Chapter 53 - Caputre Baba Yaga Castle (Part 8)
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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 8)

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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Arc

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Backed into a corner, Kid seems overwhelmed by the vampire, Mosquito's newest form. However, BREW activates and they're seemingly even. Meanwhile, more of the Lock Towers are being targeted by Kilik Rung and "Eibon"'s true intentions begin to be revealed.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 8) is the 53rd chapter of Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 14.

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Baba Yaga Hallway to Lock #8Edit

Chapter 53 - Kid losing his arm to Mosquito

Kid as he lays from losing an arm thanks to Mosquito.

Having his arm skewered by the vampire Mosquito, Death the Kid looks towards it, perplexed at the turn of events. As Patty calls out for her injured meister, Kid realizes he no longer has any sort of bilateral symmetry. Patty then prepares to transform to her human form, but Kid intervenes and orders her to stay in her weapon form. Mosquito them approaches menacingly, stating that while he's a shinigami, he's also a child and his Lines of Sanzu is also incomplete. He then unleashes his Nightmare Noise attack and sends Kid to the ground.

Chapter 53 - Mosquito monologues

Mosquito explains what separates him from the DWMA.

As Free in the background watches from being bisected in half, Mosquito explains what separates from him from the "likes" of him and the shinigami, revealing that it is history. He also begins insulting the likes of Death, saying that in the eight hundred years, all he has done is "babysat a pile of snot-nosed brats" at the DWMA school. He then also tells Kid that Arachnophobia's has already started and cannot be stopped. The madness has already begun reaching it's climax and the world has change. Until now, the world's security has been maintained by the DWMA. However, Arachnophobia has now started eating away their power. Mosquito reveals that Arachnophobia intends on replacing the DWMA as a world power and that humans souls pushed in the right direction always falls into traps. He grimly smiles as he claims Arachnophobia will soon be the "Masters of all the World".

Chapter 53 - Medusa senses BREW

Medusa senses the use of BREW.

However, Kid replies that he'll never ever let the likes of them rule over people's souls and "play god".As he proclaims that, BREW then starts reacting, surprising both Kid and Mosquito.

Elsewhere in Baba YagaEdit

As BREW reacts, "Eibon" then senses it's energy. However, the energy from the demon tool is also sensed by the witch, Medusa.

Hallways to Lock #8Edit

Chapter 53 - BREW powers up Kid

As BREW reacts, Kid's own soul wavelength begins swelling. Overhearing Kid, Mosquito witnesses one of the lines of sanzu connect and his wavelength expanding to a level similar to his own. Mosquito then attempts to figure out how BREW was obtained by the DWMA, thinking it was broken from their own retrieval. As the revelation further infuriates the vampire, Kid then uses a variant of the Death Claw to connect his skewed arms back to him, completely healed. Liz welcomes Patty back as she is added back into their resonance and notices that one of the Lines of Sanzu is connected. Kid then tells her to not comment to avoid him freaking out.

Stance of Punishment - Kid strikes Mosquito

Kid attacks Mosquito

The young shinigami then enters the Death God Taijutsu: "Punishment" Stance against the vampire. Free, having healed, then gets up and acts rather oddly, attracting Mosquito's attention. However, Kid see's through his seemingly odd behavior and decides to keep Mosquito attention on him. He then strikes him and they battle, using the Death Arm Blocking spell to block against Mosquito's Nightmare Noise attack. Both Kid and his weapons then perform a soul resonance, his weapons upgrading to Death Eagle .42. Mosquito then turns into eight thousand bats, attack kid and performing the Darkness Discord spell, grievously attacking kid with his ultra-sonic waves. However, Kid retaliates and uses the Sanzu River Shot & Sanzu Fall Shot to grievously injure Mosquito himself. Both oppponents are forced to the knee, BREW itself now having stopped working on Kid.

Chapter 53 - Mosquito leaves the battle

Mosquito leaves the battle to protect Arachne.

As Mosquito muses on how both individuals aren't going to walk out of the battle without injury, the Lock to Tower #8 explodes. As Mosquito is dumbfounded, Free explained that he used his spatial magic to create an illusion that he was here the whole time. Realizing the problem of the situation, Mosquito retreats to protect Arachne, telling Kid he can keep BREW for now. Liz and Patty then transform back into their human forms, wondering what their next course of plan. Kid tells them that he plans on following him.

Security Operations RoomEdit

Chapter 53 - Kilik, Fire, and Thunder reveal themselves

Klik, Fire, and Thunder reveal themselves to Demon Tool Soldiers.

As Arachnophobia personnel work, "Eibon" relishes over the fact that BREW is somewhere in the castle with a grim smirk to himself.

Tower #2: Demon Tool Soldier Waiting RoomEdit

The Demon Tool Soldiers converse with one another, revealing 6 towers have been taken down and one remains and reminds that they must protect Tower #2, no matter what. Kilik, Fire, and Thunder then reveal themselves, with the meister saying "surprise".


  • Noah (Greed) uses the alias for a much of this arc before his real name is revealed.


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