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With Spirit Albarn's words on his mind, Soul Eater asks Maka Albarn to take their work more seriously, rather than obsessing with being an angel. While Maka is annoyed, she comes to realize she must coordinate with Soul when another person with a Grigori Soul, Gopher, arrives to execute her.

Readiness is the sixty-fourth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 16.

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Between cliffs, a happy Maka Albarn flies slowly on angelic wings that her Grigori Soul has formed onto the newest Death Scythe, Soul Eater. But Soul is less impressed with such adorable but slow wings wings. As they are guided by Kim Diehl, who rides Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre in weapon form, Kim asks whether Maka can fly more quickly. Soul is annoyed, thinking that a Death Scythe team should focus less on appearances than on the seriousness of their situation.

Death Weapon Meister Academy (flashback)Edit

Spirit Albarn calls Maka and Soul for a meeting outside of the Death Room.

As Soul has become a Death Scythe, and all members of Spartoi are designated as two-star members, the DWMA hopes these students finally stop the Kishin and the witches. But Spirit is worried that these enemies are focused on eliminating Maka because of her Soul Perception skills, just as they killed Joe Buttataki. Such Soul Perception skills will allow Maka to find the Kishin, so the DWMA will protect her.

But Maka turns away, claiming her father cares only about losing her Soul Perception, not her potential death. As Maka departs, a heartbroken Spirit begs Soul to speak with her and repair the damage between their father-daughter relationship. Soul is hesitant.

Cliffs (present)Edit

As Maka's angelic wings struggle to catch up with Kim, Soul repeats what Spirit requested, that her father does care about her life, not just her Soul Perception abilities. Soul adds that, although he is now a Death Scythe, they have additional work ahead of them. Maka is frustrated, informing Soul she is well aware of these facts, including their need to rescue Death the Kid. Soul says that he does not think Maka has demonstrate her readiness, prompting Maka to yell at him for his refusal to be direct with whatever criticism he has against her. Flying ahead of the bickering meister-weapon pair, Kim and Jacqueline notice how awkward it is to overhear this argument, and how long it will be before they reach the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

But Maka stops arguing, her Soul Perception leading her to locate a threat coming upon them. Maka only tells Kim and Jackie that she is slowing them down, so the two should go on ahead, an offer the meister and weapon are only to happy to take. But Soul realizes Maka sensed something. When Maka says she sensed a wavelength of someone with murderous intent, Soul anticipates Justin Law, only for Maka to say it is someone else, coming at them. Soul is confused: if they are flying, who could be coming at them?

Maka and Soul then hear someone say, "Die, Maka Albarn." Before the two is someone who looks like a young boy, wings emerging from his left fist, which he has pointed at Maka and Soul.

Noah's Lair (flashback)Edit

Noah instructs Gopher to take Maka Albarn's soul, as her Soul Perception abilities would allow him to locate the Kishin. Therefore, as Noah needs only her soul, he permits Gopher to execute Maka.

Cliffs (present)Edit

Gopher flies by Maka, the wings of his wrist cutting at her. Before Maka can recover, Gopher turns around and fires more of his Bullet Wings at her. As Maka dodges the projectiles, Gopher has already reached her, kicking her into one of the cliffs.

Gopher Cannon

Gopher unleashes his cannon at Maka

Gopher mocks the soul-hunting meister, who now has her own soul targeted. Then the clothes around Gopher's waist open, like a tooth-filled mouth. A ball of energy charges from this opening in Gopher's body, as he calls out Noah's name. The blast bursts forward, Maka barely dodging as the energy knocks down a row of cliffs.

Maka senses that Gopher possesses a Grigori Soul as well, and that he has been augmented by an unknown magic. Gopher is disgusted that Maka would examine his soul, realizing just how dangerous her Soul Perception is.

Death CityEdit

Liz Thompson and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa sit by a fountain, eating Death Robbins ice cream with Black☆Star and Patty Thompson. Liz and Tsubaki discuss how Maka has seemed unfocused. Liz refers to this condition as "burnout syndrome," as Maka likely feels unmotivated after making Soul into a Death Scythe. Black☆Star criticizes Liz for judging Maka, as at least Maka has motivation, while Liz never demonstrates any. As Black☆Star consumes his ice cream cone in one quick bite—to Liz's disgust—the ninja says Maka's problem is temporary, and she will get back on track eventually.


Gopher fires more Bullet Wings at Maka, demanding the meister dance. Soul tells Maka to fight, not just dodge. But her attack is too slow to hit him, disappointing Gopher that someone like her was the one to kill Arachne, or someone that Noah would bother to capture for his collection.

Maka falls against the side of a cliff for support. She thinks about her angelic wings, as Soul tells her that they are too slow for either offensive or defensive attacks, suggesting they try to take this fight to the ground. But Maka remembers what Soul told her, about whether she was ready for what awaits her. Soul is surprised as Maka grits her teeth and criticizes herself for obsessing with being an angel and such ridiculous wings. Soul smiles.

Maka in Flight

Maka generates some real Grigori wings.

Maka swings Soul to embeds his blade into the side of the cliff, as they initiate Soul Resonance. Gopher is surprised as her Grigori Soul expands. Soul's blade shrinks, he and his meister sliding down the side of the cliff, as larger wings form, possessing the jaggedness of Soul's previous attempt but also a bit of Maka's angelic wings. Maka stands atop the shaft of her weapon, announcing that she is ready to fight.


  • The large numbers on the mountains may be for flight-training purposes, yet it is possible these numbers include hidden messages. For example, one page includes the number 37514, which when read right to left may read as "Mina koi ya" ("Come on, everybody").[1]
  • The ice cream that members of Spartoi consume is a parody of the United States ice cream Baskin Robbins, known for its 31 flavors—but in this chapter, the parody refers to 42 flavors, consistent with the pun found through Soul Eater regarding the number 42 because it is pronounced "shini" ("death") in Japanese.[2]


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