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Salvage Arc

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Chapter 72: "Salvage (Part 1)" Chapter 74: "Salvage (Part 3)"
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While Death the Kid falls completely under the madness of the Great Old One of Power, Spartoi learn of the lingering aftereffects of the Lust Chapter and struggle to work through the Greed Chapter. Surviving both chapters, Maka Albarn is surprised to be returned to the Death Weapon Meister Academy--until she finds a familiar person who shakes her confidence.

Salvage (Part 2) is the seventy-third chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 18.

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Spartoi inside the Book of Eibon

Occupants of the Book of Eibon






The Book of Eibon, Hidden SectionEdit

Before he emerged in his new attire, with lines traced from his lips to his chin, a sleeveless Death the Kid slowly realizes what it means to be swallowed by the black madness of the Great Old One of Power: "There's no right...just a transsymmetrical unity that surpasses all symmetry...So this is nothingness...Nothingness...the culmination of order...It's an order imposed on all living things...on everything...It's death...As a shinigami--a bringer of death--is this the order I've been searching for...?"

Lines form on Kid's lips, down his chin. He now wears a new suit with a cravat. "Kill..." Kid says. "Expel all that exists from the world...This is the order that a shinigami must preserve."

As the Great Old One expels Kid, it tells the "fragment" he has now experienced the onset of madness.

The Book of Eibon, Chapter One: LustEdit

Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder squirm uncomfortably, their hands across their laps. Kilik Rung, now a teenage girl, realizes his weapons have switched sexes, before realizing that her own thoughts and speech have changed to be like what he thinks are of a girl.

Meanwhile, Maka Albarn, now a teenage boy, still has a nosebleed upon facing the Succubus. Soul Eater, now a teenage girl, criticizes Maka for being lustful for "a slutty tramp like that". Maka desperately wipes his nose, asking whether Soul was so uppity when he was a boy. Black☆Star, now a girl, is worried Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, now a boy, is turned on by the Succubus, when Tsubaki already has "the most awesomely awesome partner in the whooole wide world" in Black☆Star. Upon grasping Tsubaki's arm, Black☆Star's breasts press against Tsubaki, making the now male weapon nervous.

Observing from afar, Liz Thompson, now a boy, realizes Maka is a "dweeb," Soul is a "priss," Black☆Star is a "bimbo," and Tsubaki is "still being pushed around by Black☆Star." However, Patty Thompson, now a boy, thinks he and Liz haven't changed much: Liz feels "stupider" than when he was a girl, while Patty desires "to start kickin' some major ass." Patty grabs The Table of Contents, intending to punch the contraption, until both Thompson siblings are enamored by the Succubus as well.

Pumpkin Cannon (Hunky Version) blowing away Succubus

Blair dispatches the Succubus

Kilik calls to her friends to focus on their mission to rescue Kid. Upon seeing Blair in cat form, Kilik is surprised the cat still looks the same whether male or female. Blair, however, is now a "tomcat" and tells Kilik that he is not usually seduced. Realizing he is a seducer, whether female or male, Blair gets an idea: he transforms out of cat form into hunky male form so as to distract the Succubus and save their male peers from her enchantments. Soul is surprised at Blair's masculine appearance, as is the Succubus, who falls for Blair's charms. Unfortunately for that demon, the Succubus does not notice Blair's attack until it is too late; Blair initiates a Pumpkin Cannon (Hunky Version), blasting the Succubus away. Kilik looks impressed with Blair's actions.

Soul turns to The Table of Contents, asking to be taken to the next chapter, while an embarrassed Maka admits that this "quick skim-through" was enough time in such a lustful area. The Table of Contents speaks in an arcane language, causing the Lust Chapter to curl, like pages in a book, until the world literally flips over to reveal the next chapter.

The Book of Eibon, Chapter 2: GluttonyEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 73 - Gluttony Chapter

The Gluttony Chapter

Black☆Star and Patty notice the wonderful smells of cooking, as the members of Spartoi are in a city, full of stairs leading to numerous restaurants in the shapes of mouths and stomachs, the smoke from cooked meals bellowing out of the restaurants and its smells enticing the students.

Black☆Star and Patty discover dumplings, soups, and other meals, while Liz complains that, if Gluttony comes after Lust in Eibon's book, then that sorcerer must be "one of those creeps who liked restaurants where the waitresses go commando." The Table of Contents confirms Liz's suspicion.

