SEN! Chapter 6
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How To!

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Dono yō ni suru ni wa!

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Episode 4 (Not!): Waver, Run!

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Traitors Arc

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Chapter #5 (Not!): "Reality!" Chapter #7 (Not!): "How To 2!"
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Shaken by Anya Hepburn's fight against the Traitor, Tsugumi Harudori looks for a solid reason to continue life at the DWMA. The answer comes in the form of Akane☆Hoshi, who assures her of her drive.

How To! (どのようにするには!, Dono yō ni suru ni wa!) is the sixth chapter of the Soul Eater Not! manga. It was released in 2011 and compiled in July 2012 with the release of SEN! Volume 1. It serves as one chapter adapted into the fourth episode of the Soul Eater NOT!anime.

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The Traitor, now assuming an exaggerated form, with sharp teeth, clawed fingers, and only one eye, approaches a tearful Tsugumi Harudori, ready to slice her as he had previously attacked one of her meisters.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Tsugumi Harudori awakens to find Meme Tatane yet again curled in her own bed. As she excuses herself to the bathroom, Tsugumi realizes she has been in Death City for two weeks and wonders whether she is cut out to be at the DWMA. She remembers that her goal is to master her uncontrollable weapon ability to protect the people she loves from herself and then return to her normal life. However, she thinks such a goal still is not a sufficient reason to stay. She chastises herself to focus, as she must not even allow herself to fall in love with love.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

As Tsugumi and her meisters decided to eat breakfast this morning at the cafeteria, she decides that knowing the example of one person's reason for attending the DWMA would answer for her why she should stay, especially to be strong enough should she face another case of traitors. Tsugumi asks her meisters why they came to the DWMA: Meme claims to have forgotten, and Anya Hepburn refuses to answer.

Shaula Gorgon's HeadquartersEdit

Elsewhere, the Traitor who had fought Anya arrives in a room occupied by Shaula Gorgon and another person, this one also seemingly possessed. Referring to the first traitor as only a "prototype," Shaula receives an acknowledgement from the second person that "[e]verything is ready." Shaula states that she is determined to prove she is the strongest of the Gorgon Family.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

A morose Tsugumi walks the hallways by herself, as Anya and Meme are both in a meisters' only class. She is surprised to encounter Akane who, despite also required to attend such a meisters' class, has skipped the "basic, fundamental" session. As neither of them therefore has any class to attend, Tsugumi requests some of Akane's time for advice.

Café, Death CityEdit

As she sits with Akane at an outdoor table, Tsugumi allows herself to imagine bystanders may assume the two are on a date. When Tsugumi asks why meisters come to the Academy, Akane explains that one reason is for a career: because the DWMA is like a "police academy of the world," many nations are determined to have DWMA graduates as their leaders, Japan itself requiring that the Prime Minister be a DWMA graduate. In exchange, most nations worldwide provide the DWMA with funding.

Akane also reveals that the DWMA gives students such high allowances because the school monitors those students' spending habits, which worries Tsugumi over her spending habits at Master's cafe.

Tsugumi finally asks why Akane came to the DWMA. He says it is similar to a family obligation: he trained at a judo dojo that still teaches the practice as a lethal method. Akane describes the history of an assassins' group, known as the Star Clan: for abusing their powers, the DWMA destroyed them. Akane reveals that the Star Clan descended from his family's school, which by extension practically makes him a member of that clan as well—and he desires to use those assassination skills within the rules of the DWMA and to help others. As Akane removes his eyeglasses, which he claims soften the glare he usually wears, he reveals a star in his left eye, which impresses Tsugumi both for its beauty and fearsomeness.

Tsugumi interrupts to explain that, while she appreciates Akane's goals, she wishes she had the same motivation. Apologizing for burdening Akane with her problems, Tsugumi is embarrassed when he refers to her as "cute." As Akane will try to join EAT upon completion of his NOT classes, he asks why Tsugumi does not join him in those classes. Tsugumi refuses: if she could not face the Traitor, then she would never survive EAT.

Akane makes an offer: if Tsugumi will join him in EAT he will protect her—which he as a meister can accomplish only if the lovestruck Tsugumi will agree to be his weapon.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • Episode 4 adapted not only this chapter but content as well from Chapters 4, 7, 21, and 25.
  • In Chapter 6, Tsugumi's nightmare consists of only the Traitor attacking her. In Episode 4, this nightmare is expanded to show the traitor first kill Anya and Meme. 
  • In Chapter 6, when Tsugumi awakens, she only notices that Meme has again sleepwalked into her bed and tucks her in before leaving. In Episode 4, Tsugumi also smiles upon Meme—until noticing her shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her cleavage, prompting the annoyed Tsugumi to adjust her shirt before tucking her in.
  • In Episode 4, Meme avoids eye contact from Tsugumi, as if she not only forgets why she came to the DWMA but is deliberately avoiding the discussion. This moment potentially foreshadows Meme's possession by Shaula. In Chapter 6, Meme only closes her eyes when claiming she has forgotten.
  • In Chapter 6, the Traitor returns to Shaula's headquarters. Whereas most of this chapter is adapted as part of Episode 4, this moment will not be adapted until Episode 5. The scene plays out differently in two ways:
    • In the manga, another Traitor is present that is absent in the anime.
    • In the manga, Shaula gives her motivation as wishing to prove she's better than her sisters. In the anime, she wants revenge for the loneliness the DWMA has forced her and witchkind into.
  • In Chapter 6, only Akane's family dojo is shown as an exterior, with no view inside of it or of Akane's training inside. In Episode 4, only the interior of the dojo is shown, as part of a flashback showing Akane's training at this location.
  • Because Episode 4 adapts content from both Chapters 6 and 7, the presentations of Akane's meeting with Tsugumi conclude differently. Chapter 6 concludes with Akane asking Tsugumi to be his weapon, ending on a cliffhanger. Chapter 7 then begins with Tsugumi dreaming of herself and Akane, dressed only in robes, as he leans in as if he is about to kiss her. Tsugumi then awakens from this dream to discover Meme naked in her bed. As Tsugumi dresses, she remembers Akane claiming he was only joking, concluding their meal at the cafeé. But in Episode 4, first Akane makes his request, then Tsugumi falls into a daydream of herself and Akane in robes, leaning in to kiss, before Akane admits he was joking and concludes their café meeting. It is not until the next morning that Tsugumi finds Meme naked in her bed, all without dreaming again of Akane.

Trivia Edit

  • At this point, Akane still passes as an NOT student, pretending to Tsugumi that he has only considered entering EAT when really he is already a part of that program.
  • This chapter also reveals that Akane of the Hoshi Family, and that the Star Clan is an offshoot of his family's school.


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