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Episode 3 (Not!): "The Witch of the Girls' Dorm!"

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Continuing from the previous chapter, Anya Hepburn realizes the danger she encounters when confronting the Traitor. Losing the battle for her life against the hooded Traitor, Anya will need the help of her friends to stop this fight!

Reality! (現実!, Genjitsu!) is the fifth chapter of the Soul Eater Not! manga. It was released in 2011 and compiled in July 2012 as part of Volume 1.

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Girls' Dormitory

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Death Weapon Meister Academy, Dance RoomEdit

Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane struggle to confirm with the taciturn NOT student Aaron whether his meister partner for the previous day of class, Anya Hepburn, already left.

Death CityEdit

Since being confronted by the Traitor, Anya asks what the man wants. Finding the Scorpio symbol in his eye and his demeanor "creepy," Anya is shocked to see the Traitor strike first. Anya dodges, noticing her opponent practices what seems to be a divergent form of Mantis Boxing.

Anya tries to reassure herself that she left "the castle" to experience the excitement of the DWMA. Reminding herself that her Royal Karate training has prepared her, she thinks she is ready to fight, without needing a weapon like Tsugumi. But as she forms fists, Anya is trembling, as she never put put her training to use, not even when first battling Hao and Raid.

Even as Anya tries to put some space between herself and the Traitor, she is feels unable to move. The Traitor's right hand has a finger claw upon it so that, as the Traitor stamps her foot, he slices across her left forearm, leaving a cut. As Anya is floored to the sidewalk, she calls the Traitor's fighting strategy cowardly. But the Traitor simply grins creepily, ready to kill her.

"Someone help!" Anya calls. Such help which arrives in the form of Meme, who pushes the Traitor away, followed by Tsugumi, who struggles to catch her breath from running to Anya's location. Meme confirms that she has never seen this Traitor before, not simply forgetting him, while Anya warns her that this Traitor is not a normal opponent. But Meme takes on an almost frightening, serious demeanor, claiming she is too "not smart enough to be afraid" and refuses to let anyone touch one of her "Funes."

Before Meme can attack, a lone voice calls from the sky to stay back. Akane☆Hoshi arrives, using his Soul Wavelength to make "quite an entrance" with a Soul Menace attack, which causes a shockwave to rip up the sidewalk and knock back almost everyone. Armed with his Demon Longsword, Clay Sizemore, Akane asks that the Traitor leave, claiming that no one here is a DWMA agent, hence will not be a very satisfying fight for the Traitor. The Traitor sneers and, as the NOT students tend to the injured Anya, escapes.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

After the ordeal, Tsugumi and Meme worry about Anya's condition, noticing that she looks pale and has a fever, prompting them to wonder whether the Traitor's finger claw was poison-tipped. While Meme suggests seeking medical attention from "Mendoza", they are interrupted by Kim Diehl, who wants to examine "Blondie" Anya's injury. Kim distracts Anya by commenting on how "smooth and shiny" are her arms, embarrassing Anya but giving Kim the opportunity to apply a bandage, as well as Regenerative Magic. Anya is healed almost instantly, Kim assuring that the injury was just a scrap and her fever the result of being outside. Tsugumi nervously asks how much Kim will charge for this treatment, but the Witch of the Girls' Dormitory says the care is for free.

As Kim rounds the corner of the hallway, she is confronted by EAT student Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, who asks why the greedy Kim would provide kind services for free. Kim simply accuses "hardass" Jacqueline of being full of herself as an EAT student and walks away, annoying the lantern weapon.

In their bedroom, Anya is annoyed with Tsugumi, asking why the weapon does not simply partner with Meme already. Tsugumi apologizes, while Meme has an idea: so that they will not forget, Meme and Tsugumi write a pact onto their arms that Anya will be the person to partner with Tsugumi during their next class. The trio reconcile.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Dance RoomEdit

But because ink washes off easily, upon their next class, Meme does not remember her promise, as Sid again assigns Anya to her previous class partner.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In Chapter 5, Tsugumi arrives after Meme but has no time to intervene in the battle as Akane almost immediately arrives to scare away the Traitor. But in Episode 3, before Akane arrives, Meme and Tsugumi face the Traitor, who then attempts to attack Tsugumi. When Tsugumi is unable to transform immediately, except for one of her legs, Akane then arrives to prevent the Traitor from attacking Tsugumi.


  • "Fune" (舟) has a variety of meanings relating to ships or watercrafts, meaning Meme might have had a naval upbringing which would explain her fighting prowess. Alternatively, 'Funes' may be a reference to the story of Funes the Memorious. This story tells of a boy named Ireneo Funes who has fallen off of a horse, received a great head injury and so received a perfect memory. In this sense, to refer to her friends as 'her Funes', Meme could be referring to them as the safeguards of her memory.
  • Akane claims to the Traitor and in front of the NOT trio that he and Clay are not DWMA agents, which is shown later to be a lie: he and Clay are intelligence officers assigned to be undercover bodyguards for Anya.
  • This chapter also foreshadows the revelation that Anya is a princess, such as her remark about living in "the castle" while practicing Royal Karate.


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