Tsubaki is more concerned why the members of Spartoi are still of the opposite sex, even as their speech and personalities seem to have reverted to their earlier forms. The Table of Contents explains that "sin is a burden that must be borne by the sinner," hence the students' sexes will revert after time proportionate to the lust of those students: "The stronger the craving, the longer it will take to return to normal." While Kilik thinks this test of who is the most lustful should be entertaining, Liz and Tsubaki blush intensely, each worried that they will be discovered as the most lustful of their peers. Maka, reverting to his earlier prim and proper personality while still a boy, comments that Soul will probably be the most lustful, while Soul, still a girl, shouts back that at least she was not the one having a nosebleed over the Succubus.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

The witches keep axes stable upon receiving a message from Blair, confirming that Spartoi has arrived in Chapter 2. Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré arrives in the Death Room to pass this news along to Death, as well as to notify him that Franken Stein, Marie Mjolnir, Sid Barrett, and Mira Naigus are approaching Noah's base.

Outside Noah's BaseEdit

Tezca Tlipoca meets the aforementioned team, ordering them to follow him to Noah's location.

The Book of Eibon, Chapter 2: GluttonyEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 73 - Pig attacks

The Pig attacks Black☆Star and Patty

The members of Spartoi are still of the opposite sex. Inside one restaurant, Black☆Star and Patty are munching on all the food that they can fine, despite Tsubaki's fears that the two could endanger themselves under the influence of this chapter. The Table of Contents seems pleased, expecting that the sins of these students will lead them to madness.

A cloven appendage grips the side of the doors, as a creature enters the restaurant to confront Black☆Star and Patty. This pig says it will test the mettle of their souls, as it slices at the two with a cleaver. Shocked to face a pig that desires to cut, cook, and consume these students (and is naked under just an apron), Black☆Star and Patty draw upon Tsubaki and Liz as weapons to attack. Black☆Star realizes Tsubaki's weapon form feels "clunky" since changing into a boy, and Patty realizes Liz feels the same (as Liz says guns are clunky regardless of gender).

The Pig shouts that its own flesh is the best quality meat. This information surprises Black☆Star, Patty, and Kilik, who despite the Pig's threat to eat them, respond that they intend to eat this pig instead. This turnabout frightens the Pig, as Black☆Star uses Tsubaki to chop off one of the Pig's hands, which Kilik cooks with Pot of Fire for Patty and them to eat. Finding this meal delicious, Black☆Star and Kilik repeat the process, chopping up more portions of the Pig until they have cooked all of it, killing the Pig. As Tsubaki and Maka begin to fall under the madness of gluttony, desiring to eat as well, Soul struggles to hold out against this desire and orders The Table of Contents to provide an exit from this chapter. The Table of Contents pauses before following instructions, turning yet another page that causes the Gluttony Chapter to dissipate around the members of Spartoi.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Maka is surprised to find that the Gluttony Chapter has disappeared, with the DWMA taking its place but her Spartoi colleagues not present. Maka is not yet fully transformed into a girl, the attire looking more like her Spartoi outfit when Maka was a girl, yet the longer pigtails have not yet returned and pants still replace the skirt. As Maka's sex slowly returns to female, the meister sees the hallway classrooms list "ENVY," meaning Maka is still inside the Book of Eibon.

Although unable to find her Spartoi peers, Maka sees a familiar shadow behind one of the lockers: that admirer of Soul who followed Maka while observing the Death Room. Soul's admirer says Maka is "not good enough" for Soul, infuriating Maka who demands the admirer repeat herself. "Soul-senpai is mine," the student says. "I won't let you have him."


  • The signs within Chapter 2, Gluttony, state "Chinese Restaurant," "Meat," "Delicious," "Boundless Land of Sweets," "Restaurant," "Meat," "Bao," "Stomach," "Business Success," and "Cafeteria."
  • Liz refers to "noo-pan shabu-shabu" ("pantyless hot pot"), restaurants where waitresses are required to work without underwear, and the floors are mirrored to allow patrons to see up their skirts. These restaurants were popular in Japanese big cities in the 1980s and 1990s.[1]
  • A hadaka-epuron is an erotic style in Japanese pornography in which a person appears naked except for a maid's apron.[1]


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