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Love Triangle

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Volume 17

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Spartoi arc

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As Black☆Star attempts to conclude his fight with Crona, Mizune, and Eruka, Medusa and Justin Law fight in mortal combat, until the arrival of a surprising doppleganger. Meanwhile, Soul Eater and Maka Albarn are surprised how popular the newest Death Scythe is with female students and the arrival of Blair, Risa, and Arisa for an important DWMA assignment.

Love Triangle is the sixty-ninth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 17.

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Medusa's LairEdit

Justin Law, having undergone Madness Fusion with The Clown, smirks. Medusa is confused, finding her head already trapped within Justin's guillotine. Justin announces her punishment for claiming power that belongs to the Kishin: death. Medusa smirks, asking on what merits Justin can pass judgment after betraying Death. Music continues to play loudly in Justin's earbuds, as he announces Asura's judgment. Medusa yells at Justin to stop, but it is too late: her blood coats the floor, and Medusa is beheaded.

Then Vector Arrows emerge, heading towards Justin, who slices them away. Medusa, head still intact, crouches and struggles to catch her breath, but at least she is still alive. Justin is surprised Medusa overcome his madness attack yet is interested to know whether she enjoyed the nightmare he gave her. Medusa tells Justin that, after what she experienced under Arachne's madness earlier, she prepared a counter-measure should she encounter a similar madness attack again.

Justin realizes that Medusa's protection against madness is the new being that is floating beside Medusa, her newest creation: a portable version of the Black Clown, which she refers to as her Purple Clown. While the Purple Clown is less powerful than the Black Clown, it is a shield against madness attacks. Justin is disgusted that Medusa would perform yet another "blasphemy," when Clowns belong to Asura. Medusa replies, "I'm a witch--blasphemy is our job."

Soul Eater Chapter 69 - Purple Clown Snake fusion

Medusa attacks Justin with Clown-infused snakes

Justin slices again at Medusa, who ducks and returns fire with Vector Arrows. But Justin does not move to avoid the arrow attacks: he says that, as madness has allowed for a new evolution in this world, Medusa's arrows are merely an outdated attack from "an obsolete age." Thus, Justin allows the arrows to approach—as his body repels them easily. Medusa, undeterred, responds with her snake attack—which she then combines with Purple Clown through Madness Fusion. Justin is surprised to see the Purple Clown dissolve, the snake's skin bubbling before a Vector Arrow explodes out of it. Three snakes form, more jagged than before and with arrows pointed off their heads, which slither against the ground, upending pavement before knocking into Justin. One snake grabs Justin with its jaws and slams itself, with Justin, into the ground, then the ceiling, and finally the wall.

The wall's destruction pushes up a cloud of dust. Medusa smiles, waiting to see Justin dead. But blood drips from his cut mouth onto the ground, as Justin still stands—with that snake's head trapped within his guillotine, seemingly dead. "That's one," Justin answers with a smile, as Medusa sends two more snakes at him. Justin leaps upward and, from the ceiling, slams his blades into the floor, pulling up segments of the floor upward to crush the last snakes. From the ceiling, Justin initiates Silver Gun, beheading the snakes and preparing to do likewise to Medusa.

Soul Eater Chapter 69 - Tezca reflects Justin

Justin Law sees his doppleganger

But as Justin lands on the floor, he is confronted by Medusa—and another iteration of Justin. Justin is, predictably, confused, but so is Medusa—because she sees Justin but, rather than a second iteration of him, a second iteration of herself.

Elsewhere, Black☆Star, Crona, and Mizune continue their battle, as Eruka desperately urges Mizune to seize Crona and the Black Clown so they may retreat. Eruka orders Mizune to get away while she fires multiple Tadpole Bombs at Black☆Star as a distraction. While the explosion allowed Mizune and Crona to depart, Eruka stands, waiting to make sure they did escape—only to face an infuriated Black☆Star, upset with this overkill of Tadpole Bombs, threatening to kill her. Eruka transforms into a frog to hop away—but Black☆Star hops onto her, claiming he is ready to grill her up and see whether frogs taste like chicken. Captured, Eruka screams in agony.

Meanwhile, Medusa is trying to figure out why she sees two of herself, but Justin recognizes this subterfuge: the doppleganger is Tezca Tlipoca. Images of Justin's past pass through his mind, as he stands before the Clown then Death. Justin tells Tezca not to "reflect what's in my heart." But Tezca replies, "Life and death are bestowed equally on everyone...I'm a mirror that reflects people...The death you ultimately face is entirely up to you."

Medusa looks nervous at Tezca's claim of seeing that death which she will face, as an image of Crona comes to her mind.

