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When Maka Albarn is too shocked by her experiences in the Envy Chapter, Soul Evans faces Giriko alone in combat, forcing Maka to recognize her weapon's courage. Elsewhere, Liz Thompson and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa learn which of the two is the most lustful, and a maddened Death the Kid prepares to face Black Star in their own combat.

Salvage (Part 4) is the seventy-fifth chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 18.

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Spartoi inside the Book of Eibon

Noah's Gang


Book of Eibon occupants


  • Book of Eibon
    • Chapter 6: Sloth
    • Chapter 7: Greed (first appearance)
  • Noah's Lair




The Book of Eibon, Chapter 6: SlothEdit

Soul Eater is shocked as Maka Albarn blames herself and tells him to leave her. He says that she is not explaining why she desires his departure, and he refuses to leave until she explains. Maka replies that Soul already knows that as a meister she is a burden, weaker than Black Star and Kid. Soul assures her she is wrong, blaming the influence of the book to feel as if they carry "some terrible, awful sin."

Maka then claims Soul too saw something in the Envy Chapter. Soul remembers the image of his brother, Wes, saying he ran away from music so as to escape his family and comparisons to his brother. "That's the reason you chose Maka," Wes determines. "You wanted someone who didn't know anything about music" so as not to be compared to a better musician. The image of Wes smirks, asking whether Soul feels better now.

Despite Maka's assertion, Soul denies seeing anything in the Envy Chapter. But he is interrupted by the voice of a familiar enemy, who complains that Maka and Soul have kept him waiting. Giriko kicks back Soul, who crashes into numerous chairs. As Maka calls out to her weapon, Giriko is in front of him, remembering having met her before.

Giriko on Maka

Giriko pins Maka

Giriko pins Maka down to one of the beds, reminding her of his promise to bed her in ten years, but now he has the desire to rape her now. Maka looks away, saying, "Fine. Do whatever you want." Giriko shouts at Maka, demanding she scream in terror so to make his experience enjoyable. Finding Maka so passive, he is disappointed that such "a slug" like her was able to kill Arachne. Therefore, to make Maka scream, Giriko determines to "stick a chain saw through your filthy guts."

Before Giriko can attack, Giriko is kicked back by Soul, who has recovered. Taken aback, Giriko initially screams, then cackles. "You must be the handsome prince come to save the damsel in distress!!" Thinking Soul is insulting Giriko's failure to protect Arachne, Giriko prepares to fight. Soul then asks why Maka is so stunned, transforming into a weapon and encouraging her to battle. But as Giriko attacks her, Maka's movements are hampered by memories of the Envy Chapter students mocking her mop-twirling abilities. As Giriko kicks Maka into chairs, Soul urges his meister to focus. Giriko expresses disappointment with this fight, reasoning he will have to make this "a quickie."

Soul is frustrated: he turns back into a human, produces a blade on his arm, and orders Maka to stay out of this fight, as he will face Giriko alone.

The Book of Eibon, Chapter 7: GreedEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 75 - Liz and Tsubaki turn into girls

Tsubaki and Liz turn back into teenage girls

The Greed Chapter is full of good luck cat statues as coins and monetary bills rain from the sky, stacking along the ground. But Black Star, Patty Thompson, and Kilik Rung are more interested in referring to the still male Liz Thompson and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa as "nymphos." They wait as Liz and Tsubaki's hair changes to previous appearances and their breasts swells. Kilik then realizes that the two weapons are about to turn back into teenage girls—and whoever transforms last will be revealed as the one with the most lustful mind.

Liz and Tsubaki pray that they are not the last, but unfortunately for Tsubaki, Liz's sex is back to female just before Tsubaki's. As Liz joins her sister to chant that Tsubaki is a nympho, a mortified Tsubaki removes a kunai to threaten the sisters. Black Star realizes he may have to sleep in a separate bedroom, even though there are so few rooms already at his home. Upon learning Black Star has been sharing a bedroom with Tsubaki, Kilik expresses jealousy. But Blair finds this discussion boring, realizing Liz and Tsubaki are still "closet" perverts, as an annoyed Liz and Tsubaki hope that Blair is still male.

Noah's BaseEdit

Outside, Tezca Tlipoca leads DWMA forces to where he has located Justin Law.

Inside the base, Noah sees members of Spartoi have arrived in the Greed Chapter, but he will not allow anyone to claim Death the Kid.

The Book of Eibon, Chapter 6: SlothEdit

Giriko initiates Saw Leg, slicing the floor and chairs between him and Soul. Maka calls out to her weapon, who dashes at Giriko to attack with his arm blade. But Giriko blocks with Saw Leg. Soul demands Giriko stay away from "my meister," but Giriko tells the "self-righteous little brat" that he must avenge Arachne's death. Giriko kicks Soul in the face and swings his Saw Leg at him, cutting at Soul's left shoulder.

Giriko chides Soul, as even a Death Scythe such as him has no chance fighting alone like Justin Law or himself. Therefore, Giriko will tear out the soul from his opponent, as he grasps Soul's arm and brings his Saw Leg into Soul's chest, cutting him until blood leaps from his wound. Once the chest injury causes Soul to fall to his knees, Giriko performs a jumping kick, knocking Soul back along the floor.

Soul Eater Chapter 75 - Soul stands against Giriko

Maka's courage helps Soul stand against Giriko

Maka stands before Soul, who is collapsed on the floor, blood pouring from his chest. Soul tells himself that, even if he is useless alone, Maka's courage must be his example. As he speaks, Maka's soul enlarges. Giriko pauses in surprise, as Soul, blade on his arm, stands again, claiming it is now his turn to show Maka courage. Maka chides herself for being "an idiot," as she now refuses to let the Book of Eibon convince her otherwise: she must believe in Soul.

The Book of Eibon, Hidden SectionEdit

"How does it feel, fragment?" the Great Old One of Power asks Death the Kid, who is still possessed by its madness. The Great Old One explains that what Kid feels is unfettered power, but it wants to know which kind of power Kid has obtained. Kid smiles, explaining that his power is "a transsymmetrical unity that surpasses all symmetry," "nothingness" itself.

The Great Old One then informs Kid that another one who seeks power is coming. Therefore, the Great Old One would like to test "the power of this 'nothingness'" that Kid praises. Kid's smile remains as he agrees to this duel.


  • Giriko refers to Maka as "maguro onna" ("tuna woman"), Japanese slang referring to a woman who is passive during sex by lying flat on the bed, and to Soul as "okama yarou," which is a pun with dual meanings: "honorable guy" and "gay guy."[1]
  • In Chapter 7, Greed, the signs say, "Good Fortune," "Hundred Billion," "Live Long and Prosper," "Fortune," "High Returns," "Good Fortune," and "Ten Million."
  • This chapter refers to Tsubaki as the most lustful of her teammates.


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