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The Abyss of Darkness, the Uncleanliness, and the Darkness

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Volume 17

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Spartoi arc

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As Black Star and Tsubaki stand their own in the fight against Crona, they also struggle to guide their friend back to the DWMA--only to realize Medusa has brainwashed Crona to forget all about them as well as Maka. Medusa enjoys observing her experiment, until Justin Law arrives to seek vengeance for his lord, the Kishin.

The Abyss of Darkness, the Uncleanliness, and the Darkness is the sixty-eighth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 17.

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Noah's Liar

Noah is pleased with the Demon Belt that he possesses. Yet while this device will increase the power of a Demon Tool, he is hesitant to use it on himself. Therefore, he tests it with Gopher, ordering him to use the device to obliterate a village.

Gopher returns to report that the belt backfired upon attempted use. While Noah is pleased he did not test the device on himself, Gopher blames himself for the device breaking. Noah flips through a book, hoping that Medusa's experiments are not successful either.

Medusa's Lair

Soul Eater Chapter 68 - Crona madness fusion with Black Clown

A multi-limbed Crona, after madness fusion with the Black Clown

Black Star, armed with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, faces a dragon-wing Crona, who has an extra arm of Ragnarok off the back, which itself holds Ragnarok in his weapon form. Crona then summons from the floor the Black Clown, as the two engage in Madness Fusion, allowing Crona to now hold two more swords.

Black Star decides he can compete with three of his own swords: Tsubaki's Severed Shadow, his Knife-Hand Chop, and, to Tsubaki's embarrassment, his "ultimate sword," e.g., his penis. Black Star then asks whether Crona is using "four-sword style." This crude remark causes Ragnarok's head to emerge, as he pulls at Crona to confirm. Crona, embarrassed at Black Star's joke, intends to make him pay.

From another room in the same lair, Medusa watches this experiment through her crystal ball, as Crona initiates Scream Resonance and slashes at Black Star. But Medusa is surprised to see the ninja has barely moved. Black Star even dodges easily one of Crona's powerful attacks with a simple side-step. Black Star inhales deeply before letting out a loud yell, surprising Ragnarok. Almost instantly, Black Star is next to Crona, punching his opponent with multiple strikes. But Medusa is not impressed, recognizing that Black Blood has hardened Crona's bodies against such blows. Tsubaki urges Black Star to stop this assault before injuring his hands.

But the ninja does not relent: Black Star is furious, and as he pummels Crona, he demands to know why Crona betrayed Maka for "this pissy little amount of power." Having knocked Crona back into the opposite wall, Black Star stops, catching his breath, blood dripping from his damaged hands. Although Crona's collision knocked a hole into that wall, the meister stands again, and asks, "Who's this 'Maka' person?" Black Star is confused. Crona struggles to remember: the meister was unable to "remain in that place anymore," yet Crona cannot quite remember where that place was. In any case, Crona concludes, Medusa needed Crona more than anyone else. Tsubaki calls out that Maka needed Crona, too. But Crona claims to refuse to be protected by others or else would lose such friendships. While initially calm, Crona grows more animated, asking who Maka is and claiming to have no knowledge of her.

Soul Eater Chapter 68 - Crona's fused soul

As Crona fails to remember Maka, the meister's fused soul expands

While loudly demanding to know who Maka is, Crona's soul expands, shown to be the combination of that meister's soul and those of Ragnarok and the Black Clown. The energy sends wind blowing past Black Star before Crona leaps and descends almost vertically down atop the ninja. Black Star initiated Severed Shadow, multiple iterations of him bouncing around Crona. Crona performs Screech Delta, which erases all the Severed Shadows, leaving only the original Black Star, who leaps higher up the walls, seeming to escape.

Still watching the battle, Medusa is impressed that Black Star and Tsubaki's invocation of Crona's friends at the DWMA failed to get through her child's madness. In the battle, Ragnarok demands Crona not let Black Star get away. Black Star calls Tsubaki to form Shadow Star: Second Form: "Leaf of the Moonlit Night." Black Star throws the large star through Screech Delta, slicing through that technique, knocking into Crona, and shooting upward. As Tsubaki's second form descends, at the moment she is before Crona, Black Star dashes forward and puts his wrist through the opening in the second form, producing a massive amount of energy that repels Crona. Tsubaki's second form, swirling around Black Star's wrist, spins as it decreases in size around Black Star's wrist.

Crona is fallen against the wall, with the meister's outfit chipping away. Fearful of this defeat, Crona is determined to kill Black Star and Tsubaki, as the ninja is too strong. Medusa is shocked: Black Star managed to crack through Crona's Black Blood with only his fists. Medusa reminds herself not to take Black Star's big talk so lightly next time and is happy enough that the experiment demonstrated Crona's madness has stabilized. But Medusa intends to escape with her child before Black Star kills Crona.

"Don't you think you should consider your own safety and not just your child's?" a voice calls behind a surprised Medusa. She turns to face her opponent, blaming him for her early departure from her Central Africa lab, which left research materials for the DWMA to claim. The person who forced Medusa to run away, Justin Law, backed up by The Clown, has his music playing in his earphones as he initiates Law-Abiding Silver Gun.

Elsewhere, Tsubaki still tries to reach out to Crona, claiming that they have no intention to injure Crona and only wish to return their friends at the DWMA. "What you found at DWMA was something very precious, don't you think?" Tsubaki asks. Crona asks for more information about these "friends" that Tsubaki has named, such as Maka, Soul, Kid, Liz, and Patty, and teachers such as Marie. However, Crona seems to remember betraying these people, hence why Crona feels unable to return to face these friends and teachers. Then Crona is confused, the madness and previous memories conflicting with each other. Therefore, Crona reasons, it is better to remain alone, due to an inability to deal with other people. So long as Medusa can give the power of Ragnarok and the Black Clown, Crona can defeat anyone easily.

Soul Eater Chapter 68 - Justin executing Medusa

Justin Law prepares to execute Medusa

Black Star is frustrated: "It ain't power, it ain't courage, and it sure ain't friends. What really counts is bein' able to count on me and my awesomeness." This message, perhaps unsurprisingly, does not impress Crona, who decides to kill this "man people can count on."

Meanwhile, Medusa evades Justin's Law-Abiding Silver Gun, as the defected Death Scythe performs Madness Fusion with the Clown. Because Medusa desecrated the Kishin with her fabricated clown, Justin intends to teach Medusa actual madness. Medusa mentally calls out to Eruka and Mizune to retrieve Crona and escape.

Behind Black Star, Eruka appears, firing Tadpole Bombs at Black Star. Black Star twirls Tsubaki, still in Second Form around his wrist, to cause one bomb to explode. When the smoke clears, he is still standing and ready to attack Eruka. But then Black Star is surrounded by the Mizune Family, assuming her two-mice and three-mice forms, double-teaming against him. Ragnarok urges Crona to escape, but his meister joins the battle as well against Black Star. As Eruka stands apart from this battle and observes how Black Star easily holds his own against Crona and the Mizune Family, she is shocked, realizing that they have no hope of defeating Black Star. Clutching her tadpole staff, Eruka stares and says, "I really wanna go home..."

A hand covers an image of Justin standing over Medusa. The hand's removal shows Medusa holding Justin over her, her head kept within his guillotine as he prepares Executioner: Commence Execution.



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