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Salvage (Part 10)

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Salvage Arc

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The battle between Kid and Noah reaches its conclusion.

Salvage (Part 10) is the eighty-first chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 19.

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Noah's Group

The Book of Eibon



Asura's Army





Noah's Headquarters Edit

A Select Gremlin buzzes around the Horror Dragon, only to be consumed by the larger monster. The back of the Dragon rumbles, a gravestone labeled "Gremlin" popping up on its back.

Noah continues his mad rant of his desire to rule all, even to replace the gods. As Kid remembers the words of the Black Mass's plan to test the strength of "the shinigami of the next generation" against Noah, the reaper announces he is the real god on this battlefield, and he has judged Noah's desire to possess all to be analogous to Kid's own mad desire for transsymmetrical unity. Without values, Kid argues, there can be no beauty, and for him, balance is the value that makes him suitable to the task. He will not allow Noah to live in such a world, so he must die. Maka Albarn is impressed, referring to Kid's words as "surpass[ing] human understanding," while the Thompsons are embarrassed at Kid's overly formal request for the help of those weapons and their classmates and teachers.

Kilik Rung blocks the attack of blades swung at him by the Horror Dragon while Black Star slices at another of the monster's heads. Maka protects Blair against a subsequent attack following her assault with pumpkins.

Soul Eater Chapter 81 - Seven Rays kill Noah

Kid's Parent's Seven Rays kill Noah

Meanwhile, Kid performs soul resonance with his weapons to unleash Execution Mode. Before his attack, as he initiates Coffin Construction, he connects the second of his Lines of Sanzu. He performs Coffin Release and, realizing he must stand as his own reaper and not only his father's son, he performs the move Parent's Seven Rays, the coffins exploding into beams of light circling around each other into the sky before descending. As Noah stands, a mad open smile across his face, the rays pierce through his Horror Dragon and approach Noah. The greedy villain holds out his arms, desiring to possess even that fatal light.

All that is left of Noah is the Book of Eibon itself.

The Book of Eibon Edit

The Table of Contents announces that Noah is dead.

The DWMA Edit

Seemingly receiving a report from Azusa Yumi, Ox Ford announces that Kid is rescued and Noah is no more. While their classmates are pleased, Eruka is surprised that their copy of the Book of Eibon has ignited.

Noah's Headquarters Edit

Watching Maka approach the Book of Eibon, a heartbroken Gopher is shocked at the death of his beloved Noah. Gopher emerges quickly, snatching the book before Maka can claim it, shouting that this book belongs to Noah before flying away. Although Kid realizes that Brew is still within the Book, he and Maka are too exhausted and injured to give chase.

Death Room Edit

Upon Kid's performance of this attack, Spirit Albarn watches as more of Lord Death's mask cracks. Lord Death recovers, more focused on the fact that Justin Law knows the location of the Kishin while they do not.

The Kishin's Location Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 81 - Clowns on Moon

Justin finds Clowns at Asura's hiding place

Surrounded by Clowns birthed from Asura's madness, Justin has arrived at the hiding spot for the Kishin. The last panel is of cliffs, the Moon hovering above.


  • One head of the Horror Dragon unleashes long blades out the side of its face. Coupled with the monster's apparent hat atop its head, the blades actually resembles the long nails of Freddy Krueger in The Nightmare on Elm Street.

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