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The Whereabouts

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As Death the Kid reunites with his father to learn more about the Book of Eibon and confront the loss of Tezca Tlipoca, the Table of Contents. and Justin Law move forward with their plans.

The Whereabouts is the eighty-second chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 20.

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Asura's Army

Noah's Group

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Splash page

Maka Albarn, strapped skydiving-style to a dragon, flies with Blair.

The Kishin's Hiding Place

The eyes of the Kishin appear. Asura, a being of uncertainty, doubt, and terror, has put the world on the brink of madness. Justin Law is pleased with his god.

Death Room

Soul of Noah

Kid describes Noah's soul

As Death the Kid apologizes for his absence, Lord Death is simply satisfied to have his son home. Despite Spirit Albarn's concern, Lord Death is also pleased to see that two of the Lines of Sanzu have connected towards Kid's ascension as a true shinigami.

Lord Death then asks for Kid's report about Noah. Kid himself is not sure what being Noah was: the inability to grasp this person filled Kid with terror. Initially, Kid thought Noah's desire was his greed to collect all, yet he sensed something else motivating him: "He was empty," a lack of purpose or drive, more like a "collecting machine" than a person. Lord Death summarizes: Noah was a "bundle of greed," which matches one of the chapters to the Book of Eibon. Surprised, Kid asks whether his father knows something—only for Lord Death to agree that Noah was likely a collecting machine.

Franken Stein arrives to consult with his peers. He reasons that people must not be allowed to know more than necessary, otherwise they would cease to exist: humanity is defined by learning something new. Lord Death responds that indeed the Book of Eibon offers the possibility to know all things, asking Stein whether he sensed that fact as well. Stein can only agree that he felt disoriented, "like my thoughts had stopped." Kid asks whether this feeling is the madness of knowledge.

The Book of Eibon

As the Black Mass and The Table of Contents have been waiting to see what transpires next, The Table of Contents is satisfied with this Greed iteration of Noah for obtaining Brew. Whereas Eibon has exiled himself, The Table of Contents has no interest in hiding: "I want to teach others." The Table of Contents considers how "humanity first obtained knowledge of good and evil," before "they lost paradise." The Table of Contents considers how humanity would transform upon learning all that there is to learn.

Although The Table of Contents knows of the madness of knowledge, of power, and fear, he considers what madness itself is. Madness and order exist because of each other, although there is confusion which idea came first. Regardless, The Table of Contents refuses to let order constrain Eibon's knowledge, hence he will release the Icon of Wrath to give humanity a new font of Eibon's knowledge.

A forest

Noah Wrath

Wrath is born

A depressed Gopher sits against a tree, the Book of Eibon resting next to him. An apple falls from the tree next to Gopher.

Then the Book opens itself, pages fluttering as a blast of energy explodes outward, condensing to form a being that resembles Noah, only without a hat, in different attire, and wearing a scowl. As Gopher asks who this man is, the man clutches Gopher by the neck, slamming him against a tree. "Shut your fucking mouth and follow me," this new "wild Noah" orders, impressing an obedient Gopher. The Table of Contents's Icon of Wrath is ready to give humanity this knowledge.

Death Room

Stein and the others watch as someone carts in a body bag containing the corpse of Tezca Tlipoca. But as Stein opens the bag, Spirit and Stein realize this corpse is not Tezca's. Stein expects that, as a demon mirror capable of the power of illusion, can reflect and project images so as to hide his death. When Kid asks why Tezca would deceive even other Death Scythes, Spirit wonders whether Tezca has fallen under the madness like Justin. Kid loudly disagrees, refusing to believe Death Scythes would do so.

An unknown location

A man smokes a cigarette. He tosses his finished smoke, regretting that he has deceived Enrique and his colleagues and "offending Shinigami-sama's sense of order by using another fresh corpse as a stand-in for mine." But as Justin Law knows he can track anyone he has reflected in his mirror, he has to make sure Justin really believes he is dead.

Tezca Tlipoca reminds himself not to be discovered, so he dons his disguise—a gopher-shaped plaid costumed head atop his usual dark suit.

Medusa's Lair

Medusa instructs her child to approach the DWMA Eastern European Branch ahead so she may continue to develop Crona's Black Blood and eventually possess the Kishin. Medusa commands Crona to use the Black Blood directly, no other attacks, so that this blood may reach its full weaponized potential.


Fukohadoru Abilities

Feodor knocks down Crona

Two DWMA agents contend with a difficult opponent who fires Black Blood at them. Crona mocks the duo as unfit for such an experiment. Crona's orders from Medusa are to "crush a Death Weapon."

A Death Scythe asks his meister, Feodor, whether he can sense Crona. Before Feodor can answer, he senses—and sees—Crona ahead of them. Tsar Pushka is surprised their opponent is so young.

Ragnarok emerges out of Crona's body, identifying Tsar as the target from their photograph. Crona releases Madness Fusion and Bloody Needle, firing upon Feodor and Tsar. As Crona stands still, Ragnarok reminds Crona not to use him in this combat, per Medusa's orders.

Feodor runs, soumbersalting for the move Command Cossack, kicking Crona repeatedly towards Tsar—who literally removes his head! The Demon Cannon has a cord attached to his head that allows Tsar to slam his head at Crona, but the attack is blocked by Crona's Bloody Coat.

While Tsar promises to avenge the deaths of his comrades, Medusa tells Crona how smart the move was to block rather than, as in the fight against Black Star, depend only on the Black Blood Armor, which shattered too easily.

Crona holds Ragnarok, who transforms into a small knife to slice a wrist. From this wrist wound, the Black Blood does not simply leak—it rises upward, forming the eyes of the Kishin. Crona repeats a standard refrain: "My blood is black."


  • This chapter's title is also translated as "What the Soul Dictates."
  • The Table of Contents alludes to the story of Garden of Eden from the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament in an account for how humanity first obtained knowledge of good and evil at the cost of paradise. Whether this account is part of the overall history of this universe is debatable: The Table of Contents may be referring to a location within this universe, or he may be referring to the story only.


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