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Gonna Be An Angel

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Volume 16

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The newly formed Spartoi adjusts to new circumstances with Shibusen. While Maka Albarn struggles to negotiate with the newest Death Scythe Soul Eater on how to manifest her Grigori Soul's flying abilities, Noah orders his assistant Gopher to kill her for her Soul Perception abilities.

Gonna Be An Angel is the sixty-third serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 16.

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Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

With Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre’s lantern ability, Kim Diehl can fly, as witnessed by Marie Mjolnir as an example for how Maka Albarn may now use Soul Eater’s new Death Scythe abilities to fly. While Maka and Soul are nervous, Marie clarifies the high level of wavelength control that Soul gains from Arachne’s witch soul allows Maka’s rare Grigori Soul abilities to manifest angelic wings during Soul Resonance.

Hearing Marie call Maka an angel, Soul is less than convinced that this word is an accurate description. Annoyed, Maka says she wishes she could be called “angel,” similar to how Ox Ford calls Kim Diehl such nice terms. Soul hesitantly offers to try, pissing off Maka. Spirit Albarn appears to say he always calls Maka an angel, which does not impress his daughter.

After ordering Kim and Jacqueline to conclude their demonstration, Marie explains that Spirit understands best how to control soul wavelength and women, which makes him adept for this work—and which annoys both Spirit and Maka.

Maka Albarn (Chapter 63) - (1)

Soul's new Death Scythe form

Soul transforms into his new Death Scythe form, impressing his classmates. Maka embeds Soul’s blade into the ground and holds him between her legs, like how a witch rides a broomstick or how Kim rides Jacqueline.

Spirit instructs Maka and Soul to maintain a high level of wavelength control, then for both to focus on the same mental image, in this case, an image of the two flying. As Maka and Soul maintain their wavelength, Soul's blade shortens—a transformation possible thanks to becoming a Death Scythe. Spirit reminds the two to imagine wings, which form like jagged, sharp wings, surprising Maka who desired angelic wings, even as they help her float. Spirit compliments Soul, encouraging the new Death Scythe to imagine Maka's angelicness. However, all Soul can remember are the instances of Maka's fury directed towards him, disrupting his Soul Resonance until Maka is swirled through the air until she is upside down—and both fall ontot he ground.

Maka begins punching Soul's back for this failed exercise, as well as the spikey wings. Soul responds that Maka is too obsessed with Marie's "angel" comment, as "angel" hardly suits her. This remark only infuriates Maka more, who complains that she should partner with Ox. Soul is confused, reminding the "moron" Maka that she and Ox are meisters. "That's not how I meant it, and you know it!" Maka shouts. Spirit nervously expects more work awaits.

Elsewhere, Black Star attacks Franken Stein with kicks followed by Soul Menance, yet the ninja cannot land a hit against the scientist. However, Stein thinks that he himself cannot handle one of Black Star's attacks should it land. Distracted, Stein takes a kick to the face, impressed Black Star now realizes how to disrupt an opponent in hand-to-hand combat. Stein then proceeds to fight left-handed, landing multiple punches that knock Black Star down across the ground. Observing, Ox Ford asks Kilik Rung whether they should halt this match, but Kilik thinks this fight is typical for such powerful fighters.

Black Star asks how Stein managed to hit him, realizing that as Soul Menace attacks burst on impact, he has to make shallow contact rather than putting all power into his punches. Stein informs Black Star with practice he will be able to make such consecutive punches.

DWMA Firing RangeEdit

Targets with the Kishin's eyes are propped up. Shots knock down one target. Liz Thompson compliments her sister Patty for being on target, even as Patty's gait and singing surprise Sid Barrett, who has no idea how to advise Patty without compromising her success.

DWMA Front EntranceEdit

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, pretending to be a monster, chases after Angela Leon, Pot of Fire, and Pot of Thunder in a children's game. Harvar D. Éclair watches, bored at the lack of training.

Death RoomEdit

After watching his students' successful practice over a cup of warm beverage, Death calls Azusa Yumi. As Death suspects Justin Law's colleague is the same sorcerer who kidnapped Death the Kid, he is keen to know the defected Death Scythe's whereabouts, but Azusa not only cannot locate Justin but cannot understand why Justin turned traitor.

Noah's LairEdit

Gopher Beats Kid

Gopher attacks Kid

Death the Kid is punched. Gopher demands the shinigami shape up. Noah asks Gopher to conclude this brutal interrogation, as Noah proceeds with his request of Kid: he asks Kid to stop reorganizing the contents of the Book of Eibon with bookmarks and page tags, as Noah already has a sufficient arrangement for his book. Kid disagrees—earning him another punch from Gopher.

Upset, Noah orders Gopher not to harm Kid, this "prized piece of my collection." Gopher apologizes, as Giriko compliments him for providing entertainment with his alcohol and Justin tells Gopher such anger is not good for his health.

Justin turns to Kid, telling the child that he would feel better fi he let go of his fixation on rules and allow some madness and chaos into his life. Justin avoids Kid's glare, remarking that he expects Death's son to beg him to confess his sins and repent. But Kid says what he actually is thinking is how he envies Justin for his loud earphones—because if Kid could wear them, he would not have to listen to these idiots' remarks.

In response to Kid, Noah tells Gopher to make preparations. Kid realizes the two intend to assassinate Maka, yelling that they will regret such actions once Kid is free. Gopher smirks, telling Kid he should be appreciative of the company he will soon have: the corpses of his friends, left around him. Kid grits his teeth, telling Maka to be careful.

Gopher departs, wings emerging from his body. He intends to satisfy Noah's wish, which means killing Maka Albarn.

DWMA BalconyEdit

Maka still daydreams of being angelic. Soul is still annoyed. Spirit arrives, ordering the two to follow him for a discussion.


  • Grigori alludes to the angelic properties of this soul, namely the ability to manifest wings. Grigori also alludes to a collection of apocryphal Jewish religious texts known as the Books of Enoch, dated mid-first millennium BCE and mid-first millennium AD. Grigori refers to fallen angels whose initial role assigned by God was to watch humanity (hence, the etymology of Grigori comes from Old Slavonic transliteration of the Greek word "egregoroi," meaning "watchers," from the Aramaic "iyrin"). However, the leader of the Grigori encouraged them to abandon their mandate from God and to procreate with human women, which resulted in a race of beast men known as the Nephilim, which devastated human society. The Grigori also went against God's plans by teaching humans dangerous practices and technologies before humans were ready, such as how to cast horoscopes and how to make mirrors and weapons. God therefore punished the angels as fallen, and to remove the Nephilim, God brought about the Great Flood. The Yen Press translation uses the spelling "Grigori," although the Japanese spelling indicates a Greek pronunciation.[1]


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