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Black Wings vs. White Wings

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Volume 16

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With faster wings, Maka engages in airborne battle against Gopher, learning the name of her opponent's boss.

Black Wings vs. White Wings is the sixty-fifth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 16.

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Noah's Gang

Medusa's Army


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Seeing the white wings emerging from Maka Albarn's Soul Wavelength, Gopher is impressed, recognizing why Noah desires to possess her. Unfortunately, that Noah desires her makes Gopher jealous. But Maka cannot understand why someone she never met has such rage against her.

Gopher flies towards Maka, who uses Soul Eater's revised winged form to dodge quickly. Gopher yells at this "member of order primates, family hominidae" that he requires only her soul, hence he will kill her with Bullet Wings. Maka not only dodges but manages to land a punch at Gopher. Maka then grips Soul by his staff, reforming his blade to slice at Gopher. However, Gopher wraps himself in his wings, too hard to slice through. As Maka descends, she brings back the wings to Soul so that the end of his staff slams into Gopher's chest, knocking the air out of him. Maka begins Witch-Hunt Slash, which slices into Gopher's side.

Soul compliments the new wings that "Miss Angel" Maka now has produced, but Maka, still bitter, says the previous angelic wings were still good. As they bicker, Gopher's abdomen injury heals. Gopher announces he will not allow "some fat, disgusting female swing" to scar the body that Noah made for him. Gopher shouts that it is frustrating for Noah to desire Maka in his collection, when Gopher himself belongs in that collection, especially when Maka refuses to accept his feelings for Noah--or so Gopher thinks.


Maka destroys Gopher's cannon blast

As happened before, Gopher's abdomen opens, producing a cannon. Maka attempts to get away from Gopher. Far away and out of the line of fire, Maka turns to notice how more slowly this shot is than before--because it is now tracking her. Gopher explains that the shot follows "the path of my wrath," pursuing the target of his anger, as it now follows Maka until it will destroy her. Maka attempts to outrun the shot, but as Soul reminds her that they will tire out long before the shot gives out, she turns to face the projectile. Gopher chastises her for her weaknesses, as such lack of effort makes her unworthy of Noah's collection. Soul realizes Maka's strategy: she leaps off of his flight form, taking him by the staff to perform Devil-Hunt Slash, cutting Gopher's wavelength shot until it resembles a broken heart. The force of this attack knocks Gopher into the cliff.

Soul is surprised Maka did not kill Gopher, only for her to remind him that Gopher is not on Death's kill list. As she explains, Gopher removes Demon Tool Paper from his pocket, retreating into the paper before it catches fire, leaving ashes to scatter.

Noah's Lair

Gopher bows before a disappointed Noah. While Gopher apologizes for his over-confidence in the body Noah made for him, Noah recognizes Gopher lost due simply to being outmatched in strength. What upsets Noah, however, is that Gopher's devotion to him, shouting his name repeatedly at Maka, now lets the DWMA know who he is. "You will to presume to have emotions," Gopher intones, telling this "tool" that he is not allowed to have them. As Noah orders him to depart, Gopher holds his head down, sobbing.

Furious with Maka, Gopher opens the room in which Death the Kid is imprisoned. Kid is pleased that his fellow meister defeated Gopher. Gopher kicks and punches at Kid, remembering not to strike Kid's face and thereby let Noah know how he is mistreating one of his new possessions. Kid has one word to describe Gopher: "Idiot."

Gopher's blows and shouts can be heard in the hallway, where Justin Law stands. He finally removes his headphones, styled with the eyes of the Kishin, to appreciate this melody. Giriko, standing with him, admits Justin has some "good taste."

Medusa's Lair

Images of cats and butterflies in the moonlit sky appear. A spider web of arrows appear around the figure of Medusa. She orders Crona: "It's time." Her child tilts back and screams.



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