter 51: "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 6)" Chapter 53: "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 8)"
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While Kid and Free face new forms of Mosquito, a new ally to Arachne makes his appearance.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 7) is the fifty-second serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 13.

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Baba Yaga Castle, Tower 8 Edit

Free is surprised to encounter Death the Kid, the latter correcting the former that they are inside Tower 8, not Tower 2. Free does not take the news well. Mosquito interrupts, vowing not to let the two with the Thompsons to destroy the demon tool locks. Free shrugs off his error, anticipating that it is for the best to be present to ally with Kid, despite shinigami and werewolf's animosity towards each other.

As the Thompsons transform, Mosquito assumes his 100 Years Ago form. Kid reminds Free that their goal is not to defeat Mosquito but avoid him to get to the demon tool locks as soon as possible.

Icicle Fist

Free's Icicle Fist downs Mosquito--but compromises Kid's plan

Kid begins by firing at Mosquito, only for his opponent's thick arms to block the shots. Free charges his right fist into a ball of energy, his magic succeeding at breaking through Mosquito's barrier. Free follows up with Icicle Fist--which knocks Mosquito backwards down the hall, the opposite of Kid's plan: now Free has sent Mosquito in the direction of the locks rather than getting past Arachne's lackey.

Soul Eater Chapter 52 - Mosquito 200 Year Form

Mosquito unleashes his 200-year form.

As Mosquito stands, he realizes that against a magic-using werewolf and a shinigami, he must assume a different form. Patty Thompson is surprised to hear someone like Mosquito has multiple forms in addition to the one from their battle for Brew on Lost Island. Mosquito decides his form from 200 years ago may be sufficient. Mosquito's arms and legs lengthen, as does his needle nose, which allows him to increase speed and have his "finest nose," until he appears like a long-nosed spider. Before Kid and Free can react, Mosquito has crawled above them, his hands wrapping around his opponents' necks to smash them against the hallway's walls. Free regains his footing, seizing Mosquito by the nose and hurling him into a wall.

In the dust kicked up from Free's attack, Mosquito is able to stand again and lunge his nose and fists at Kid. The reaper blocks and fires multiple rounds up close at Mosquito, missing, however, as the "zippy old bastard" (so Liz Thompson calls him) dashes across the walls.

Ice Bind

Free confines Mosquito in Ice Bind

Free conjures Ice Pillar, keeping Mosquito in place to allow Kid to fire more shots. Mosquito attacks with his nose again, but Kid uses his pistols to block. Kid lands repeated kicks into Mosquito's chest and head. As Mosquito regains footing, Kid fires again at his face. Mosquito ponders whether he should retreat, but Free performs Ice Bind, freezing the floor around Mosquito's feet to allow Kid to fire more shots at Mosquito's face.

As Mosquito crashes onto the floor, Free performs A Vasili: Frigid Jailhouse, water emerging from the floor and freezing around Mosquito. Free orders Kid to join him in one more attack: as Free assumes his wolf form to fire Demon Eye Cannon, Kid performs Death Cannon.

The twin shots produce a large explosion, leaving behind a tattered but still living Mosquito. He promises he will not underestimate Free and these other "damn kids" again, by now unleashing "true hell."

Arachne's Room: The Spider Queen Room Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 52 - Noah appears

"Eibon" appears.

A man emerges from the doorway, asking an Arachnophobia lackey why there is so much noise. The lackey responds that the DWMA has infiltrated the castle, but the man named Eibon says that Arachne's magical preparations are reaching their conclusion.

Baba Yaga Castle, Tower 8 Edit

Mosquito's Soul Swelling

Mosquito's soul enlarges.

Kid is surprised to see that Mosquito's soul wavelength enlarges exponentially, as the man assumes his form from 400 years ago.

A handsome, proper, much young man, with a cravat and dark suit, almost resembling a butler, stands before Free and Kid. Patty is not impressed by his "lame" look, while Liz thinks the previous 200-year form looked much stronger. Regardless, Mosquito addresses his opponents as desiring to see how they fare against his younger form.

Behind Free, bats form, eventually shaping into Mosquito who, with one swipe, cuts Free in half at the waist. Before Kid can respond, he too is sliced. As Mosquito licks his bloody fingers, he is disappointed the two men could not last one second in combat.

Trivia Edit

  • Mosquito reveals himself to be as concerned with messes as Death the Kid. But whereas Kid's behavior may owe to his obsessive compulsion, or his role as Lord Death's fragment of order, Mosquito's behavior owes to a fastidious devotion to Arachne and keeping her castle clean (which contrasts him against the slovenly Giriko).
  • Although this is Noah (Greed)'s first appearance, the character's history is complicated. He is introduced by name as Eibon, but despite sharing with the magician the Book of Eibon and a penchant for flowing scarf-life attire (in Noah's case, a shirt tied around his waist), his real name and identity would be clarified in the Salvage Arc. As well, Noah's character design and book-based powers are inspired by that of Grimoire, a villain from the Soul Eater video game Monotone Princess.

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