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Beginning by Wrapping Things Up

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Volume 15

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Chapter 60: "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 15)" Chapter 62: "Startup"
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After the defeat of Arachnophobia, life changes for heroes and enemies alike. As Tsubaki and Kim plead for Death to spare the witch Angela, Black☆Star recovers from his fight with Mifune, and Maka reacts oddly to news of Kid's capture by a certain book. Meanwhile, Justin Law approaches Giriko with an offer, before he is attacked by a certain meister and weapon.

Beginning by Wrapping Things Up is the sixty-first serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 15.

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Arachnophobia (defeated)


Noah's Gang




Plot Edit

Baba Yaga Castle (destroyed) Edit

The headquarters of Arachnophobia are wrecked. The masks of its members litter the floor. Smoke from the destruction rises out of the building, and outside of this damaged building is one of the swords of the deceased Mifune. A disoriented Giriko roams the hallways, shouting to the emptiness and demanding an explanation for what has happened.

Soul Eater Chapter 61 - Justin and the Clown

Justin and The Clown have a proposal for Giriko

Seeing that the castle is abandoned, Giriko realizes someone has killed Arachne. A voice calls to him, chastising Giriko for awaking up and roaming the castle, rather than staying asleep in his bedroom where they could find him more easily. Giriko recognizes the voice, turning to face Justin Law—who has a being hovering behind him. Justin ignores Giriko's impotent fury, asking his rival to follow him.

Death Room Edit

Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre, Kim Diehl, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa appear nervous facing Death. With them is a curious Angela Leon, her hand resting on Tsubaki’s leg. Death engages in a long morning greeting to his returned students before turning to Sid Barrett to inquire what to do with the witches Kim and Angela.

Sid explains that these two witches are aberrations: Kim lacks the destructive magic of most witches, and Angela is too young to feel the Pull of Magic. Therefore, while Sid surmises that Kim was never influenced by the Pull of Magic, Angela may.

Worried, Kim interjects that she could give Angela regular doses of her own magic so as to prevent the Pull of Magic. Jacqueline recommends, hesitantly, that they could use the Baba Yaga Castle Morality Manipulation Machine as well. Tsubaki pleads for Death to help Angela.

Death agrees, easily, to protect Angela, surprising both the students and Sid. Angela interrupts to ask Tsubaki when Mifune will return to pick her up. Tsubaki and Sid are nervously quiet.

Death Weapon Meister Academy DispensaryEdit

Soul Eater easily holds Black☆Star down in his hospital bed. The ninja is furious that the DWMA is willing to deceive Angela regarding the death of Mifune, but Soul explains the lie can be “more expedient,” lest Angela fall to the Pull of Magic upon learning such infuriating news. As Soul instructs his friend to “grow up a little,” Black☆Star calms down and looks out the window. Black☆Star tells Soul that, after what has happened in his fight against Mifune, he thinks he has matured a bit. Soul decides to shut the window to warm up the room, but Black☆Star asks him to leave the window open a bit longer.

Death City basketball courtEdit

With Death the Kid captured by an Arachnophobia sorcerer inside a book, Liz and Patty Thompson ask book expert Maka Albarn whether she knows anything about this book. When Liz names the volume as the Book of Eibon, Maka is shocked but feigns ignorance. Patty buys the lie, calling Maka useless, while Maka remembers seeing a copy of that book.

DWMA East Asia BranchEdit

Death contacts Azusa Yumi via mirror whether she has located Justin Law. While she has not found the missing Death Scythe, she informs Death that records of Joe Buttataki's investigation have her concerned: Justin lacks an alibi about his location at the time of Buttataki’s murder.

Desert outside of Death CityEdit

A boombox coffin vibrates along the desert, dragged by Justin Law. He calls to the sky above, asking for forgiveness for the sins he will now commit. Justin gazes upon Death City, thanking The Clown for guiding him to this location.

He is interrupted by two cloaked figures, standing behind him on higher ground. One complains that Justin’s loud music makes him easy to locate, while the other complains that the task actually took longer. They remove their cloaks to reveals themselves as Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir—performing twirls that look like those of dancers.

Marie punches Justin

Marie's punch knocks back Justin

Marie demands to know whether Justin killed Joe, and Justin admits: Joe’s Soul Perception risked following the Kishin. Stein wants to know why Justin would risk returning to Death City, suggesting Justin intends to assassinate Maka. Justin merely smiles. Marie slides down the cliff and attacks Justin, refusing to allow him to hurt any of her students. Justin claims a woman’s punch is of no concern for him—at which point Marie’s fist sends him flying through the air. During his flight, Justin grabs onto his boombox coffin, readying his stance. Stein asks whether Marie is now satisfied, and she answers that she never will be.

Stein gently chides Marie that they need to fight together, at which point she transforms. Stein charges up Lightning Rope, which Justin identifies by definition as Izuna, a hyper-nerve induction technique that boosts the meister’s physical capabilities by sending electric pulses through that meister’s motor nervous system. Marie sarcastically thanks Justin for the exposition before Stein knocks Justin into the air—then almost immediately leaps higher than Justin to knock him back down to the ground and kicks him across the desert.

Realizing Stein and Marie have him outmatched, Justin announces he will depart via a Demon Tool. Stein expects Justin is referring to the coffin, but Justin corrects him: the coffin is a boombox, while the Demon Tool Paper he clutches in his hand sucks him in before igniting, leaving only ash.

Death RoomEdit

Sid arrives with a new plan: the DWMA Elite Youth Unit. Death asks for a shorter name, such as the “DWMA Kid Squad.”

Trivia Edit

  • Justin Law's demon tool paper has the rare Chinese character, "divination," or "Yii Jing," "Book of Changes," which means to use yarrow straw sticks.[1]

References Edit

  1. Soul Eater Volume 15: Yen Press English translation, page 190

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