Soul Eater Chapter 69 - Tezca and Justin

Tezca reminds Justin of their friendship

Tezca continues to lecture Justin, reminding him that the two Death Scythes used to have such great talks together, whether at church, at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, or at a cafe. Tezca wishes they could return to those times, when Justin was so quiet and would listen to whatever Tezca was discussing.

Justin responds that he is sure Tezca is speaking right now, but as he has his earphones so loud and cannot read Tezca's lips through that bear mask, he has no idea what Tezca is saying. Tezca slowly realizes that Justin has never heard a word he has ever said in any conversation. When Justin asks again whether Tezca just said something, Tezca screams in horror. Justin again asks whether Tezca just said something; Tezca again screams in horror, now joined by Enrique, who screams in horror. Justin yet again asks whether Tezca said something; Tezca yet again screams in horror. And Justin yet again repeats the exact same question—and Medusa, fed up with this running gag, leaves these "DWMA freaks" behind to go home. Tezca, assuming Justin's appearance, asks for someone to bring him a mirror to reflect himself, as the real Justin retrieves his Demon Tool Paper to escape, finding this conversation boring.

With the Demon Tool Paper igniting, Enrique and Tezca stand, having not captured Medusa or Justin. But Tezca, having reflected Justin's soul, now can track him.

Far away, Crona lands, dragon wings transporting the meister away from the battle with Black☆Star. Ragnarok is pleased with the escape, while Crona is still confused by that name, "Maka."

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

In the backyard, a female student waits for Soul Eater to arrive, and after hesitating, she nervously asks him to be her partner someday, promising to wait for him. Soul is surprised, silent, as the student turns and runs away.

Soul approaches his hallway locker, opening it—only for a flood of requests letters to fall out. These letters, sealed with heart stickers and stickers in the shape of Death's skull mask, catch the attention of the approaching Maka Albarn, who comments on Soul's "famous sex appeal" bringing him such letters (whether because she thinks they are love letters, or in spite of her knowing they are partner request letters). Soul assures her the partner requests have nothing to do with sex appeal, only the large number of people who have come "out of the woodwork" to request him as a partner since he became a Death Scythe. Maka's face grows more serious, as she slaps him hard on the back, encouraging him to go home. Soul shouts at her for this aggressive back slap when he was already ready to go home anyway.

Soul Eater Chapter 69 - Soul's Admirer 2

A student watches Soul and Maka

As Soul and Maka depart, they are observed by a female student, spying behind a row of lockers. She says that "Maka-senpai" is hardly a suitable "match" for "Soul-senpai."

At the front entrance to the Academy, Maka is annoyed that, as the meister who made Soul into a Death Scythe, she should receive partner request letters as well. Soul smiles, claiming someone looking for a "new partner" is not going to pick someone "who's not, you know, all that sexy or anything." Maka is furious as Soul points out an example of what he means by sexy: the "Chupa Girls," Blair, Risa, and Arisa. As Maka criticizes "pigs" like Soul desiring "big, fat, floppy breasts and a bit, fat, flabby ass that jiggles like flan," both she and Soul do a double-take, realizing Blair and two witches are standing in the middle of Death's very school. They are just as surprised to find Risa flirting with students, encouraging them to visit Chupa Cabra once Death lets them go back to work at the club again—because who would pass up a cabaret full of witches?

Noah's LairEdit

Gopher continues to punch Death the Kid repeatedly in his chest, demanding the shinigami beg for his life. But Kid is not convinced, knowing he has no danger of dying here and too amused by Gopher's "sourpuss." But studying Gopher's caret-shaped frown, Kid panicks: the left side of his frown is slightly lower than the right side. Facing such asymmetry, Kid screams for salvation from this torture.


Soul Eater Chapter 69 - DWMA Lockers

Soul's locker includes his E.A.T. badge

  • Tezca Tlipoca claims to reflect the form of death his opponents will take, at which point Justin sees an image of Death, and Medusa sees an image of Crona. While Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir will be the ones to kill Justin on The Moon battle, they do so as representatives of Death, which may foreshadow how Justin dies. And in a later chapter, Crona indeed will kill Medusa.
  • Although Tezca Tlipoca should appear as a reflection of Justin Law, Justin himself claims he is unable to read Tezca's lips through his bear mask, which suggests that Tezca dropped his illusion or that Justin eventually saw past this illusion.
  • Soul's locker has what resembles the E.A.T. badge he wore on his headband as part of his earliest outfit in the manga.
  • This chapter reveals that Risa and Arisa have been barred from working at Chupa♡Cabra's since their capture by Sid Barrett and Spirit Albarn.

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