SEN! - Chapter 7
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How To 2!

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Dono yō ni 2-banme o!

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Episode 4: Waver, Run!

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How To! Arc

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It's the big day for the physical fitness test, and all of Tsugumi Harudori's friends are more than adequate in speed, strength, and form. Tsugumi feels inferior and begins to doubt herself, but through kind words, she finally finds a drive to become a better Tsugumi.

How To 2! (どのように2番目を!, Dono yō ni 2-banme o!) is the seventh chapter of the manga Soul Eater NOT! It was compiled in July 2012 with the release of Volume 2, and it was adapted as part of Episode 4, "Waver, Run!"

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A DreamEdit

Tsugumi Harudori is having a lovely dream about Akane Hoshi, both of them draped in robes, as he leans closer to her face.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Tsugumi awakens to find Meme Tatane in her bed, which she reasons is why she was having that kind of a dream. Tsugumi is then shocked to discover under the bedsheets that Meme is stark naked and "dirty." Tsugumi's loud surprise awakens Anya Hepburn. Seeing the naked Meme in that bed, Anya reminds her about today's physical fitness test and suggests Tsugumi save her strength. Tsugumi is confused what Anya is implying while Meme sleeps peacefully.

Death City (Yesterday)Edit

While Tsugumi readies herself for the day at hand, she remembers the conversation with Akane of the previous day. After asking Tsugumi to be his weapon, he chuckles, releasing her hand and saying he was only joking. Akane tells Tsugumi that, if she does not find a goal at the DWMA in one year's time, then he'll find one for her, which strikes a cord with her.

As Tsugumi leaves the girls' dormitory with Anya, she realizes that she has to find a goal.

Athletic Field, Death Weapon Meister Academy (The Present)Edit

But outside at the track, Tsugumi isn't feeling confident in her physical prowess and is startled at the rumors of an EAT finishing the track in 5 seconds as Anya comments on the perverted appearance of the school's athletic uniform.

Anya comes out the locker room to Tsugumi and Meme telling her it's almost time as Sid Barrett says to her about the success rate if she wears track pants, but Anya gives him a glare prompting him to twitch and quickly drop the subject.

Tsugumi notices that instead of traditional track, the DWMA has a more Olympic-styled fitness test, including shot puts, with Sid along with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré and Eternal Feather supervise the event.

First, Akane and Clay Sizemore run track, causing numerous girls to swoon. Tsugumi then notices Akane looking at Anya, who wears a deadpan stare. While other students clammer over Meme's strength at the shot puts, as well as her busty appearance, Akane is still looking at Anya. Tsugumi is then shocked to realize that Akane may be attracted to Anya, hence was only speaking with her to get to know Anya. Tsugumi then berates herself for even imagining being with Akane when he was only joking about a relationship.

As the day continues, Anya effortlessly clears the high jump event. Tsugumi thinks how physically talented her two meisters are, when Sid announces it is her turn. Unfortunately, Tsugumi does mediocre at all the events, leading her to think of herself as pathetic. Tsugumi asks what is the point of having a goal if she lacks the strength to fulfill it.

Tsugumi's self-doubt is interrupted by Akane and Clay. Akane assures the nervous Tsugumi that she tried her best, and her efforts convince him that she will be fine. Tsugumi is impressed that, despite her focus on Anya, he still noticed her. Tsugumi announces she is not sure what is her purpose but that shey will try her hardest to keep up with Meme and Anya.

After Tsugumi thanks Akane for his encouragement, she is called over by Anya and Meme, the latter assuming that the athletics test are about to begin. As Tsugumi runs to catch up with her friends, she says that there is no point in beating herself up, because she's still only at the starting line.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Episode 4 adapted not only this chapter but content as well from Chapters 4, 7, 21, and 25.
  • Because Episode 4 adapts content from both Chapters 6 and 7, the presentations of Akane's meeting with Tsugumi conclude differently. Chapter 6 concludes with Akane asking Tsugumi to be his weapon, ending on a cliffhanger. Chapter 7 then begins with Tsugumi dreaming of herself and Akane, dressed only in robes, as he leans in as if he is about to kiss her. Tsugumi then awakens from this dream to discover Meme naked in her bed. As Tsugumi dresses, she remembers Akane claiming he was only joking, concluding their meal at the cafeé. But in Episode 4, first Akane makes his request, then Tsugumi falls into a daydream of herself and Akane in robes, leaning in to kiss, before Akane admits he was joking and concludes their café meeting. Tsugumi then returns to class (for a lecture based on content from Chapter 25. During class, Tsugumi receives a confusing explanation from Clay about why Akane is interested in Akane, prompting Clay to reveal his mistake later to Akane while Tsugumi asks for advice from Eternal Feather and Maka (based on content from Chapters 4 and 21). At the end of the day, Tsugumi asks for a Tarot Card reading from Kana Altair (based on Chapter 23) and watches Meme perform yoga and Anya practice karate (neither of which is shown in the manga). It is not until the next morning that Tsugumi finds Meme naked in her bed, all without dreaming again of Akane.
  • In Chapter 7, Jacqueline and Eternal Feather work as organizers for the athletic test. Kim Diehl makes no appearance in this chapter. But in Episode 4, only Jacqueline works as an organizer, and the test begins with Jacqueline ordering an annoyed Kim to change into her gym uniform.
  • In Chapter 7, when Anya complains to Sid about the gym uniforms, he is alone. In Episode 5, he is with Mira Naigus.
  • In Chapter 7, Akane and Clay approach Tsugumi after the athletic, as Akane tells Tsugumi she did well in her test and to believe in herself. Episode 4 revises this scene to adapt content from Chapter 21, at which point Akane shows Clay's confusing diagram, crumbles it up, and tells Tsugumi to trust herself.


  • Meme completes the shot put at 15.6 meters, and Anya completes the high jump at 1.87 meters.


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