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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 11)

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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Arc

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In Baba Yaga Castle, Death the Kid is shocked to see the power of the newly revealed Noah kill Mosquito. Before Kid can retreat, he is captured by Noah's Book of Eibon, with Liz Thompson unable to stop him. Meanwhile, outside Baba Yaga Castle, as Shibusen and Arachnophobia members continue battle, Sid Barrett refuses to interfere in Black☆Star's battle against Mifune, as the ninja unleashes a new form in Tsubaki Nakatsukasa.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 11) is the fifty-sixth chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 14.

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Baba Yaga Castle, Security Operations RoomEdit

To battle Mosquito, who has assumed his form from 400 years ago, his opponent, Arachnophobia's sorcerer, who has summoned a Magic Worm from the Book of Eibon. Around the corner, Death the Kid watches, while Liz and Patty Thompson are surprised that members of Arachnophobia are fighting amongst themselves. With his Soul Perception, Kid is confused by Mosquito's opponent, unable to recognize him. Yet Kid can sense that the sorcerer's Soul Response is calm and terrifying, his soul appearing like a collection of rune-covered papers. Kid then senses that the sorcerer has spotted him hiding behind that corner. Kid tries to calm himself as Mosquito announces that, as Arachne's steward, he never should have trusted this sorcerer who opposes him. Mosquito then identifies this opponent as Eibon, which surprises Kid, until Mosquito corrects himself, realizing this sorcerer was merely posing as Eibon.

This sorcerer laugh, saying that with the Book of Eibon, which with BREW is the total of Eibon's wisdom, he might as well be Eibon. The sorcerer explains he assumed Eibon's name in order "to operate under a well-known brand," which managed to convince Arachnophobia to trust him. And the sorcerer adds that, much as Eibon collected wisdom over everything, he too embodies such a goal. He then reminds Mosquito that he already faces this very power of Eibon earlier, when Kid used BREW's power to force Mosquito to retreat. The sorcerer continues to explain that his goal is to acquire everything in the world, including the Kishin, to store in the Book, at which point the sorcerer "will be everything."

Mosquito claims he will defeat the sorcerer with his form from 800 years ago, "my most terrible" power. Mosquito transforms, his eyes elongating and forming multiple pupils, his nose elongating, and spikes growing out of his back. But the transformation is interrupted as the Magic Worm drives Mosquito into a wall, seeming to swallow Mosquito's lower half, shocking the monster. While the sorcerer admits Mosquito is strong, he also says he has no desire to collect Mosquito in his book, hence he must die. But the sorcerer offers to inform Mosquito, before his death, of his real name. Mosquito resumes his form from 400 years ago as he smirks, claiming he has no desire to know the name of such a greedy person. The sorcerer admits he is greedy, then reveals his name: Noah. Mosquito resumes his usual form as, with his dying breath, he calls out Arachne's name and begs her to forgive his failure. The Magic Worm releases a laser from its mouth that destroys all but one fluttering bat-shaped piece of Mosquito, which Noah collects.

Kid is horrified that Noah managed to destroy Mosquito, even his own Soul Response. Realizing he is no match for this sorcerer, Kid intends to retreat. But Noah appears around the corner, and he says he intends to collect this Shinigami as well. Noah opens the Book of Eibon, but before the volume can collect him, Kid tosses away the Thompsons in their weapon form. From the pages of the book emerges a portal, covered with runes in the shape of the Magic Worm. Noah's body grows dark except for bridge runes appearing along the left side of his face and neck. Kid screams as the book's sides come to resemble teeth and a rune forms underneath Kid's feet, causing his body to evaporate. The Thompsons call out to Kid, but it is too late: his body has been pulled into the book.

Noah slams the opened book down to the floor, proving that Kid has been absorbed into it. Noah is gleeful that his acquisition of Kid also acquired for him BREW. Then he senses a gun pointed at him, as Liz, still dressed in her maid outfit, aims her sister's weapon form. Noah informs Liz that he has spared her from being consumed as part of his collection, so she should reconsider her intentions. Although sweating and shaking with fear, Liz aims at Noah and demands that he return Kid. Noah turns his back on her, saying that Liz's beauty will not be enough to convince him to collect her as well. With that, Noah walks away.

Soul Eater Chapter 56 - Liz refuses to lose Patty

Liz refuses to risk Patty's life

Patty calls to Liz to transform, as she thinks she is the tougher meister and can fight Noah. Liz refuses, claiming neither sister stands a chance against Noah. Patty demands that they rescue Kid, but Liz tells her sister to shut up. Patty shouts that Liz is a coward, but Liz responds that she refuses to get Patty killed in a failed attempt to save Kid. Patty grows silent until she reverts to her human form. She holds her crying sister to her as she asks what they are going to do now.

Outside Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Shibusen soldiers rush towards Arachnophobia's samurai and other soldiers, battling them. Sid Barrett stands away until Mira Naigus, in her weapon form, directs him to look up. There, Sid can see Black☆Star still is in his airborne fight against Mifune. Mira urges Sid to join this battle, but the meister refuses. Mifune uses Jumbled Lineup to send a crescent-shaped attack towards Black☆Star, which the ninja seems to barely dodge. Mifune then approaches with attacks from his multiple swords, which Black☆Star tries to block with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow.

Yet the number of Mifune's blades cuts into Black☆Star, pouring blood out of his body. The force of the attack knocks Black☆Star down to the floor, destroying one pillar as rocks fall around the ninja's prone body. But as Black☆Star sees three more blades shooting down onto him, he flips back to dodge the three swords. Mifune lands and throws one sword towards the three swords lodged into the ground, causing those three to kick up and knock into Black☆Star. Black☆Star blocks the now four swords approaching him with Tsubaki, but Mifune runs forward, snatching one of the upturned swords to swing again at Black☆Star, who leaps to dodge.

As he leaps, Black☆Star lands a kick upon Mifune's chin. But as Mifune picks up a second sword, he uses both to slice at Black☆Star—and through him, revealing this opponent to be another Severed Shadow illusion, as the real Black☆Star slides far away. Mifune retrieves more swords, preparing for an attack, as the opponents stand apart from each other, waiting.

Tsubaki realizes that, so long as Mifune uses Jumbled Lineup, they cannot get close to him. Mifune then asks why Black☆Star is still doubting himself, as Mifune has thrown away any doubts long ago. Sid watches as Black☆Star is silent, crouched and waiting. Mira again asks Sid to interfere lest Black☆Star die in this battle. Sid silences his weapon, ordering her to watch, while he silently encourages the ninja to "prove you aren't a child of the demon path."

Black☆Star orders Tsubaki to assume Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune. The transformation creates a shadow that leaps up the ravine in which Baba Yaga Castle sits at bottom, until it falls down and wraps around Black☆Star's neck, as if forming a scarf around him. Black☆Star answers Mifune: "I have no doubts."

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